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    It is not marriage and a abomination to God  
    Holocaust didn't happen and 911 was an inside job  
    You are not born again and cannot see the kingdom of God  
    Are you sick?  
    Give to charitys all celebritys are sellouts  
    Only when I have a wife I shall have sex and with her only  
    Purpose of courting/dating is marriage I want to marry a christian so.  
    I have no crush  
    Wouldn't do I till I got married  
    I ain't doing 1ns  
    I don't masturbate anymore and it would deter me incase I did ;)  
    What's the consequence if I dont  
    Neither I don't want greed or fornication  
    Don't have one  
    More spesifcly  
    Global warming is fake  
    Illegal it's killing an innocent kid ffs I agree if t is a rape or emergency then fair  
    Global warming is fake  
    Crap job  
    Hillary is worse then Barack Hussain obama  
    Miss click Donald trump all the way  
    Both nwo craft. Puppets  
    Drop it on the white house kill obama  
    Not everyone is enslaved my matirialism  
    Global warming is bs  
    He was shot  
    Both must die  
    Miss click f*** obama that lying shut id rather have a good man in  
    Then use the power to destroy the nwo  
    So I can kidnapp him  
    Fuk both  
    Fk yeah anarchy for no work I'm happy  
    A terrorist is someone's child or anyone so it is abortion v kill someone.  
    My tablet is old  
    Hmmm a terrorist is someones child  
    He's dead so I cant  
    Wish for 100% share in Microsoft and tonnes of diamonds  
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