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I like mustard.

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Would you rather Walk on broken glass or Jump on lego 6 years ago 236 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have a flying license or Go to the moon 6 years ago 262 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather listen to a song while watching the music video or while doing something else 6 years ago 263 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather listen to Dumb ways to die or Gangnam style 6 years ago 244 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go to Star Bucks or Tim Hortons 6 years ago 250 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather wait for a girl outside while she shopping or sit next to a boy and watch him play video games 6 years ago 240 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Know the people who liked you'r Question. or Know the people who Voted. 6 years ago 180 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Play amnesia or Slenderman 6 years ago 6,867 votes 28 comments 1 like
Are you excited for the new superman movie Man Of Steel Super man died long time ago or Yea. 6 years ago 229 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather type with your toes or move the mouse pad with your elbow 6 years ago 223 votes 9 comments 0 likes
What's more important in a meal Rice or Bread 6 years ago 3,751 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be camouflaged or Be any animal you want 6 years ago 280 votes 10 comments 1 like
Would you rather give up your ( you well have both if them ) pet or gf/bf 6 years ago 242 votes 6 comments 0 likes
What quote you hate more dosent matter i had sex or i am ______ sooo...... 6 years ago 236 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather rescued by a monster or killed by a human 6 years ago 330 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather kiss a stinky cow or lick a stinky donkey 6 years ago 246 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather the opposite of your rrrather answers happen or see people behind there laptops/computers 6 years ago 262 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get stuck in a cave or a vampire castle 6 years ago 236 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat burger fuel or johnny rocket 6 years ago 210 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat a burger with milkshake or beer 6 years ago 268 votes 6 comments 1 like
When ordering a burger you take extra cheese or normal 6 years ago 252 votes 1 comment 1 like
Would you rather see your future self or future wife/husband 6 years ago 262 votes 11 comments 1 like
Would you rather be a monster who saves people or be a useless person 6 years ago 257 votes 9 comments 1 like
Which dubstep artist is better blackmill or deadmau5 7 years ago 236 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be in any video game ( as the main character ) or be in any movie (as the main character ) 7 years ago 358 votes 21 comments 1 like
Would you rather see what happens in the future or see any ones past 7 years ago 294 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather ( all people see what you see ) cant see your cloths in the mirror or cant see you body but can see you cloths 7 years ago 397 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a pirate with jack sparrow or captain hook 7 years ago 302 votes 10 comments 1 like
Would you rather have a stuffed animal or a action figure 7 years ago 273 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather use for a profile picture a cam or camera 7 years ago 298 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather fight a tall guy or a huge guy 7 years ago 280 votes 6 comments 1 like
Would you rather see a mermaid or a unicorn 7 years ago 655 votes 21 comments 1 like
Would you rather be happy but a murderer or be sad but bully 7 years ago 360 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather die with a happy life or live without a happy life 7 years ago 370 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather go there for 3 months to dead island or fall out new Vegas 7 years ago 207 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather give up your life or happiness 7 years ago 449 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight? muhammed ali or or mike Tyson 7 years ago 249 votes 6 comments 0 likes

Ivanskof has posted the following comments:

I like both. 5 years ago  
LoL > Dota 2 5 years ago +2
Dont "meh" Alexw's question! 5 years ago +1
KSI black? :O 5 years ago  
I thought you were black... 5 years ago +1
THE WORLD SHALL KNOW PAIN!!! 5 years ago  
10/10 5 years ago  
You used to have a sexy gf 5 years ago  
F*ck you c*nt. 5 years ago  
JAPAN FTW. 5 years ago  
Really good question. 5 years ago  
What is a CYOA?!?!? 5 years ago  
I thought you were black :'( And ksi. 5 years ago  
Buffed as always. 5 years ago  
sxy as alwais 5 years ago  
A isn't that bad it has date and Indian bread. 5 years ago +1
I bet you have 5 of each. 5 years ago  
Manga? 5 years ago  
HOOO ZAAAAAAAAAA! 5 years ago  
Sh*t is like..... Pooping. 5 years ago  
He isn't. 5 years ago  
Ooooooh #killem 5 years ago +1
Omg. 5 years ago +1
'MURICAAA 5 years ago  
I was kiddding. 5 years ago  
Not so cool. 5 years ago  
I prefer MW2 it was the best CoD ever. 5 years ago +1
My brain... It hurts. 5 years ago +1
Spider man wouldn't Hulk smash me, now would he? 5 years ago  
Shut up. 6 years ago +3
Die. 6 years ago +3
Chloe ;D 6 years ago  
Yay, I'm not the only one :D 6 years ago +3
Its actually windy over there. 6 years ago +1
LOL. 6 years ago  
The genre is Reggae. 6 years ago  
Wow, Mimi he is the legacy in music. 6 years ago +3
What if he won a lottery and got his dream girl? 6 years ago  
Text of the year! 6 years ago +3
Doing your stuff? 6 years ago  
I want 7h3 first one, 7h3 second one looks like a boy. 6 years ago +2
You want to do the sex? Why you no do the sex? 6 years ago  
Why not graphics like butter? 6 years ago +2
ALL HAIL PAULA DEAN! 6 years ago +2
Food > Explosions. 6 years ago +1
Food is art. 6 years ago  
You will get slapped or kicked in the balls. 6 years ago +2
You stole the idea from a guest. 6 years ago +2
Don't they make annoying noises? 6 years ago +1
And then you wake up. 6 years ago +16
I KNOW! look at the flowers!! 6 years ago  
True 6 years ago  
Kids, kids, and kids. 6 years ago +1
LOL, I feel bad for meg and micky :'D.. Anon is funnier without the editing >.> 6 years ago  
Meg, can I watch? 6 years ago  
YES! 6 years ago  
Ill eat it with your blood. 6 years ago  
Europe is always better in cars. 6 years ago +3
Your mom. 6 years ago  
Shut up sasuke, go back to your brother. 6 years ago +2
I LOVE TEA! 6 years ago +1
We should die. 6 years ago  
I always stop fights, unless i'm in one I never stop. 6 years ago  
I did rather die and kill everyone. 6 years ago  
I know, show me any store that xbox one beats PS4 at outselling. 6 years ago  
Dude, its the other way around, PS4 is the 3rd in Amazon best sellers of 2013 and xbox is the 6th :), http://xboxonevspsfour.com/ 6 years ago  
Wow, I just helped you. 6 years ago  
And the car exploded. 6 years ago  
I just ate Spaghetti and meatballs :D STEAK IT IS! 6 years ago +4
No. 6 years ago  
God of humour :D 6 years ago +1
I have it :D 6 years ago  
Aw, its ok :') 6 years ago +1
She is a cheater... (In games) 6 years ago  
Time = Money *Cough* *Cough* 6 years ago +2
No, this is not a game! 6 years ago +3
As Long as I am Rose's guardian he won't even touch her! 6 years ago +4
Is TheGreatEscape a boy?!?!? 6 years ago  
Never seen this question before :D *Sarcasm* 6 years ago +5
I bet TheGreatEscape ( Lily ) would love to have option A 6 years ago  
I don't want to ride my sister ( peritwinkle ) 6 years ago +1
Dallas and becca xD 6 years ago  
Muhammad ali and Superman once fought in a comic book to decide who was earth's champion deactivating his power for a fair fight... Superman gets beaten by muhammad ali. 6 years ago +1
#CutForBeiber 6 years ago  
Um, pickle guy or Dr. pepper. 6 years ago  
Dude, he fights till the death not like batman analyzes sh*t. 6 years ago  
WTF?!??! You are stupid. 6 years ago +1
I am not talking about the power... Personality. 6 years ago  
Vegeta > any other male character! 6 years ago  
These awesome questions! 6 years ago  
Dei do more please :) 6 years ago +1
My sensei! 6 years ago  
That's in U.A.E 6 years ago  
If that's what they want. 6 years ago  
Totally agree. 6 years ago  
That face with the comment perfect ! 6 years ago  
PEWDIEPIE!!! 6 years ago  
becanna for eveeeeeeeeer. 6 years ago  
Kyano for eveeeer~~~!!! 6 years ago  
And mine is 3 days after. 6 years ago  
Rose-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!! 6 years ago  
He can electrify. 6 years ago  
Aliens 6 years ago  
Me neither o.o 6 years ago  
I don't know, ask the mother. 6 years ago  
I just noticed that you are Bulgarian. I am from Burgas. What about you? 6 years ago +1
What if YOU died. 6 years ago +2
Kmehameha can finish off the rasengan its obvious. 6 years ago  
*Football 6 years ago +1
Love this new picture! 6 years ago +3
The funny thing is both of us are shirtless. 6 years ago  
I think its Ghosts origins. 6 years ago  
Pffft my video games.... 6 years ago  
Yes please. 6 years ago  
MY EVIL CAT! 6 years ago  
Man, I felt really sad when ghost died. 6 years ago  
Its actually is.I tried it once (as a dare) 6 years ago  
Pfft. Read the authors's comment 6 years ago +1
Ill explain it in one word 'sibling'! 6 years ago  
1 direction... Don't ask how. 6 years ago  
I stopped asking questions because of that. 6 years ago  
Sauce on chicken? I have to try that. 6 years ago +2
10 TAIL!!! 6 years ago +1
Ok I'm starting to love your stuff.. 6 years ago  
Sorry, this kinda pissed me off, just because I was away for a while doesn't mean I am unknown.... 6 years ago  
A fetish :P 6 years ago  
My coolness is..... OVER 9000!!!! 6 years ago +4
2nd best joke :P 6 years ago  
*looks at you* *pulls the rocket launcher* ._. 6 years ago +1
*grabs rocket launcher* ._. 6 years ago  
31 people die in Iraq, and that's just part of the plan. But kill two people in Boston, and everybody loses their mind. 6 years ago +18
If the bomber is white it'll just be psychological/mental illness,but if its a Muslim it'll be called a terrorist attack. I hate media. 6 years ago +3
Try coming to UAE I lived 10 years there and nothing like that happened. 6 years ago  
It worked :D 6 years ago  
YOU SHALL NOT THUMBS UP!!! 6 years ago +1
I'll join you. 6 years ago  
Ok this is the funniest joke you have ever made. 6 years ago  
Oh god, its me again... 6 years ago +1
Yea, why asking? 6 years ago  
Hey, and yea I am but I read comics more. 6 years ago  
I can't believe I am saying these.. Comic>Manga sorry.. 6 years ago +2
Tobi is a good boy :) 6 years ago  
What if someone Questioned them before you? 6 years ago  
Shikamaru and Hinata NINJAS!!!! 6 years ago  
HAHA!!! Best teacher ever! 6 years ago  
Yea he is the 2nd best for me here :\ 6 years ago  
Dude you really changed... 6 years ago +3
PS3 (cough, cough) 6 years ago +6
WHY NOT :c 6 years ago  
What's so funny? 6 years ago +4
Thanks! 6 years ago  
I have been off for a month or more :\ 6 years ago  
1st: You could have easily see the picture. 2nd: I am really old in these site. 6 years ago  
I said Shikamaru, and you should know Shikamaru he is from Naruto you are clearly not a Naruto fan :) 6 years ago  
CALL ME shikamaru if you please... 6 years ago  
LIFE OF PI :S 6 years ago +1
The crazy person of these site strikes again :P 6 years ago +4
People used to call it a fruit but now they don't.. 6 years ago  
Can't wait till they put me :P 6 years ago  
HA!!! I WAS GONE TOO!!!! I AM BACK TO CONTROL EVERYONE !!! except people who are smarter then me :\ 6 years ago  
#BRONY? 6 years ago  
I don't remember but im sure i read it 6 years ago  
I know but his stupid..did you know that shikamarus fatherwas going to be a hokage, and shikamaru was the best leader.. 6 years ago  
I hate sasuke :\ do you think shikamaru will be hokage? 6 years ago  
Deidara long time no see.. Sauske :O But why??? 6 years ago  
i like it how the comment matches the pic 6 years ago +1
#NaruHina 6 years ago +2
listen to black mill they do awesome dub step, and quite fun to listen too 6 years ago  
everyone is saying there age why not me :D .... 56 -_- 6 years ago +2
I WOULD WIN BOTH OF EM!!! 6 years ago  
but there wont be power -_- 6 years ago  
i just think that sanji will come and beat me up lol 6 years ago +2
when did i become a douche i just asked you? 6 years ago  
You will miss alot... 6 years ago  
WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!! WHY SAKURA :O 6 years ago +16
WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU I NEVER SAW A bloodbend IN WHICH EPISODE DID THEY DO IT????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 6 years ago  
Are you gonna keep saying lol... 6 years ago +5
You know he said MADE FROM ANIMALS not meat EX: EGGS, CHEESE, ICE CREAM, ETC... 6 years ago +2
Kids these day -_- 6 years ago +2
A bit i am Bulgarian lol... 6 years ago  
??? 6 years ago  
You are not invalidate. :D 6 years ago  
YOU HATE HIM!!! :O 6 years ago  
How old are you? 6 years ago +2
You are not sexy. 6 years ago  
Let me tell you something that thing you call it swag is stupid and everybody hates it :) 6 years ago +2
These guy makes awesome QUESTIONS even i can't do that :\ 6 years ago  
These QUESTION made me laugh :D 6 years ago  
ROCK has a point... I want a derek :( 6 years ago +1
They are both awesome :\ 6 years ago  
seriously i hate you.. look at me i live in middle east and i never saw something like that... -.-" 6 years ago +2
I love them :D 6 years ago  
me three :) 6 years ago  
i love it :) i am a big fan of onepiece 6 years ago  
Batman>Kryptonite 6 years ago +1
Only excellent man can defeat superman. 6 years ago +1
They are all cheat codes except batman and the flash. 6 years ago  
Air conditioner . 6 years ago +1
:\ 6 years ago  
People are stupid these days. (FacePalm) 6 years ago  
WHO THE HELL LIKES tevyd's COMMENTS!!!! 6 years ago +1
Ill get all the ladies ;) 6 years ago  
BATMAN!!!! 6 years ago  
If only i played with you and owned you :P 6 years ago  
isn't he banned? 6 years ago  
And how old are you? 6 years ago  
Good! But seriously who? 6 years ago  
Texture? 6 years ago  
Like who? 6 years ago  
Know=Have. Ivanskof strikes again! 6 years ago +4
Don't say that! You just lived 15% of it. 6 years ago  
I love itachi, gaara, tobi/obito and sai 6 years ago  
Who else do you love ? 6 years ago +1
Though he killed neji. :\ 6 years ago  
Good ill put you in my trophy collection. 6 years ago  
i would have made you to an ice culture -_- 6 years ago  
I will have the ice-ice fruit when you push me ill turn the water to ice. 6 years ago  
Please say you love tobi. 6 years ago  
Why? 6 years ago  
Was it a GOLD FISH? 6 years ago  
17 :O :O :O 6 years ago  
and you are one of them :D 6 years ago  
how could will smith get back younger ? 6 years ago  
As it says on the picture. HATERS GONNA HATE! 6 years ago +3
*back and kick you'r A** 6 years ago  
People seriously stop talking about Grammer_nazi. If you keep talking about him he will keep doing these. 6 years ago +1
I am really confused :\ 6 years ago  
Wait but i am a guy why would a guy ask me out??? 6 years ago  
WHY!!! Why would you choose zoro :( 6 years ago +1
I shall be king of the pirates! 6 years ago  
Who freaking cares! 6 years ago  
NO! My arch nemesis defeated me. 6 years ago  
OH when a girl asked me out i thought she hated me. 6 years ago  
If you work longer -_- 6 years ago  
There is a new word in the dictionary it's called smexy............. 6 years ago +3
Oh look an evil enemy we trust you man go kill him :) ( And the last thing you know that you are dead -_- ) 6 years ago  
YOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE WHO AREN'T AMERICAN RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously people it's not all about America...... 6 years ago +2
Creative mode is about creativity. Ex: Making a Castle, Doing Art, Make city or country, etc. 6 years ago +4
dude middle east gave him more than 50 thousand dollars -_- 6 years ago  
Nope sorry. It's not working. 6 years ago  
Ha-ha you are so not funny -_- 6 years ago  
Middle east, Asia, Europe, Australia, Canada, Africa, America, And the REST OF THE WORLD. Most of it is from Middle East. 6 years ago  
Dude America is like 10% of the world or less. 6 years ago  
60% -_- You got to be kidding me. 6 years ago +4
And yet, you are in rrrather. 6 years ago +1
narrator- ivanskof goes to fap........... 6 years ago  
Yea...................... 6 years ago +1
What is wrong with you (no offence) 6 years ago  
Dude where are you? shouldn't we fight..... 6 years ago +1
I have a Question. why every time i check the comments, I see you in a fight ? 6 years ago  
OH YEA!! My cats would eat him with you'r Dogs!!! 6 years ago  
I tried hot water and it felt so hot that it's cold. -_- 6 years ago +4
DAFUQ??? 6 years ago +2
No because in the walking dead black people die fast. 6 years ago  
C'mon Bats, get crazy. It's the only way to beat me! 6 years ago +1
(not being racist) You will die. You know 6 years ago +1
*internet high five * 6 years ago  
you seriously don't know how to replay ? 6 years ago  
seriously people..... 6 years ago +4
than why did you choose slender man ? 6 years ago +1
But they are awesome. 6 years ago  
AND AWESOME BEARDS and nails. 6 years ago  
-_- When the windows tablet came out at 2000 no one liked it and than they made ipad it was the same thing but it got successful. oh lets see the LG was the first smart and than they made an iphone that was almost the same design.that means APPLE RIPS-OFF of android. 6 years ago +1
-_- When the windows tablet came out at 2000 no one liked it and than they made ipad it was the same thing but it got successful. oh lets see the LG was the first smart and than they made an iphone that was almost the same design.that means APPLE RIPS-OFF of android. 6 years ago  
Can we tone the "neither"s down a notch? 6 years ago  
HUMAN KILL GUNS! 6 years ago  
I choose the cats in skyrim. lol 6 years ago +1
You know how to replay right ? 6 years ago  
He died in the comics. 6 years ago  
He died in the comics. 6 years ago  
KRYPTONITE 6 years ago  
I GET TO RIDE BATMAN :O 6 years ago  
What do you mean cheap? 6 years ago  
Cheap ? 6 years ago  
Will they eat you'r brains? 6 years ago  
and how do you know that? 6 years ago +4
DAMMIT YOU HAD TO RUIN IT! 6 years ago  
time=money 6 years ago +1068
try making one piece questions 6 years ago  
he is half serious and half relief. though he is funny sometimes 6 years ago  
blackops 3 here we come 6 years ago  
tobi :D 6 years ago  
nice one we got him off guard. 6 years ago  
legs? on mermaid spread open wider on new logo. these is the first comment 6 years ago +1
Are they gonna keep doing that ? 6 years ago  
You didn't even see the cat. 6 years ago  
guys i am ivanskof and it wont let log in :O 6 years ago +1
And that's a bad picture of a shark. 6 years ago  
so you hated everyone who came to the site after you ? 6 years ago  
v WHAT THE HELL!!!! 6 years ago +1
BODY GUARD LIKE A BOSS! 6 years ago +2
Nope it's not working. 6 years ago  
Okay look know i love Hitler and you hate him. 6 years ago  
look at brunoc comment. 6 years ago  
umm what happened to Palestine ? oh let me guess JEWS -_- 6 years ago  
Yup though i hate the Jews that's the main reason. 6 years ago  
WHAT THE HELL WHY CATS ?!?!?!? DOGS ARE TRAINED TO FIGHT. Cats know how to purrr. 6 years ago +1
my country was with German in WW2. 6 years ago  
I know and it doesn't bother me. 6 years ago  
I don't know why you guys hate Hitler. Oh i guess Bulgaria helped German in the WW2 that's why i don't hate him -_- 6 years ago  
YES! YES! YES! At least some one watches wwe.. 6 years ago  
If i choose lose you win. If i choose win you win? 6 years ago +3
Do you really have to ruin these :\ know i want to vote for A 6 years ago  
You have a point. 6 years ago  
WHAT WHYYYYY !!! :O 6 years ago +7
Let me guess half of the people who don't watch football (soccer) choose Manchester united -_- 6 years ago +9
I tried the cinnamon challenge and i can do it again. 6 years ago  
Samurai Jake WooooHooooo! 6 years ago  
i need my cat to be intelligent ! and i failed :\ 6 years ago +1
what did i do wrong? 6 years ago  
Ya right. i never heard of these load of nothing. 6 years ago  
Who calls it Christmas Adam pfft. 6 years ago  
Last time i slept on my couch i saw my self on the table. 6 years ago +1
home alone? 6 years ago  
I got mad when the village got destroyed from him. Poor gaara :\ 6 years ago  
die as a coward ! 6 years ago  
mwahaha most evil person who has a picture of his cat 6 years ago +1
Sanji T_T 6 years ago  
really why Deidara? 6 years ago  
i have wood floor :) 6 years ago  
1.shark 2.cheeta 3.eagle 4.cat 5.bear 6 years ago  
let's say that it's like chopper he know's the weak spot of the enemy. 6 years ago  
come on .50 pistol could crush the zombies head. 6 years ago  
sweetie -_- 6 years ago  
so are you gay ? 6 years ago  
i have question why do you keep posting gay Questions 6 years ago +14
oh man old memories. :') 6 years ago  
because you watch/read/play the same stuff as i do. 6 years ago  
because if you are 18+ you are just awesome.... 6 years ago  
and how old are you? 6 years ago  
if they knew who you are. you'r family will be dead. 6 years ago +1
made you vote mwahaha! 6 years ago  
thats why it is called rather. 6 years ago  
anon why do you keep saying neither its a rather. site there is no neither. you need to choose. 6 years ago +3
i have learned alot of things in anime and that never give up on your dream. 6 years ago  
money money money!!! 6 years ago  
last time i was in a pool at night i saw a frog . 6 years ago  
only if she had a dragon. 6 years ago +2
( internet high five with slendy ) :) 6 years ago +1
than ill get more eye and flashlight 6 years ago  
ok im gonna call and see who's gonna win 6 years ago  
cheat on everyone ill kill you :) 6 years ago +2
ill have a flashlight 6 years ago  
oh ok remember the robot arm when jack had the weak arm he exchanged it with robotic arms. he can do that with his rest of his body. 6 years ago  
blood isnt water its cell and its tiny pieces -_- 6 years ago  
it well easy rpj and ak47 :) 6 years ago  
i see from when did aang bend blood ? 6 years ago  
so i can finish you with shot gun. (slender woods)the game where you can use shotgun. 6 years ago +1
and remember the suit anything that is from the outside cant touch the inside no matter what . even AIR! 6 years ago  
not everyday i just leave it on. 6 years ago  
yes. sorry about my mistakes . 6 years ago  
you know the sword is legendary right . he could wear a suit that can fly . 6 years ago  
i dont see you online. 6 years ago  
lets go slendy . i finished the game with my eyes closed! 6 years ago +1
well jack was in the future he could get experiences about going to space . do you know the episode when he was in space with bunch of astronauts ? 6 years ago  
they would be after me which well be awesome! 6 years ago  
jack could jump high . didn't you see the episode when he learns to jump super high ? 6 years ago  
Dude you skyrim and black ops 2 i feel that you are me but you are not. 6 years ago  
its samurai jack he could easly despair behind aang and then cuts him 6 years ago  
bruce lee learned fighting from muhammed ali. he kept watching his moves . 6 years ago  
hey slender go back to the woods. 6 years ago  
my fav games in ps2 6 years ago +1
i can do any home work. 6 years ago  
oh i am getting worse every day in my english 6 years ago  
oh sorry. of them* 6 years ago  
can you please stop saying ( im only 14 sooo... ) good for you 6 years ago +1
its like lord of the rings 6 years ago  
( no comment ) 6 years ago  
( no comment ) 6 years ago +1
or play video games and watch anime and read comic books 6 years ago  
when you answer a Q in rrrather you get the opposite 6 years ago  
god does exist. if he didnt how ded the big bang happen . 6 years ago  
god does exist. i he didn't how the hell ded the big bang happened. by luck or what come on answer. 6 years ago  
they use fresh oil lol 6 years ago  
if you weren't married you could say that 6 years ago  
you should try them. burger fuel is more healthy. 6 years ago  
ok see you future husband and see how he looks and what he works. 6 years ago  
you might be the kid from happy feet . 6 years ago +3
no i mean like in white beard or black beard , etc. 6 years ago  
someone out of the straw hat crew ? 6 years ago  
who do you like the most in one piece. i like sanji, mihawk, and white beard. you ? 6 years ago  
i know i just started a week ago . ii watch it from watchop.com 6 years ago  
im in episode 110 :P 6 years ago  
nice but there is one important anime dragon ball and by the way one piece well finish in 2015 i think ! 6 years ago +1
dude what do you watch except Naruto ? 6 years ago +1
one piece. you can see one of my best characters in one piece from picture :P 6 years ago +1
why would do that ? you should make a house under at a cave/mineshafter thats how i roll 6 years ago  
unique ? whats unique about a guy who has a suit and lives in a building ? batman has a freaking cave and a castle . ded you ever read a comic book ? if thor cant be hurt by a human made weapons than it all would be easy there would be no reason to make a character named thor . and a real super hero would never show his identity if he showed it would all missed up . and who said i dont love iron man i love him . and dont call me an ideot 6 years ago  
ha bravo to Thor . batman has gadgets and can defeat any villein and he got more than 8 suits and each one of them has different effects on different enemy and he fought someone stronger than Thor superman which batman defeated superman by his gadgets. by the way tell me a superhero that everyone knows his identity except iron man? 6 years ago  
you have xbox ? 6 years ago  
well he cant but he is a freaking flying thing that i forgot its name its more awesome than the suit itself plus he can hunt down any flying thing . batman learned Kong fu ninjitsu karate and learned how to use swords , etc. you should watch batman begins. 6 years ago  
ya ya i know i like him because he is like funny and then turns in to serious mood 6 years ago  
there is something called garden. if they go out of the house there would be fighting and stuff look i have 2 cats and they are happy all the time . 6 years ago  
ok 6 years ago  
ya whatever but a cats freedom is in the house but a turtles freedom is in the ocean/sea 6 years ago  
are you sure you want do these war lol . 6 years ago  
ha does the iron man have the batmobile .No 6 years ago  
hey apple hey hey apple - annoying orange 6 years ago +2
first turtles bite. second when the grow up what are you gona do with it. third do you have an ocean/sea in your back yeard O_O .No 6 years ago  
first turtles bite. second when the grow up what are you gona do with it. third do you have an ocean/sea in your back yeard O_O .No 6 years ago  
my ears would bleeeeeeeed 6 years ago  
from the akatsuki cloud clan i love ( uchiha ) in any other clan i love ( garaa ) and from the villeins ( madara ) which he is a akatsuki cloud clan 6 years ago  
i like your way of thinking ! 6 years ago  
i cant chuck norris's name ! 6 years ago +1
yes. lol i leave laptop all day long . that's why its on for 24 hours 6 years ago  
he is in dc unvirse and he is their leader which the HQ is in space all that from his money p.s. he is 2nd most famous super hero. super man is the most famous . and dc is stronger than avengers/marvel ! im a freaking comic reader what do you expect. 6 years ago  
i have 2 one is 1 year and a half and the other one is the same but the mother which we sold her she was 2 and half 6 years ago  
well tea tastes like smoothie ! 6 years ago  
i choose squirl it can protect me . from slendy . im freaking smart. 6 years ago +1
you can dumb him/her and marry a new one :P 6 years ago  
batman has a freaking cave and he has more money so ya what do you think . batman forever 6 years ago  
you cant lol 6 years ago  
use wood as ammo :P CUT IT 6 years ago +1
im so smart to invent a lightbulb :D 6 years ago  
more bad a** 6 years ago +1
oh so coffe tastes like a freaking milkshake dosent it... 6 years ago  
and no wrestling or movies or video game . do you want that to happen :| 6 years ago +1
and no wrestling or movies or video game . do you want that to happen :| 6 years ago  
and your name its deidra is the clay guy . lol 6 years ago  
i Wright randomly :P 6 years ago  
my grand father has a big GARDEN lets go for an adventure yay .... -_- 6 years ago +1
what if you kissed a fish o_o 6 years ago +1
and mind clouds pop out from your head and shows freaking pictures lol 6 years ago +2
look at the bored !!! 6 years ago  
stupid controller i bought you and know you don't work (throw on the ground go on the laptop open fb/rrrather) and thats why im online right know - ivanskof 6 years ago  
me an my friends have an open house in the sky which we keep fall and we only have freaking chickin 6 years ago  
at least with barny he will EAT YOU TO DEATH 6 years ago  
what if you got hit by a wrecking ball 6 years ago +2
Naruto is awesome ! 6 years ago  
mine keeps meowing and than i leave him alone 1min later he walks between my legs -_- 6 years ago +1
you don't say ! 6 years ago  
really i fighted 3 endermen at the same time. 6 years ago  
slenderman im gonna hunt you down ill call chuck norres wait 1 min 6 years ago +1
i can always tell a deidara comment when i read it ! 6 years ago  
don't freaking know 6 years ago  
i think its something else because pikachu isn't a cat. 6 years ago  
moussakaaaaaaaaa i love it we hate in Bulgaria !! 6 years ago  
if there was a new star wars movie ( stupid Disney ) 6 years ago  
me too. though he runs away when i talk him in weird way lol. 6 years ago +1
are serous he has a hot wife and he is a millioner and has daughter and everyone loves him.. 6 years ago  
not all countries have the same cops/polices . 6 years ago +1
i could make a video inside my tv for ps3 on youtube 6 years ago  
do sky dive from apartment it would be awesome 6 years ago +1
and you can also eat the cane , cell phone and the pocket knife. who cares 6 years ago  
well there are tigers as pets. and they don't eat them. 6 years ago  
jump off :P ... and die i just edited it :) 6 years ago  
i use it 24 hours :P 6 years ago  
its a accident and don't walk on grass o_o im watching you 6 years ago  
go gym > lift weight > bam kill everyone with your awesomeness 6 years ago  
have you watched the walking dead by any chance ? 6 years ago  
already have green eyes 6 years ago  
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