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    Why not both? *spanish fiesta music*  
    Haha, laptops b*tch  
    Laptop b*tch. +2
    You don't that's what one way means buddy.  
    Guys, this is Mario Kart 64 we're talking about, think about it.  
    Live you idiot *facebrick*.  
    Seriously, that's not how the f*cking question works, you have to use it while the sh!t is still on it.  
    You know, it never said you couldn't put deodorant on outside, just that you had to go outside smelling like B.O.  
    F*ck the orphans, drink their bloods and tears.  
    Blades could be in the middle of the poop.  
    Yeah, use deodorant, a lot.  
    You're too stupid for your own good.  
    I have to say Harry. Massive fan of both but I'm 13 and I grew up with HP and SW was introduced to me at about 5 after I had already gotten into HP.  
    Why for having products that are: easier to use, less expensive and more quality?  
    Buy 5 lottery tickets.  
    But I don't have a job.  
    wish you could wish for money.  
    Wrong one.  
    Very good friends are never with you forever. +1
    I dress close to the same way since I'm a teenager.  
    If you're immortal it wouldn't be hard to work your way up, get experience and become the head of a major company in the world.  
    One thing, Merle Dixon.  
    Because that means you will pretty much be murdered. I'd rather I be able to spend time with my family with a slow death from disease.  
    Wrong one.  
    Humans are animals.  
    Physical pain goes away.  
    Depends. If it's a subject I'll never use I'll take left.  
    Because you can have any tattoos you want, you can make them really meaningful.  
    I already have glasses.  
    Actually monkeys are a very smart animal, seeing as humans evolved from them.  
    Being Paralysed means you would go through serious pain to become paralysed. While comas can be caused by anything, even shock  
    You'd still be the same person personality wise.  
    Most people these days think an average salary is lousy.  
    The Coca-Cola company owns so many companies it isn't funny.  
    Restaurants will last and make more money.  
    Make money.  
    I'm a guy.  
    I'm Australian. IDGAF.  
    Killing Hitler before the holocaust would cause a massive temporal rift. It would majorly affect todays' reality.  
    You have no internet at all *facewall*.  
    I'm still a teenager so...  
    Go to a horror movie and just scream my lungs out all movie XD!  
    Well if you ever want children.  
    This could create a paradox if someone who chose B checked out someone who chose A. +1554
    That's 100 million *facedesk*.  
    I'm an antisocial gamer so everywhere I go pretty much requires wearing casual clothing.  
    I sleep 10 hours anyway.  
    I would just hate being a billionare.  
    This is just a stupid question.  
    Today actually has some alright music. If it just meant Skrillex and that crap I would pick the other option.  
    I'm an atheist so...  
    Wrong one. =/  
    A lot of people have abortions for serious reasons. Such as rape, financial problems or even just having enough money to support a child but not move while living in a seriously bad neighbourhood.  
    That I can make and get rid of laws.  
    what is the reason people hate farts all it is is food and drink compressed into gas +7
    i'm Australian so blockbusters are better and i don't know aht netflix is  
    i'm a guy +1
    that ninja is high and drunk we can see him  
    yeah i'll watch my parents TV =P  
    less expensive  
    well if you're famous you would kind of be weealthy  
    to all those people saying that they would lock yourselves in your closet that would probably be caus of death  
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