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Would you rather have purple hair or have blue hair 7 years ago 338 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be with the guy/girl of your dreams or be insanely rich for the rest of your life but never be able to feel love 7 years ago 2,173 votes 32 comments 0 likes

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why do people make questions like this its so obvious 7 years ago +4
i can be the richest peron in the world and have the most romantic relationship ever it doesnt say i cant 7 years ago +2
wtf im going to wait for marriage 7 years ago +1
does oral count 7 years ago +1
shes ugly ass hell and she has NO TALENT!!!! 7 years ago  
my guy friend says he has a 9 inch he offers me it all the time :( 7 years ago  
did you even read the question?? 7 years ago +2
or are mentally retarded 7 years ago  
eww no she is not you say that cuz she has her legs spread and a cups pushed up to her chin. i would dump her 7 years ago +1
id so kick ass 7 years ago +2
im mexican so by stereotype i do every day :) lol 7 years ago  
lion king gets annoying fast 7 years ago +1
i used the left pic in one of my questions 7 years ago  
their both beautiful 7 years ago +4
either way i look sexay hahaha 7 years ago  
why do they both look mentally retarded in the pics?? 7 years ago +4
for some people it is extremely difficult 7 years ago  
i had purple hair once but then i cut it :( 7 years ago  
i practically already do that hahaha 7 years ago  
i could style it :) 7 years ago +3
im sorry but i have not heard of her sleeping around! 7 years ago  
they are comfier and i have the cutest pajamas 7 years ago +4
this is a stupid question 7 years ago  
being a guy is better less responsibility plus you are less likely to be raped, you dont get your period, not as much drama, oh and you dont have to give birth and so many more reasons 7 years ago +5
hmm concealer might make it a little less the dark 7 years ago  
i only want the mexican candy 7 years ago  
twitter is so stupid 7 years ago +1
im a girl and i dont know why but id rather be friends with guys 7 years ago  
is it just me of does the mouth for snake bites look healthier and sexier than the one for singles? 7 years ago +8
this is a atupid question 7 years ago  
spidey al the way!! 7 years ago  
wen hes clean shaven and i would do leo wen he was in titanic cuz hes sexy there 7 years ago  
not all preps shop there i go there and im the complete opposite of a prep 7 years ago +2
hahahaha kitteh!! 7 years ago  
idk the other chick 7 years ago +4
taylor lautner is so sexy!! 7 years ago  
i could explore the ocean :D 7 years ago +4
i like p!atd 7 years ago  
cant drive yet and ill just take a cab everywhere :) 7 years ago  
megan fox a the way!! 7 years ago  
i was eating wen i saw these pics XD 7 years ago +4
i dont wanna get fat 7 years ago +2
hulu is so gay my bf paid more attention to it than me and THATS why i dumped his ass 7 years ago +1
that sh*t is creepy as hell but it looks awesome 7 years ago  
id be like... jesus dammit 7 years ago +2
i just piked it for the pic XD 7 years ago  
spider-man all the way 7 years ago +2
wat the pics have to do with the question? 7 years ago +396
lightsaber oh hellz yes!!! 7 years ago  
i tried hand sanitizer once that burns so dam much XD 7 years ago  
my underwear r not embarrising so its all good 7 years ago  
you are perfect the way u r u cant help it if thats who u like dont let anyone tell u otherwise 7 years ago  
come on pple everyone is entitled to their own opinion isnt that wat u beieve if u support gays? i believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and fyi i completely support gays so dont say im a homophobe 7 years ago  
ive stepped on ice its not that bad fire burns like a mofo 7 years ago +1
so i guess u dont wear shoes then 7 years ago +5
i love converse 7 years ago  
like em both but purple one has long ass torso and im short XD 7 years ago +2
i luv option 2 7 years ago +1
there are 55 votes cuz most pple couldnt read it XD 7 years ago +7
i luv water! 7 years ago  
either id have wings :D 7 years ago  
does anyone else think obamas video is photoshopped?? 7 years ago +4
like both but ninja is easier 7 years ago  
u r crazy and thats rude hes dead have somerespect hes one of the greatest artists of all time 7 years ago +2
wtf am i gunnna do with dentures?? hahaha 7 years ago +5
its called.....a hole and some leaves hahaha 7 years ago  
palin knows how to hunt 7 years ago +6
i love the originals of both 7 years ago +1
idk wats hiding in her rolls o.e 7 years ago +1
mustard would get so fricken nasty 7 years ago  
steve carrel is so funny 7 years ago  
i would want to watch my dreams 7 years ago  
i dont have a d ick so im good 7 years ago  
i meant rihanna srry didnt mention i did p: 7 years ago  
i could be snow white lol 7 years ago +1
hahaha love how paris hilton is able and stupid 7 years ago  
i dont want to feel the pain i felt this year :( 7 years ago  
i want em both to suffer 7 years ago  
bleach it first 7 years ago  
wta do the pics have to do with it?!!! 7 years ago +2
if anything they help the planet 7 years ago  
just put a blanket over them 7 years ago +2
23% are horny hos or desperate 7 years ago +2
badminton hellz yes!!! 7 years ago  
i hate em both but if i had a gun and ONE bullet the ho is going down 7 years ago  
i aint paying for no ones baby!! aww kurt and blaine r so fing cute 7 years ago +1
easier to shoot a crocodile with piranhas those little btiches are every where 7 years ago +4
i live in arizona hottest place in america i think XD 7 years ago  
if i were to be shot itd be for the one i love 7 years ago  
leo u sexy beast 7 years ago +1
hate babys!!! 7 years ago +1
they both ugly but at least he dont look like a lil girl 7 years ago +1
sexxay!!! 7 years ago  
black swan was awesome 7 years ago +1
obama has cleaned up so much of bushs sh*t!! 7 years ago +1
alot easier for me 7 years ago  
glee is way better but i love that degrassi episode where he uses a penis pump 7 years ago +1
i want to be serenaded with one 7 years ago  
then all my frends can kick his ass right there 7 years ago +1
im a girl 7 years ago  
bunch of 12 year olds id kick their asses 7 years ago +4
the only thing id find on the floor would be condome\ 7 years ago +5
i could shave 7 years ago +1
thats wat happened with my sis and their happily mariied:) 7 years ago  
i already am :D 7 years ago  
too lazy to do all the work 7 years ago +1
ke$sha looks dirty and not in a good way 7 years ago +1
i like glee but modern family is way better 7 years ago +2
ke$ha just looks dirty and not in a good way :/ 7 years ago +3
their answers would be insanely hilarious 7 years ago +1
less complications that way 7 years ago  
ive always wanted to fly 7 years ago  
love twilight but i grew up with harry potter 7 years ago  
eww id b dating either a 24 or 4 year old 7 years ago +4
id like to die in water i love it 7 years ago +1
i have no balls :D 7 years ago +2
they are hilarious 7 years ago  
i could have both ;) 7 years ago  
their clothes is gorgeous but i dont wanna get sick 7 years ago  
im free damit!! 7 years ago  
i could always workout 7 years ago  
that polar bear is so fricken cute 7 years ago  
id b hot like barney XD 7 years ago +1
spidey kicks ass but wolverine is sexy!! 7 years ago  
love the big bang theory 7 years ago +1
hahahahahaha 7 years ago  
spiderman all the way 7 years ago  
i like attention not to be arrogant or anything 7 years ago  
i love mermaids!!\ 7 years ago  
either way im special :] 7 years ago +2
i could always tell them to piss off 7 years ago  
shy would b cute at first but be annoying later 7 years ago  
wish i could have both but relationship is better!! 7 years ago +3
funner 7 years ago  
youve just been lawyered 7 years ago  
i love them both but ive seen all the frends XD 7 years ago +1
the stupid ones dont the nice ones doe 7 years ago  
i could b smart too 7 years ago  
purples the bomb plus itd go with my hair\ 7 years ago  
i couldnt live without them 7 years ago  
i can live with half my stuff 7 years ago  
i get the bling right!!??? 7 years ago  
that pic is awesome 7 years ago  
i support gays 100% 7 years ago +7
im fine with average 7 years ago  
she looks hot in that pic 7 years ago  
they prob hate black people 7 years ago  
how the hell is this a question!! i dont want to be told wat to doplus he b lookin sweaty all the time 7 years ago +1
megan fox is so freeking hot and im a girl 7 years ago +3
id make them ike him and if they dont then their not real friends 7 years ago  
their comfier 7 years ago +2
i could kill em and no one would know plus i would need food 7 years ago  
they can protect me more than a cat 7 years ago +1
id have the whole package 7 years ago  
id b hungry 7 years ago  
did that dude pee himself 7 years ago  
im a talkitive person 7 years ago  
id get paid more 7 years ago +1
i make too many mistakes 7 years ago +1
i could always cut it 7 years ago +54
i wouldnt last a day as a hobo 7 years ago  
its easier to gain weight 7 years ago +4
i live in arizona it gets hot like a mofo her!! 7 years ago +3
he was soo cute back then 7 years ago  
dream car right there 7 years ago  
ive had blackberry but never iphone O.O 7 years ago +1
i want to see my grandfather 7 years ago  
knowing all languages is key if u want to be assasin.... 7 years ago  
it all depends on the crime but im a good frend 7 years ago +3
yummy 7 years ago  
south park is stupid in my opinion 7 years ago +1
holocaust was way worse 7 years ago +1
ill hire someone to be smart for me XD 7 years ago  
i love traveling but every six months id be too lazy 7 years ago +1
hunger games was good yes but i love avatar 7 years ago  
i would hate to look in the face of that baby no matter how cute it may b and all i see is the face of a man who vialated me 7 years ago +6
i want people to throw themselves on my grave!! 7 years ago +1
clowns scare me!! 7 years ago  
i hate partys 7 years ago +1
doggy!!!! 7 years ago +1
i fear clowns!!!! 7 years ago  
i want to be able to eat!!! 7 years ago +2
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