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I am 13 :) i had an account here but i havent been on for a while and forgot my username (it was InnaA2000... Or innaa1505 Something like that...)

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    He is a human like you. 5 years ago  
    Harry Potter's world is horrible! Everybody dies and gets scared. 5 years ago  
    I will stick to what God chose for me 5 years ago +2547
    I think they mean another movie called frozen... :3 5 years ago  
    Well u can wish that u are a succesful person, therefore u will have a lot of money 5 years ago  
    1 life < 100 lives 5 years ago  
    Is this perhaps your attempt at 0-100? 5 years ago +2
    That 's not a down, it's a good thing. It proves, not only is he good looking, but he is also brave enough to play a homosexual guy on Glee and send everyone a message that gay is ok. You should admire him for that. 5 years ago  
    pictures, it would be harder for people to figure out 5 years ago  
    healthy and safe vs unhealthy and dangerous? 5 years ago +1
    merle ambrose and malistaire drake from wizard101... if I can use my magic I can win, if I cant have magic im screwed hmm 5 years ago  
    im a chatterbox lol 5 years ago +2
    bad first impression= no second impression 5 years ago +4
    I want to forget the painful things that haunt me 5 years ago +3
    his embarassement 5 years ago  
    I didn't read the last word damn 5 years ago  
    and then 911 comes and sees the dead body of the man, and arrests u 5 years ago  
    I can share a coffin 5 years ago  
    it could be my grandparent, I don't live with them 5 years ago  
    I don't want to never argue again, what if its an argument over the last slice of pizza! 5 years ago  
    omg I get to meet amber riley :D 5 years ago  
    the most interesting man in the world IS chuck norris 5 years ago +1
    I will rewind to the good times, pause the times I wanna remember, fastforward when life gets hard 5 years ago +1
    "I yahoo'd would you rather questions" said even less people 5 years ago +6
    me2 5 years ago  
    my lamp 5 years ago  
    I don't wanna die 5 years ago  
    I have done a but not b 5 years ago  
    he is not gay, but I wouldn't date him 5 years ago +1
    30 5 years ago  
    their embarassement 5 years ago +1
    wrong answer I thought it said locked IN your car 5 years ago +1
    me too, I wanna change my answer now 5 years ago +1
    already am 5 years ago +1
    sooo a slow painful death or the possibility to live? 5 years ago +5
    in a u can just say ur house and then it will teleport u somewhere in ur house but its still home so who cares 5 years ago +2
    I can write "I will not have the perfect excuse note" everytime I need an excuse note, therefore I wil have a perfect excuse note. see what I did there? ;) 5 years ago +2
    who needs memory when u can just google it? 5 years ago +1
    My bff would not betray me. 5 years ago  
    He knows and im stil in the friendzone... My love life is a joke 5 years ago  
    Divorce 5 years ago +1
    Dont have one lol 5 years ago  
    Love is everything u need 5 years ago  
    He already knows... 5 years ago  
    Im already in the first one and i turned depressive ugh 5 years ago  
    They could break up 5 years ago  
    Been in both, b sucks, trust me, it drove me insane 5 years ago  
    This is my current situation, and it really sucks, but at least i still have caring friends 5 years ago  
    Close my eyes until i see my crush, then open, problm solved 5 years ago  
    Then u do not truly love that person if all you care about is being turned on 5 years ago  
    If im loved, people can give me money 5 years ago  
    Haha this is actually my current situation. Except he doesn't know we r soul mates and like isnt going out with me... 5 years ago  
    Doesn't matter, had food 5 years ago  
    But the true love doesn't prevent you from finding money :p 5 years ago  
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