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I am a college alum. I love music and broadway. I play flute and sing. I love to write fiction in my free time.

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    This was a HARD ONE  
    I HATE the feel of oily hair.  
    My college is an all Pepsi school and I wish they'd have some coke available  
    I already say everything on my mind lol  
    I personally like CVS although I've only been into Walgreens a few times  
    I think everyone would like something all to themselves right? lol  
    I have used gmail since I entered high school and have used it for everything and would never trade it for any other email server  
    Narnia is so amazing and full of snow. I'd love to be able to walk through a closet and walk into a whole other world  
    I am not a big cartoon watcher except for Tom and Jerry  
    Avatar has such beautiful animation  
    "I carried a watermelon"  
    If I were stuck on a ski lift, at least I could see what was happening with the issue. In an elevator I have no idea if I'm going to free fall or not  
    Coke is SO much better  
    If I were deaf I wouldn't be able to hear music which is my life! +1
    Hotmail is AWFUL  
    Doesn't Google make more money because its a search engine?  
    iphones ROCK  
    I've been to Italy 3 times now and it is a place I could go back to again and again! The people there are so friendly and nice! The food is exquisite!  
    I hate the cold. Who likes the cold? Let's be honest here! Not me!  
    Mermaids are amazing and I love the movie Aquamarine  
    who wouldn't want to sleep with Ian? +1
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