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I'm just a random dude that likes to surf the web and play video games.

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    The Harlem Shake sucks -_- +1
    You idiots! Hitler was Austrian, also he threatened all of Germany's people with their lives forcing them to do such actions as the Holocaust. Since he was a dictator he achieved power using brute force. We should hate Hitler and not Germany. +1
    Tobuscus says WHAT DEH HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whenever hes upset :D +1
    Picked the wrong one......  
    WANT A FANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    I love hotdogs anyway, problem :D +2
    Those are some fine asian girls anyway :D  
    Facebook sucks ass, its stalker heaven.  
    A women in Afghan today is more dangerous. They don't have laws about rape guys..........  
    Tastes like chicken........ +4
    I have -_-  
    In Soviet Russia, country live in you.  
    I'm french so.......  
    WHAT DEH HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +1
    Alrighty then, we don't agree with you, so we don't believe in what you think. END OF STORY +1
    AIDS definetly, so that way people shut their traps about gay people and move on. Also, it was voted deadliest disease in the world killing 5,000,089,5 people last year. ( this is an estimate )  
    Coke tastes like syrupy piss water -_-  
    Not sure so when all else fails, GUESS :D +1
    3 people just died because i'm bad at answering questions and way to picky with ladies :P +1
    Made with my own :D  
    5 pounds of hair would kill you :D  
    I'd just ask meh gf for a toothbrush :D  
    I'm not gay, so a blue waffle sounds WAY better, but will still haunt me :(  
    At least the glass choice can't kill you :(  
    My own pubes would be tolerable :D  
    Cuteness :3  
    Consider this: Big Bang Theory: A star that happened to exist for some reason ( this is why its a theory ) finally reaches its due point and collapses releasing several thousand or more elements into space which are pulled together by the black hole created after the explosion. However the pressure of the blast blew several chunks to far out which were assembled by the intense gravity of nearby stars. This created planets, which also created more stars, and black holes, and everything else. But the very special thing about this is the God Particle released onto possibly several galaxies across the universe creating life. Scientists are still studying this said God Particle to learn how it works.  
    Quit saying eat them! Another human's blood can cause AIDS,Herpes,Rabies (depends), and human blood contain s more white blood cells than animals do which may attack your immune system causing several extra conditions. USE YOUR DAMN BRAINS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    Would you retards quit trolling. The author means crap like battery acid ( corrosive POWER >:D ).  
    I chose adult because it has more responsibilitys but also allows more beer,wine,clubs,mature video games,etc.  
    People who pick everest don't understand how painful it is . You feel like your lungs are on fire and you can barely breath. Also, you can go into shock and collapse causing you to possibly fall of the mountain :(  
    As much as I love white, I can't lose my pants.  
    Hitler does not approve.  
    You can flip a dude off and he may mistake it for another thing :D  
    I'm worried about breaking my toe :P  
    Hitler threw me off.  
    Just try to dodge the polar bear, and if you are Matrix enough to survive, JAB ITS EYES OUT WITH THE SPOON >:D  
    I'd rather go alone frankly but still.  
    I live to sleep bro :D  
    How, its useful and not constant?  
    More tech the better :D  
    Snow is better.  
    Just jump down into the snow as long as its thick enough.  
    I'm scared that Ronald Mcdonald raped me 0_0  
    Rich. +8
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