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    I know someone with anorexia that is 50 years old, has had her eating disorder for 30+ years, has no job, no car, no relationships, almost died, and had her cognitive ability reduced down to the point where she could barely read or write. I PRAY for people with eating disorders. I don't WISH for one, or for anyone to have one.  
    There is a better chance for an obese person to lose weight than for an anorexic to recovery. Anorexia can kill you a lot faster than obesity can.  
    I second that. I've been in treatment for bulimia twice. Had to leave school. It's a lifelong battle.  
    Actually, anorexia alone is strictly restricting food intake. Bulimia is binging and purging. However, many people with eating disorders have a combination of both.  
    Anorexia is a disease where a person restricts their intake significantly, is underweight, and has lost their period for 3 or more months. Bulimia is a disease characterized by episodes of binge eating followed by episodes of purging, in the forms of either self-induced vomiting, over-exercising, or fasting.  
    I'm so sorry that you have ignorant, hateful, and judgmental people like this (comment above). I'm so sorry that you are suffering from an eating disorder. I know how hard, painful, and draining it is. I hope that you can get help and fully recover to live the life that you deserve  
    Wow that is probably the most disgusting thing I've ever read ^  
    THANK YOU. It makes me very, very upset to read a lot of these comments.  
    You want to burn someone alive for having an illness? Do you wanna burn alive everyone who has cancer?  
    an anorexic IS probably about to die at any moment.  
    I am so disgusted with the comments on here... eating disorders are not a joke. They cannot be overcome just by being re-fed. I wouldn't wish an eating disorder on my worst enemy.  
    lol OKAY.  
    thank you.  
    But it's not easier to get rid of the eating disorder. Putting on weight and having an eating disorder are not the same thing. At all. Look it up.  
    False. You can't just eat food and get better. I guarantee you that being obese and losing weight is easier than getting rid of an eating disorder.  
    It's not a choice. It's a disease. And a lot of times it isn't even about losing weight. It makes me sad to read comments like this and realize how much judgment and ignorance exists in our world :/  
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