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Would You Rather.... (guys must skip!) Date Justin Bieber? or Date the hottest guy you know? 27,646 votes 613 comments 3 likes

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GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm watching the superbowl right now!! +1
Jesus fulfilled 286 prophecies. MIT had a probability test done on just 10 of the prophecies Jesus Christ fulfilled, and the chances of Him being just a normal man and fulfilling them, are 1 in 100,000,000,000,000!! That would be like putting 100,000,000,000,000 silver dollar coins side by side, which would cover the state of Texas; 2 FEET DEEP!! Then have a blind folded man walk through the coins, and have 1 chance to reach down and select 1 marked coin! THAT'S PROOF!! +5
i already do!!  
only once?  
i AM a girl!! +5
IK U!!!!!!! LOVE YA "iammyself"!!  
Your not very bright, huh? doing IT. $ex! DUH!  
really, he's a gril. check your spelling moron.  
I really dont like you Mrs. "God isnt real and Bieber is ugly"  
I know that you idiot. +4
You didnt exactly share your opinion in the nicest way.  
So believing in Santa is perfectly fine, even though there is no proof Santa's real, but when people believe in God and some people say there is no evidence then it's crazy?! God is real. Read the Bible. +5
The Bible is like a big journal of a bunch of different prophets who God spoke to and gave them knowledge and wisdom  
well im a baptist and your just a hypocrit  
well im from missouri and im with them I LOVE GOD!!!!!!!!!!  
you dont know what might happen if he's back in office for another 4 years  
Republicans u idiot. NOBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!1  
by wasting our money?!  
JB's from Canada so screw you!!!!!!!1\  
no. no. no. NOBAMA!!!!!!!  
The smart ones choose Kadafi. NOBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!  
Rather him than have Obama in office for another 4 years  
I'd much rather die and go to heaven!!!!!!  
maybe the best at being the worst  
correcton: NOBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Totally! NOBAMA!!!!!!!!!  
Obama's the sh*t  
He's a waste of oxegen  
I'd rather be slaughtered than have Obama in office for another 4 years.  
yeah obama sucks  
Obama sucks  
IKR!! Republicans rule!!!!! NOBAMA!!!!!!!!  
YEAH!!!!!!! plz no one re-elect obama!!!!!!!!  
the terrorist is Obama.  
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRISTIANS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
u suck +2
republicans, aka ME +2
NOBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +4
dumb democrat +1
but the important thing is to NOT steal!! +2
Same here! lol!  
My dad was caught scaming his company... DONT STEAL +1
I love christian rap! Toby Mac!!  
JB is NOT ugly! I'm a huge Belieber, so don't go dissin' the Biebs!  
Haha, just flirt! He'll ask you out! Just don't make it to obvious... I have a boyfriend and have had the same one for 11 months!  
Same here  
You dont know that for sure. +1
bf means boy friend  
when i made this i didnt put that. the website did +1
HEY! i made this question! +1
gross! +1
No for you!  
Just like the guy who desides to date you. (  
lol i love you!  
u suck.  
and what did he ever do to you??  
I cant describe how much i want your house to colapes on you right now.  
the 12% that chose JB are the only smart ones here  
You are my long lost twin!! I hate it when people diss him. i mean, what did he ever do to them?  
Bieb rules!!!!!!!!  
IT TOTALLY IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is so hawt!!!!  
why? ask yourself this, what did he ever do to you?  
he DID you moron! Look at "the new biebs" dont go dissin till you got your facts straight. Got It?  
stupid haters. dont you think jb gets too much of this? it ,mean!  
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww YOUR UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
I made this post. I'm a HUGE Belieber  
My friend, because then I would know he has good taste. But my crush is my bf so YAY!!  
Ok, your hot but an idiot. sorry! REPUBLICANS RULE  
lol i wrote tht :)  
im a girl so id rather my grandma so i can kick her off easier  
im a girl and i like it +1
Haha!! rotfl  
I clicked the wrong one. ima girl (: +3
ive caught my parents. im scard for live.  
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