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Hi I'll try to post great questions so please root for me in the future! I'm from New Hampshire and my fave number is 7. My least favorite movie of all time is AT ANY PRICE with Zach Effron and Dennis Quaid, It sucked so much that it created a whole new level of suckery. Never watch it!!! Pokemon is cool :) I'm a SONE, a Pink panda and just ughh so many others. Message me if you like kpop, anime or just wanna talk!

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Would you rather, if a beloved friend or family member is about to die, Be able to make clone of them, they live as long as your friend/ family member did and you can keep cloning him/her, they have all the same thoughts, feelings, etc but are technically not them or Let them die, they deserve to rest, the clone is not them and never will be 5 years ago 214 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have a great day but when you try to tell your family or friends about it they blow you off or say something rude, dampening your high spirits or Have an awful day but when you get home and tell your family or friends about it they say nice things and comfort you, making you feel better 5 years ago 346 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Cook/bake food that tastes amazing to other people but has no taste or is disgusting to you or Cook/bake food that tastes amazing to you but has no taste or tastes gross to other people 5 years ago 173 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the ability to Have stretchy arms (like Monkey D. Luffy) but only from your shoulder to your elbow or Control water with your mind but only be able to move it a few centimeters 5 years ago 141 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Eat some really good pizza but with your feet or Eat some really gross pizza but with your hands 5 years ago 8,068 votes 104 comments 0 likes
Which is better?? Cunt Muffin or Whore Biscuit 5 years ago 136 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Live a happy, fulfilling life that looks unappealing to other people or Live a boring, unfulfilling life that looks super appealing to people 5 years ago 190 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Make a great contribution to society but never have it be recognized while you're alive or Be loved and looked up to while you're alive but not remembered after you're gone 5 years ago 223 votes 14 comments 0 likes
What's your least favorite movie of all time? Comment or Not 5 years ago 119 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Lose all your memories or Lose your ability to feel emotions 5 years ago 152 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather (in a survival situation) Drink your own pee or Go cannibal and eat someone 5 years ago 180 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather choose a First Generation Starter Pokemon or X & Y Starter Pokemon 5 years ago 184 votes 17 comments 0 likes

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Jessica was in Dark Angel! 5 years ago  
I'm probably still at a fifth grade math level anyway 5 years ago +1
Sherlock is on netflix but I guess if you don't have that it costs eight bucks so.. 5 years ago  
Is that really your foot? 5 years ago  
I have a couple I wanna go to in the states but the best chef schools are abroad so when I decide which one of the twenty things I wanna do then I can decide where to do them 5 years ago  
I could really go for a bacon cheeseburger with a side of waffle fries and a Shirley temple right now. Hmm and maybe ice cream this site always makes me hungry 5 years ago  
I either think of B or Mary Jane Watson 5 years ago +1
Yup 5 years ago  
Yeah that one haha 5 years ago  
Kingdra is da bomb! 5 years ago  
Bon Jovi, Coldplay, Aerosmith, Blue Oyster Cult, AC/DC, Def Leppard, Metallica and Black Sabbath are my favorites! 5 years ago  
Haha the authors comment 5 years ago +2
Obama is 52 years old. Just thought I'd share 5 years ago  
Haha or Kyou from Clannad 5 years ago +1
I know about both and Greek is way more interesting. 5 years ago  
It's better to never have been born than to die bloody 5 years ago  
Dean and Sam from Supernatural were fighting about this 5 years ago  
Like in Supernatural (except they hunt monsters and angels and sometimes humans, too haha) 5 years ago  
This would be so useful!! But if I was in a spelling bee A a would be cool to have 5 years ago  
I want to see the new x-men movie 5 years ago  
They're both cool but B was from a poem and A was original so.. 5 years ago  
The muggles? 5 years ago  
At least I won't swear 5 years ago  
Is B a book?! Haha 5 years ago +3
Weevil plays dirty 5 years ago +1
Tokyo or Beijing or Seoul 5 years ago  
B looks scrumdiddilyumptious 5 years ago +3
:O 5 years ago  
I'm a girl but I just know Jessica from Dark Angel 5 years ago  
I want one!!! 5 years ago +3
They both sound yummy! 5 years ago +1
I have been wondering about this. What about people who are atheists or people who worship more than one god. Also, when they made the pledge, what god were they talking about, well I mean what religion. 5 years ago +1
I think it's about 5,500 people. Haha it's a pretty small town 5 years ago  
Wow never mind. I change my answer, I just looked up Persian myths and they're very interesting 5 years ago  
You still have fingernails. 5 years ago  
You're so lucky, I love Totoro!!!!! 5 years ago  
Why are you getting all this random stuff?? 5 years ago  
Yum! 5 years ago  
Haha the pic in A funny but B sound cool. I love six flags 5 years ago  
I have a pikachu hat. I was going to get B but it was expensive plus I probably wouldn't wear it in public unless I was in China or Japan. 5 years ago  
A would be so awesome 5 years ago  
All I could think of when I saw french mistake was that episode of supernatural in season 6 5 years ago  
I usually hate Will Ferrell but Elf was so funny! 5 years ago +1
Wow, this is SOO original (that's sarcasm by the way) 5 years ago +2
It's just an argument. We might laugh about it later. Plus, I'm a girl so hitting on my daughter would be awkward 5 years ago +2
Getting As and being on a varsity team?? That sounds awesome! Wait, do I get to choose the sport?? 5 years ago  
I already have B. 5 years ago  
Ichor 5 years ago  
Those are so cool!! 5 years ago +2
I'd be too tempted to pop the bubble wrap 5 years ago +2
Hahaha let the force be over your head hahaha 5 years ago +3
People in horror movies never fight back. Bitch, if you try to kill me I'm gonna stick a knife in your leg 5 years ago  
He can make food for me and do my homework. 5 years ago +3
At least I get some gold 5 years ago +3
Umm I'm half white and half Asian 5 years ago  
Usually I'm the one who texts people and then they text me back but I don't have my phone or I don't hear it go off. Does anyone else say gtg or make up some lame excuse if you don't know what to say?? 5 years ago  
I love seafood but the pic in B looks yummy. So, either one. 5 years ago  
I liked Frozen but people make such a big deal about it. HP was worth all the hype. I loved the books and the movies were pretty good 5 years ago +1
Is Registeel legendary? I always thought it was but some people say it isn't. 5 years ago  
I really want to see B (my friend spoiled the ending, though!!!) but I'm seeing A today 5 years ago  
I like the second one best and the third one is so sad. I'm never watching it again. 5 years ago  
I don't have to die from it. I could stick my toe out or something 5 years ago +1
It really depends what kind of lollipop so, I'm gonna go the safe route. Can't go wrong with a candy cane! 5 years ago  
Nice! I wish I could draw like this. 5 years ago +4
I've only seen the first 6 episodes. 5 years ago  
I wonder if it smells good there 5 years ago +1
The one that Luke had in the Percy Jackson movie was pretty impressive 5 years ago  
I could be a hypnotist or a therapist or someone who works for those suicide hotlines, talking people out of stuff with my mesmerizing voice 5 years ago  
1967 Chevrolet impala 5 years ago  
That sucks. Were they talking about you or someone you knew? Three of my friends were just talking about one of their best friends behind her back and they want to drop her, but when they were with her they acted all nice and it made me want to barf. Ughh people are rude 5 years ago +1
Going to China for 3 weeks, Having Chinese exchange students when I get home and soccer camp 5 years ago  
That just happened to me and I have been thinking about this. Do they talk about me when I'm not there? 5 years ago +2
I don't celebrate Christmas and A sounds fun! 5 years ago  
But if you think about it, it'd probably be better to work at Google, than let's say McDonalds at minimum wage. Especially if you wanted to be a certain thing when you grow up. 5 years ago  
There are a lot in NH. I like them. 5 years ago  
I'm gonna be a chef anyway, might as well start now. 5 years ago +2
No?? 5 years ago  
World war 3????? 5 years ago  
Get in the zone, auto zone 5 years ago  
Haha because it leapon it's food 5 years ago +1
Can I move? 5 years ago  
I don't want a cliffhanger as the end of my life story, cliffhangers are the worst 5 years ago  
Eew neither Adam Sandler is a really bad actor who always goes for the same gimmicks 5 years ago  
Yummy 5 years ago  
You die in either one 5 years ago  
We're studying A in school right now 5 years ago  
Wait nevermind I'm good at bowling 5 years ago  
Pikachu was a little chubby back then haha so much cuter I love the Indigo League episodes 5 years ago  
A looks yummy 5 years ago +2
I don't have any siblings and even if I did hopefully they wouldn't rat me out and I wouldn't get grounded 5 years ago  
Chinese culture is so fascinating 5 years ago +3
She was pretty badass 5 years ago  
Yeah but it was the first time I'd heard of groudon 5 years ago  
Thanks! 5 years ago  
Or I could just, you know, skip 5 years ago  
I've seen this question like 3 times already!! 5 years ago  
Pee comes off, plus I'll probably get peed on more in prison 5 years ago  
$$$$ MONAAYYY!!! $$$$ 5 years ago +1
At least it's actual food instead of someones feces 5 years ago +3
Animals are alive too 5 years ago  
I go to sleep around the same time as everyone 5 years ago  
A looks like a growlithe haha 5 years ago +2
Of course 5 years ago  
Take all his presents 5 years ago  
I want to be an ambassador when I grow up (but it's like 16th on my list). I'm learning Chinese, Spanish and Arabic. We've had 5 exchange students. I'm half asian and half Caucasian and I get along with people really well. I've been to 21 US states, Canada, Britain, France and Pakistan. I'm going to China this Summer and Scotland in May with plenty more on my list. A fits me perfectly. 5 years ago +2
Oh haha I was kind of confused when you answered. I really want to go to the Parthenon 5 years ago  
Headphones, or talk to people your with 5 years ago +1
I haven't master the technique of using chopsticks yet 5 years ago +1
I'd get to remember cool stuff that happened to me 5 years ago  
It's just a yearbook, hopefully like a middle school one. And maybe B if it's an awesome nickname. 5 years ago  
None 5 years ago  
The Mouseketeers!! 5 years ago +1
Oh wait I read the authors comment. I'd get rid of cancer and I might get a bunch of money for that. Two birds with one stone 5 years ago  
I just chose the best looking group of people in the pictures 5 years ago  
I have to wash the dishes at my house and I imagine that drying would be way faster 5 years ago  
Green eyes are super awesome 5 years ago +3
My worst enemy is more like a frenemy so by the end of the day we'd probably be besties 5 years ago  
Yellow pill 5 years ago  
I've always wanted to go to Greece, you're so lucky!! 5 years ago  
I like them both. I have the game with kyogre but I watched the Jirachi wish maker movie with groudon it when I was little. 5 years ago  
Pokemon!!!! 5 years ago  
Wait nevermind 5 years ago  
Where were you going? 5 years ago  
Taking her out to dinner. I told my dad he should get them matching tshirts but he wouldn't go for it. 5 years ago  
You have to be attracted to a person first, though. It's just human nature 5 years ago  
My sneezes are pretty adorable 5 years ago +3
Yay! Potatoes and beer for everyone! 5 years ago +1
My parents would choose some lame ass and my grandparents on one side are divorced 5 years ago +1
Just cause of the pool 5 years ago  
I think I just realized that whoops 5 years ago  
Yup I am supervisor material. And don't worry about that. I've got plenty of expertise on cracking a whip from watching Indiana Jones 5 years ago  
Haha I know how to say you but I think I'm gonna have to learn sew and faster if I wanna get a job in the factories 5 years ago  
I hate the sound of A 5 years ago +2
Pretty good. I can speak at about the equivalent of a Chinese 3 year old 5 years ago  
I love that one 5 years ago  
Cool, I love all the pokemon movies. They're actually pretty good. I like the destiny deoxys movie 5 years ago  
I loved Absol in the movie, Jirachi the wish maker 5 years ago  
I went to Britain and France with a company called P2P and they invited me to go on another trip this year so I chose China because we had Chinese exchage students that I get to visit. I've been learning Mandarin to get ready. 5 years ago  
Oh I love shinx and it's evolutions! Infernape was my second starter. I had a ruby game (I chose torchic) but it was from ebay and it malfunctioned after like a day so technically Infernape was my first starter. I named it Ashesofire. My Charizard (leaf green starter) was named charredBBQ 5 years ago  
I take a shower a few hours before going to bed and let it dry naturally and then brush it. If I do A my hair looks gross in the morning 5 years ago +1
Chocolate ice cream has a weird aftertaste 5 years ago +3
My mom knows a guy named Richard Hickey (think about it) 5 years ago +3
I'd have enough to finance my trip to China plus like 4,000 leftover to buy clothes and badass stuff 5 years ago  
Muay Thai boxing or drunken master style 5 years ago +1
Awesome! I also love poliwag and like a billion others. I made a list of all my favorites but I don't have it with me 5 years ago  
The puppy in A is so adorably precious! 5 years ago  
I love both but growlithe and arcanine are two of my all time favorite pokemon! 5 years ago +1
Become a kpop star 5 years ago  
Oh wait never mind that was stupid I could just use the money to buy food oops 5 years ago +1
In the corner really quietly 5 years ago +1
I don't have a step mother 5 years ago  
I'd pull the hood pulled up and just stand in a corner breathing until people start to notice and get creep out 5 years ago +3
I'm a girl and don't like jb but I wouldn't kill him 5 years ago +1
Is it any good? I'm trying to find a new anime to watch. 5 years ago  
I've always wanted to live in an anime world 5 years ago +2
Supernatural season 10, I hope Adam comes back! 5 years ago  
Our family photos 5 years ago  
Just one chunk of gold is worth a lot. 5 years ago  
Nymphs can do A 5 years ago  
My dad met Paul Bettany 5 years ago  
I've already been to Paris and I've always wanted to go to Japan. 5 years ago  
I thought you were done with sponge bob questions 5 years ago +2
I love B though 5 years ago +1
I'd just be a really bad super villain, like stealing candy from babies and such 5 years ago +1
More people speak it even if it's just sci fi nerds 5 years ago  
Like Dean in supernatural 5 years ago +1
Seems more believable. That girl Malala had that happen to her. 5 years ago  
Yugioh abridged is the best! 5 years ago +1
I don't admire either of them really 5 years ago  
That sounds badass 5 years ago  
I love both!!! So cutee 5 years ago  
Plus they'd make a mean soup 5 years ago  
I love all kinds of food 5 years ago  
I love osmosis jones. These are really good questions, keep it up! 5 years ago +1
I'd get a glass eye just to feel like something is there but then I'd get an eyepatch to cover it because I feel like it's be kind of creepy and eye patches are cool 5 years ago  
Sinbad is such a cool movie. I recently found out that Sinbad was voiced by Brad Pitt 5 years ago  
Are they dating in real life?! 5 years ago  
I voted anywayyy 5 years ago  
Mmmmmm.....I want both 5 years ago +2
Wow They look extremely hard to do 5 years ago  
I guess I would pick my left arm because I'm right handed 5 years ago +1
My house is nickname the glass house because the whole front is windows and the roof has solar panels 5 years ago  
Chefs use chemistry 5 years ago  
Will Ferrel is an idiot 5 years ago +1
I think we need some of the stuff we learn but not all of it. Also I object homework unless it's like a project or we didn't finish it in class. We need lives of our own!! 5 years ago +1
Cry and then go take a nap because you can do that in kindergarten. I'd still have knowledge of my old life right? I'd remember everything so I could get super good grades plus I could join sports and stuff. I'm actually athletic but I quit literally everything. I could also take up an instrument. And I could dress way better. And not do things that put me in a bad situation. 5 years ago  
I love meat too much to become a vegetarian. I tried to become one with two of my friends and we were all gung-ho about it and we made veggie and fruit drinks and got fake chicken nuggets and stuff but I only lasted about a week. Lol one of friends quit after two weeks but my other friend is still a vegetarian of about a year. I don't eat pork though. 5 years ago +3
Oh wow that's sounds like fun! I've always wanted to go to Greece! Have a great time! 5 years ago +2
Isn't this question kind of like the mcdonalds burger King one on the homepage? 5 years ago +1
Who steaks milk duds out of a fully stocked candy aisle? There was probably jolly ranchers and sour patch kids and expensive chocolates 5 years ago +1
Patchy the pirate!! 5 years ago +2
The guy who played the teenage Clark Kent in man of steel has the same birthday as me 5 years ago  
We were just having a discussion about Monty Python in my future planning class 5 years ago  
Pokemon look like digimon nowadays 5 years ago +1
Can I be friends with the dragon, too? 5 years ago +3
I like SAO but some people don't seem to like it very much. 5 years ago  
Although, it would get super annoying if people fall asleep every time I sing. 5 years ago  
My mom hates when people do that so she made the fuzzy challenge. Instead of saying like, you say fuzzy. If you say like too many times she gets super mad. My friend slept over and said it about 20 times per sentence and my mom looked like her head was going to explode! 5 years ago  
We can make fun of our bosses and stuff with each other 5 years ago +3
I love both! 5 years ago +2
A actually happened the other day, he was my grandpas step cousin or something like that and I never met him but still 5 years ago  
I usually pronounce it Reg-ee-ice but it's probably in a movie or episode so you could just see how they pronounce it 5 years ago  
Free vacation!!! Plus, I'm sure no one wants to come to the middle of nowhere in New Hampshire 5 years ago  
I can make a bunch of money when I get back going on talk shows and writing a book about my time there and such 5 years ago  
Time to go shopping! 5 years ago +4
I learned it in math but I don't remember 5 years ago  
The Possimpible 5 years ago  
I've been trying to but I'm watching 3 other animes, 2 Korean dramas plus school, homework, fundraising for my trip to China and soccer so it's kind of hard to find time to but I'm trying to. It sounds good from what I've heard about it 5 years ago  
Give me the donuts b*tch 5 years ago  
Just kidding ;p 5 years ago  
Sparta? 5 years ago +1
The movie with Rayquaza and Deoxys was awesome though 5 years ago  
Lmao I love that movie 5 years ago +2
Haha A is hilarious 5 years ago  
So basically every celebrity and book/movie character I have a crush on 5 years ago  
Awe :/ I love both of them so much! 5 years ago  
I love Psych! 5 years ago  
In my dad's country they marry their cousins, actually my aunt is married to her cousin..... 5 years ago  
Barney!!! 5 years ago  
Yes!!! Finally, someone who understands! 5 years ago  
This has been asked SOO many times!! 5 years ago  
I can join the swim team!! 5 years ago  
I liked Frozen but everyone makes a big deal of it, Lion King is one of the best Disney movies ever and Lion King 2 was pretty awesome 5 years ago  
Those scorpion lollipops 5 years ago  
Damn punks better get off my lawn before I call the cops 5 years ago  
If you discover Atlantis you could probably make a buttload of money and buy a dragon of your color choice to take you to Paris a million times over 5 years ago  
Drunken master style 5 years ago  
I've been to A so many times already, I've always wanted to go to B 5 years ago +1
I think we get the point, seriously you've commented on a lot of this guys questions saying the same thing. We get it already!!! I hate when people do this 5 years ago  
Pineapple has certain enzymes that break up your flesh or something if you keep them in your mouth for too long 5 years ago  
I went to London and France during my 12th (or was it 13th??) birthday but it was raining and I lost my wallet. I hope I have a better birthday this year in China 5 years ago  
I love both of these pictures hahahaha 5 years ago +2
I watched a big chunk of code geass but only the first episode of death note, so I guess my vote is irrelevant 5 years ago  
Greez......haha nice 5 years ago  
I like both. My parents always mix them up 5 years ago  
21th??? 5 years ago +1
I'm wearing a nike shirt, nike shorts and nike athletic sandals right now. But they are kind of expensive, these were all gifts 5 years ago  
I like shopping at PacSun, if I work there it would ruin my shopping experiences there 5 years ago  
I love both but I love the superhero cafe and the frozen how it should have ended was hilarious 5 years ago  
I really can't start to like x and y pokemon, their design and looks just piss me off too much. I could barely play black and white. I just wish they came up with better new pokemon 5 years ago  
I don't understand the authors comment 5 years ago +7
I get out in 67 days but it's break right now 5 years ago  
I once went 15 minutes getting tickled on my feet without laughing. I bet my dad 20 bucks that I could and the next day I had enough money to buy a sh*tload of manga 5 years ago  
That was a hard decision to make, I love both of these 5 years ago  
I loved the movie with Latios and latias and Latios is just so darn cute!! 5 years ago  
I like fish but I don't like too much raw fish and I hate onions with all my soul!!!! 5 years ago  
Is your refrigerator running? 5 years ago  
Isn't A a cantaloupe? 5 years ago +2
I always have good ideas in my sleep but I never have a pad of paper and a pen handy so this would be helpful 5 years ago +1
You could make so much money off of that!!!! Well, I guess you could make a lot of money off both. You could sell some of your blood to be researched for science. With the healing power you could charge a fee for healing people or become a successful doctor or something. In B you could sell your blood to the military to be used in explosives and guns and stuff 5 years ago  
Haha the picture in A is hilarious!!! 5 years ago +3
Can I ask for white tissue? 5 years ago +2
I want to 5 years ago  
I do both. I fall in love with book characters, movie characters, tv show characters, anime characters, movie stars, singers.....so basically everyone that I have no chance with 5 years ago +3
That was easy ;) 5 years ago +1
You've only had an account for three days 5 years ago  
I already do B 5 years ago  
Lol it was just funny that's all 5 years ago  
Zelda gets captured all the time!! She's like the female version of Mokuba!!! 5 years ago  
Actually I change my mind, I live in the country on top of a gigantic hill. Plus we have three cars so if we just took one then it would kind of look like we ere home if it was during the day 5 years ago  
I can just go deaf 5 years ago  
I can have time to finish it on the weekend that way 5 years ago  
Kpop 5 years ago  
Highiest?? 5 years ago  
I wish people would stop making the same questions... 5 years ago  
I agree 5 years ago  
I love pokemon and divi on was cool too except it got kind of weird sometimes 5 years ago  
Unless the sisters fat 5 years ago  
Yeah!! I get to be a druggie with a limp and trust issues!!! 5 years ago  
Death note!! 5 years ago  
It doesn't say how much you have to drink plus, you could drink that all natural stuff 5 years ago  
I love that 70s show!! 5 years ago  
If you say the high one they might think you mean you're like an angel or something 5 years ago  
I watch that and other Korean dramas but I'm not obsessed with it 5 years ago  
Actually I change my answer. I guess you could take a shower and wash your butt 5 years ago  
I do Muay Thai boxing!!! 5 years ago  
Sugary??? Lmao I think you mean surgery 5 years ago +1
eew neither 5 years ago  
I always do that 5 years ago  
I think he was just joking 5 years ago  
Take a dump in the woods, at least I have something to wipe with 5 years ago  
No, I was just joking 5 years ago  
Along with food coloring and tons of other crap that could give a guy breast cancer...just saying 5 years ago  
Grape koolaid!!! 5 years ago +1
Online shopping!! And I would die without the beach, but I guess pools would be an okay alternative 5 years ago +1
I'm a tree hugger 5 years ago  
I could cheat on tests that way 5 years ago +1
If I had chosen A I would have been a GOP-stopper....get it? 5 years ago +2
I agree but did you notice that this guys username is Ethan? Lmao 5 years ago  
Mostly I'd rather drive a Ford but ever since I started watching Supernatural I've wanted a '67 Chevrolet Impala. 5 years ago  
There's this glass blowing studio in our town and they have classes. On the brochure for the classes it says in big bold letters "Come blow with us". I lmao every time I see it. 5 years ago +1
Make sure they go to prison for life or the electric chair so they can't hurt anyone ever again. 5 years ago +1
How is daffy a villain? He's just a rival, wile e. Cayote was more of a villain 5 years ago  
That sounds kind of like sword art online 5 years ago  
Eewww 5 years ago  
I don't really like x and y that much, the pokemon are getting...meh 5 years ago  
Otaku is a Japanese word for obsessive interests mostly anime and manga. 5 years ago  
Haha angery haha 5 years ago  
My dream is to become a pro chef or move to China and become a translator. I have a million other dreams but these are the most.....uhh reasonable... 5 years ago  
I brush, then eat and then brush again 5 years ago +1
I have a Nokia right now and it kind of sucks 5 years ago  
That's my third favorite after Nike and Adidas 5 years ago +1
I was gonna do that!! 5 years ago  
Arthritis runs in my family and it's already hard for me to get comfortable. It hurts a lot 5 years ago  
I just found that out today in Social Studies. On one hand people should get to support whoever they want because it is in the first amendment but on the other hand it gives the candidate more of an advantage. Voting shouldn't be about money, it should be about who would be the best leader for our country, but that's the way it is I guess. 5 years ago  
Oh ok good! Shrimp is my absolute favorite 5 years ago  
That's awesome! Love this question 5 years ago +4
Anything sweet 5 years ago +1
Those look good 5 years ago  
Shrimp!!!! 5 years ago +2
Omg me too I love supernatural!! That is my biggest fear right now, it better not end with Sam waking up to heat of the moment or dean or Sam dying (but seriously even if they did they would just find some way to come back to life). Have you heard about Supernatural Bloodlines? 5 years ago  
Maybe those aliens know how to spell civilization 5 years ago +6
It could be a clean hobo 5 years ago  
How could you not like seafood!? There's shrimp, crab, lobster, octopus, squid 5 years ago  
Haha just cuz A is funny 5 years ago  
Kick him in the nuts! 5 years ago +1
It probably wasn't even that funny though 5 years ago  
Studying would be a lot easier 5 years ago +3
April fools sucker! :) 5 years ago +1
English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese 5 years ago  
Umm.... I stole candy once, I cheated on a geo test in fourth grade, I hurt some peoples feelings in elementary school....those are my darkest secrets 5 years ago +3
MONAAAYY!!! 5 years ago +1
It's really just to give closure to the families, plus some government official personally promised all the families that he'd find it so he'd look stupid if he didn't 5 years ago  
Everest might be the tallest but k2 is the most treacherous 5 years ago  
My dad eats them, they're kinda good. 5 years ago  
So either everyone can't talk or no one can hear anyone talk 5 years ago +1
Tell them the end is coming, that's always a nice touch. 5 years ago +7
My teacher asked us this question at the beginning of the year, it's a trick question, they're both 100 pounds 5 years ago  
Have you seen if Google was a guy part two? Go watch it on youtube, at the end theres bing thinking he's actually something people use 5 years ago +1
No, I just really hate onions. 5 years ago  
I hate onions!!!! 5 years ago +3
I'm just kind of boring 5 years ago  
Just give the Norwegians a chance to leave first, then the total destruction can begin! 5 years ago  
I don't want to be remembered as a bad person, plus it didn't say when I would get killed. Maybe it would be from saving lots of people from an avalanche or something 5 years ago +1
I'd get to go back 3 and a half years 5 years ago  
Haha the picture in B is awesome 5 years ago  
He has to approve it to be up on the site so I assume he's going to allow it 5 years ago  
Sell your knowledge about things to big companies and make money 5 years ago +4
I'm a season behind as well because I'm watching it on netflix 5 years ago  
Noon 5 years ago  
Around 5 5 years ago  
The Host for the billionth time 5 years ago  
Haha who's Okatum? I think you mean Otakumon...haha 5 years ago +1
A text from my mom asking if I was done with student council yet 5 years ago  
Same here 5 years ago +1
I've been to US, Canada, Pakistan, Britain, France and I am going to China this summer, Scotland next May and either Costa Rica, Spain or Italy next year. I hope to go to all the Asian countries. 5 years ago  
But I've only had the kind that's in the picture the fish and vegetable wrapped in rice 5 years ago  
I like most seafood, fish, shrimp, crab, lobster, octopus. 5 years ago  
Hannafords, Wholefoods, Market Basket and one time I went to a Publix in Florida 5 years ago  
I wanted a twin sister but then I realized I wouldn't want to have to look at my ugly face all the time 5 years ago +4
Baraka Obama 5 years ago +3
I change my answer but I should have a good excuse for why I lost. I took karate and I watch an excessive amount of anime with fighting so I should be able to spin this....hmm lets see...They were two huge thugs with nunchucks and had trained diligently on top a mountain for thirty years and I was their warm up on their way to exact revenge on some gang members that owed them money, I tried my hardest but was no match for their elegant fighting techniques. Does that sound like a good enough excuse? 5 years ago +1
I have glasses but I never wear them 5 years ago  
Watch a movie with buttery salty popcorn 5 years ago  
Love Psych! 5 years ago +1
Mushrooms, garlic, pepperoni, lots of cheese with stuffed crust...yum! 5 years ago  
At slumber parties 5 years ago  
Coca cola but soda really just tastes like flavoring in hyped up carbonated water, so I don't drink it much and when I do it's grape, orange or root beer...sometimes sprite... 5 years ago  
I'd join the girls soccer and basketball team and maybe the swim team. I go to a school where the coolest and nicest people play sports, and I'm only okay at sports. 5 years ago  
I'd cover it up with a big black cloth and then put a happier poster on top of that and then never sleep in there 5 years ago +1
Wut? 5 years ago  
Haha Free! Love that anime, so funny 5 years ago  
Blue eyes are recessive and brown are dominant so it's usually mostly brown and then blue. Green is a mix of the two but it's more rare. 5 years ago  
What about the melons? 5 years ago  
Both 5 years ago +3
I like both 5 years ago  
I could donate that money to charity, but yeah more realistically I'd probably buy clothes or iTunes music or candy... 5 years ago +1
Yes! I love sour gummy worms 5 years ago  
Yes, I'll start an Assassin's guild or a group or something and we can be bandits and make ton of moneyy!!!! 5 years ago  
Oh wait nevermind. If I was blonde and blue eyed I'd choose A but I think I can survive B 5 years ago +2
Same 5 years ago  
Also When people have good intentions but royally screw up 5 years ago  
At least I'd be a king 5 years ago  
Haha I was going to make a James and the Giant Peach related response. 5 years ago  
Haha, that'd be cool 5 years ago +1
I want them to fall in love with me on their own plus it would be great to have an awesome body. I'd eat so much 5 years ago +1
Yelling at them kids and making them give me gum 5 years ago  
I love grilled cheese sandwiches with butter and soup 5 years ago  
Tristan lol 5 years ago  
That sounds cool, can I join? 5 years ago  
And jadebuddha :3 5 years ago  
I know a white girl who's never been to Starbucks 5 years ago  
I want to get good grades 5 years ago  
Letter: N Number: 7 5 years ago  
A pottery colander 5 years ago +1
I hope to go to all the Asian countries. My dad's been to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore... I'm going to China this summer and I really want to go to japan and South Korea 5 years ago  
I liked Divergent mostly but some things really pissed me off because I read the books 5 years ago  
Just cuz of the anime pic in B 5 years ago  
I can't wait to be a chef when I grow up. Food is amazing 5 years ago +1
I'd kill him and blame it on John Wilkes Booth lol 5 years ago +3
I hope I'm like able enough to make my own friends 5 years ago  
I wanna die happy 5 years ago +4
You can get a lot of problems from using tampons 5 years ago  
I love Big Brother!! 5 years ago  
Yeah I liked it but I hated some of the cast they chose. 5 years ago +1
I don't usually eat cereal with milk 5 years ago +3
Aww I was gonna do that.... 5 years ago +1
Hmm.. I wonder what that stands for? Lol 5 years ago  
Oh, never mind I change my answer 5 years ago  
Take it to the bank and get bills 5 years ago +1
I know right. I've seen this question SOO many times!!!! 5 years ago  
Never mind I change mine I like eating and if I get stuck in a desert I'd be all good 5 years ago  
You don't know who Michael Jackson is?? Haha yeah he kind of does 5 years ago  
Haha of course you'd say that 5 years ago +1
That sounds cool! 5 years ago  
What kind of spanking?? :) 5 years ago +1
A Metal Dragon! Otherwise I'd be a crab. Good question though. I love this kind of stuff 5 years ago  
Snoring is proven to be bad for your health while drool is just gross 5 years ago  
Goes to a Ivy League college, starts own company and makes trillions more than professional gamers 5 years ago +7
This is SOO hard!! I'm addicted to sweets, candy, chocolates, ice cream...basically anything with sugar 5 years ago +3
Cruise!! 5 years ago  
Sort of like Seigfried in Kenichi the mightiest disciple 5 years ago  
I like this series! 5 years ago +2
The millennium puzzle!! 5 years ago  
They both look awesome animals 5 years ago +3
I love bacon and cheese pretzels but chips are awesome 5 years ago  
I hate when people speak in texting language!!! >. 5 years ago +3
Jack Atlas 5 years ago  
Come on, it's a castle!!! I'd call mine the Shimmering Fortress 5 years ago +1
I started playing chess and othello and other strategy games. I didn't like them when I was little but now I do, though they are a little tedious 5 years ago  
That happened to me, too 5 years ago +1
Kenichi the mightiest disciple, kaze no stigma....I've watched so many but I don't want to say one and everyone on here makes fun of me for it 5 years ago  
More like an ultra ball a shark seems like a pretty big pokemon 5 years ago  
Oh haha best typo ever! 5 years ago +1
Please no 5 years ago  
My cousin is really into it 5 years ago +1
What the...that's really weird 5 years ago  
If Dora the musical counts then yes (don't judge me, I was 5) 5 years ago +1
I had braces too 5 years ago  
Yes, I just can't stand some white peoples noses if you live with or see Asians a lot they're faces look perfect not trying to be racist, asian noses just appeal to me more 5 years ago  
Me too 5 years ago  
B is dyslexia, right? 5 years ago +1
Is this a car advertisement?? 5 years ago  
I'll just coast on the 30 mil for the rest of my life 5 years ago  
Shut up, guest!!! 5 years ago +5
Haha 5 years ago  
Only if I get a whip, too! 5 years ago +1
Just because I like the picture 5 years ago +2
Ugh they're both so bad for you! 5 years ago  
Shut up already!! 5 years ago  
A has happened to me a bunch of times. One time I thought I got up and got dressed and ready and went to school and then my mom was waking me up and telling me I was late 5 years ago +2
Please stop saying that 5 years ago  
Cherry pits have cyanide in them 5 years ago  
I almost never eat leggings 5 years ago  
I eat B all the time, but I've never had A. I'm gonna try it! :) 5 years ago +1
Or a girl... 5 years ago  
It's winter right now so I guess B 5 years ago  
I want an asian nose, their noses are perfect. I'm only half asian and I got my moms pointy nose 5 years ago +2
I could make a fortune as a hand model! 5 years ago +1
I always sleep on my stomach 5 years ago  
I knew A, I don't know if B is right but I wanna try it 5 years ago +2
So did i 5 years ago  
I can't sew or follow patterns or anything like that 5 years ago  
I'm yellow and I have phlegmatic temperament 5 years ago  
Koala or panda or mole or seals 5 years ago  
I hate onions 5 years ago +4
Oops, I made a typo on a meaningless internet comment! 5 years ago +2
Yeah so does Melvin (yugioh abridged reference) 5 years ago  
I'd be 115 5 years ago  
I'd probably abuse my power so much, but I think it'd be cool. I love mythology and astrology and horoscopes and that kind of stuff 5 years ago  
Great, just find the guy with the hunting obsession and kill him off and everything will be smooth sailing from there 5 years ago  
Me too! SONE forever 5 years ago +1
My mom gets super rage mad 5 years ago +3
I'd probably just change some small mistake or go back to a math test that messed up my grade and get an 100% 5 years ago +2
Haha hope so 5 years ago  
I don't want to see everyone else die 5 years ago  
I would love to see myself from their perspective. I always wonder what people think of me and peoples first impression of me 5 years ago  
I read that book and if it's anything like that than our little society is doomed 5 years ago  
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