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    why do people make questions like this its so obvious +4
    shes ugly ass hell and she has NO TALENT!!!!  
    wat the pics have to do with the question? +403
    lightsaber oh hellz yes!!!  
    i tried hand sanitizer once that burns so dam much XD  
    my underwear r not embarrising so its all good  
    does anyone else think obamas video is photoshopped?? +4
    like both but ninja is easier  
    steve carrel is so funny  
    i would want to watch my dreams  
    i dont have a d ick so im good  
    i meant rihanna srry didnt mention i did p:  
    hahaha love how paris hilton is able and stupid  
    bleach it first  
    23% are horny hos or desperate +2
    badminton hellz yes!!!  
    i hate em both but if i had a gun and ONE bullet the ho is going down  
    i aint paying for no ones baby!! aww kurt and blaine r so fing cute +1
    easier to shoot a crocodile with piranhas those little btiches are every where +4
    i live in arizona hottest place in america i think XD  
    leo u sexy beast +1
    hate babys!!! +1
    they both ugly but at least he dont look like a lil girl +1
    obama has cleaned up so much of bushs sh*t!! +1
    alot easier for me  
    glee is way better but i love that degrassi episode where he uses a penis pump +1
    i want to be serenaded with one  
    then all my frends can kick his ass right there +1
    bunch of 12 year olds id kick their asses +4
    i could shave +1
    thats wat happened with my sis and their happily mariied:)  
    i already am :D  
    ke$sha looks dirty and not in a good way +1
    i like glee but modern family is way better +2
    their answers would be insanely hilarious +1
    ive always wanted to fly  
    love twilight but i grew up with harry potter  
    eww id b dating either a 24 or 4 year old +4
    id like to die in water i love it +1
    i have no balls :D +2
    their clothes is gorgeous but i dont wanna get sick  
    id b hot like barney XD +1
    spidey kicks ass but wolverine is sexy!!  
    love the big bang theory +1
    spiderman all the way  
    i like attention not to be arrogant or anything  
    i love mermaids!!\  
    either way im special :] +2
    i could always tell them to piss off  
    shy would b cute at first but be annoying later  
    wish i could have both but relationship is better!! +3
    youve just been lawyered  
    i love them both but ive seen all the frends XD +1
    the stupid ones dont the nice ones doe  
    i could b smart too  
    purples the bomb plus itd go with my hair\  
    i couldnt live without them  
    i can live with half my stuff  
    i get the bling right!!???  
    im fine with average  
    they prob hate black people  
    how the hell is this a question!! i dont want to be told wat to doplus he b lookin sweaty all the time +1
    megan fox is so freeking hot and im a girl +3
    id make them ike him and if they dont then their not real friends  
    their comfier +2
    i could kill em and no one would know plus i would need food  
    they can protect me more than a cat +1
    id have the whole package  
    id b hungry  
    im a talkitive person  
    id get paid more +1
    i make too many mistakes +1
    i could always cut it +54
    i wouldnt last a day as a hobo  
    its easier to gain weight +4
    i live in arizona it gets hot like a mofo her!! +3
    he was soo cute back then  
    dream car right there  
    ive had blackberry but never iphone O.O +1
    knowing all languages is key if u want to be assasin....  
    it all depends on the crime but im a good frend +3
    south park is stupid in my opinion +1
    holocaust was way worse +1
    ill hire someone to be smart for me XD  
    i love traveling but every six months id be too lazy +1
    hunger games was good yes but i love avatar  
    i would hate to look in the face of that baby no matter how cute it may b and all i see is the face of a man who vialated me +6
    i want people to throw themselves on my grave!! +1
    clowns scare me!!  
    i hate partys +1
    doggy!!!! +1
    i fear clowns!!!!  
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