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    I'd pay $50 to do none of that.  
    No spoilers!  
    More realistic.  
    It's not. You have the chance to make it special. Don't mess up and kiss just anyone like I did. -.-  
    No jail for me, thanks.  
    What job?  
    I'm more horny than greedy.  
    Sadly, I can't afford to lose a dime.  
    Two great things.  
    Better sex later. Perhaps a relationship blossoms too and you have a wild start to remember.  
    If I get to control my dreams, then put on another few hours!  
    Easier to find new friends than another soul mate.  
    I can't rest in Hawaii because volcanoes. +1
    5 years of learning experiences.  
    Then I'll get a job when I get bored.  
    Living in a retirement home may mean that you are simply old. If you live in a mental institution you are effing mental. Who cares if everyone is hot? Everyone is also mental!!  
    Recently deleted it, it's squeaky clean! If they could see where I've been on Incognito, it wouldn't be too bad either! What's wrong with a little Bondage??  
    Exact amount of people I wish were alive. Killing Hitler would be pointless.  
    100 billion is too much for me.  
    As an artist, not as a person.  
    I think our chance of instant death is larger than that anyways.  
    Be a carefree millionaire.  
    Possibly useful when you are alone in a cage with lions.  
    Gonna record all the sexy dreams! ;)  
    Can't buy a house on Amazon. And Amazon is more useful for Americans, anyway.  
    Double my weight because I'm underweight. Not half my height, 'cause I'd be a little person.  
    Immortality seems like a nightmare.  
    I don't really care about getting nice cars or huge houses. I prefer to have a long time to become a better person.  
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