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    depends on how much 2 months ago  
    I'm not gay but I have friends who I love that are. please understand that some christians like myself are forced to do what i just chose right now. I keep denying it but deep down I know I shouldn't have picked no gay marriage but I have been taught to so I have to. 2 months ago  
    agreed bro 2 months ago  
    I'm a guy... cleary a girl wrote this. next time say him/her 2 months ago  
    The only thing i hate is me myself and I......I can't think of a fourth one. 2 months ago  
    I love food guys 2 months ago  
    no in fact mentally never aging will make u dumb for you will have a brain of a kid while those around get wiser every day 2 months ago  
    i'm suicidal anyways 2 months ago  
    I love aliens 2 months ago  
    wtf no one cares bout ur opinon 2 months ago  
    this is wack but ok. I'll go outside to play soccer that's it 2 months ago  
    who doesn't like being a kid 2 months ago  
    i have way too many things on my history that I want confidential 2 months ago  
    none 2 months ago  
    none I prefer cats 2 months ago  
    I sooooo want to learn japanese so i could finally watch anime raw 2 months ago  
    i'm kinda disappointed in those who chose no divorce because you probably didn't consider the fact that if people feel unhappy with someone they should have the right to divorce or if that person cheats on someone else repeatedly why the hell would you still be with that person. 2 months ago  
    I'm a guy so..... 2 months ago +1
    I am definitely not choosing any of those 2 months ago  
    i made this decision based on all the anime I have watched. Ninjas or samurais on most occasions defeat wizards. like naruto 2 months ago  
    ok...... obviously neither 2 months ago  
    agreed plus I know people who picked A will use that excuse for peeking on girls 2 months ago  
    thats so hard though........ 2 months ago  
    You’ll die before u hit the ground 1 year ago  
    Neither 1 year ago  
    Wym racist guest from the US 1 year ago  
    Ima guy but confused whether Taylor is a guy or girl 1 year ago  
    Ima guy 1 year ago  
    Ur dum as hell he never molested boys 1 year ago  
    Facts bro we lit 1 year ago +1
    Ur dum as hell as well 1 year ago  
    Ur dum as hell 1 year ago  
    I’m a guy 1 year ago  
    All rockstars sold their soul 1 year ago  
    That’s a fact 1 year ago  
    I’m a guy soo ima replace boyfriend with girlfreind 1 year ago  
    It really depends on the situation 1 year ago  
    Dum question 1 year ago  
    Both actually sucks 1 year ago  
    It depends on the situation 1 year ago  
    I am 1 year ago  
    A lot of people who are rich are stressed and even do suicide dum dum 1 year ago  
    It’s scientifically proven that most of the things we are thought in class are not needed for our lives 1 year ago  
    It’s good bro 1 year ago  
    What kind of question was that, no one would want to be trump except of his dum supporters 1 year ago  
    Already a man 1 year ago  
    Your a racist without a doubt and it’s sickening meaning that guest from florida along with the people who liked him 1 year ago  

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