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    no but i wouldn't call 911 either. 1 year ago  
    loud and proud 1 year ago  
    15 1 year ago  
    depends? will i have the same life spawn and will a year still be an actual year? 2 years ago  
    are they good or bad? 2 years ago  
    i don't have an husband so. 2 years ago  
    Misclick, and it already happening. 2 years ago  
    Yes But Only For Self-Defent. 2 years ago  
    I'm ticklish so i probably won't emjoy A. 2 years ago  
    Hand Sanitizer Is Actually Bad For You, So I Try To Use It As Least Often As Possible. 2 years ago  
    That Depends On Who It Is. If It My Friends Or Family Member, Then Yes. If It Somebody Who I Don't Know Or It My Enemies, Then No. 2 years ago  
    Yes, I'm Just Not Giving Them Money For Gambling, And Only If They Successful For It. 2 years ago  
    If It My Choice Usaully I Eat What I Feel Like. 2 years ago  
    I Didn't Have A Stiff One In Almost 14 Years Now! 2 years ago  
    Only If I Am %100 Sure I'm Getting Superpowers And Not Die. 2 years ago  
    None Of Us Is Really "Normal" 2 years ago  
    They Should Atleast Wear An Underwear. 2 years ago  
    If It Already Tamed No, Otherwise Yes. 2 years ago  
    Not Unless They Doing It On Cumpus. 2 years ago  
    Misclick. They Should Only Have To Tell Them That Thier Have To Go To The Bathroom Instead Of Having To Ask. 2 years ago  
    Niether 2 years ago  
    I Don't Have A Daughter. Sooo... 2 years ago  
    That Kindof What I Always Feel Like That Every Morning 2 years ago  
    not unless the food still taste the same after i make it heathy. 2 years ago  
    B sound like Hell! 2 years ago  
    if i pick B can i still have milkshakes? 2 years ago  
    but i did watch the first 2 seasons 2 years ago  
    you would have to pay for the hospitalization as well if you want me to fight mike tyson. 2 years ago  
    i don't even have $5000. sooo.... 2 years ago  
    I Don't Ussualy Use Ketchup On My Food. 2 years ago  
    this is why i'm even at rrrather right now 2 years ago  
    I DON'T KNOW THESE POEPLE 2 years ago  
    drug include medicine and caffine. 2 years ago  
    no matter how thirsty you are, you should never drink seawater. 2 years ago  
    I Did Trump Impressions 2 years ago  
    i thought is say "never eat chocolate again" 2 years ago +1
    A And B 2 years ago  
    A Guitar 2 years ago  
    I Rather Have Free Money Because I Already Have Cats But Not Any Money On Me. 2 years ago  
    I Have Regrets Now. 2 years ago  
    i can't decide 2 years ago  
    less deadly 2 years ago  
    It Doesn't Say I Can't Lose Fat Soooo.... 2 years ago  
    It Doesn't Say How Long Expired Does The Food Have To Be. 2 years ago  
    To The Point That Somebody know about it. 2 years ago  
    depend on the resturant i go to. 2 years ago  
    depend of how safe the neighborhood and how mature the kid is. normally i say about 10. 2 years ago  
    depends on how under performing they are. 2 years ago +1
    if you go to bed before bedtime, you end up sleeping trough everything and miss out on everything. 2 years ago  
    i did chuckle today but not laugh really hard. 2 years ago  
    I'm already great at math, so A is not really a advantage to me. 2 years ago  
    do even know or are you NOT christian? 2 years ago  
    at least i'm not going to hell. 2 years ago  
    it doesn't say 5 years and at least i deserve it. if i get arrested. 2 years ago  
    at least i have the internet. 2 years ago  
    does topping,condiments,sauces, or syrup count? 2 years ago  
    i'm already getting good and i don't need to gain weight so..... 2 years ago  
    A would take longer. 2 years ago  
    just wear a gas mask, if you accidentally pick the wrong one. 2 years ago  
    just said,, replied 2 years ago  
    if it a match, than sure. 2 years ago  
    it still readable. 2 years ago  
    um i rather have the latest iPhone. 2 years ago  
    it doesn't say how big of the glass it have to be and what vinegar it have to be. 2 years ago  
    guest that is above me is just being sexist. 2 years ago  
    No %100 for hamburger. 2 years ago  
    always wanted to try one 2 years ago  
    my favorite color have been red and red is still my favorite color. 2 years ago  
    Even tough A mean no more stings, it also mean no more honey and pollination which also mean no more flowers or plant. 2 years ago +1
    just quit eventfully, if you really hate tech support. 2 years ago +1
    i already eat that for breakfast. 2 years ago  
    niether 2 years ago  
    pepperoni 2 years ago  
    i can't even juggle 3 things. 2 years ago  
    I usually do B. 2 years ago  
    trolling. 2 years ago  
    i have both. 2 years ago +2
    i was just trolling. 2 years ago  
    that 4% is either lactose tolerant or just really hate milk 2 years ago  
    a third leg would be useless. but the two extra arm can be useful for as i can control/move that. 2 years ago +3
    2 things, 1) i like candy and 2) i like to NOT go to hell. 2 years ago  
    i already done A. 2 years ago  
    Choose A and be creepy and get molested, NO THANKS. i rather stay me. 2 years ago +1
    adug 2 years ago  
    Now I Change My Mind 2 years ago  
    isn't English a more complex version of language art. 2 years ago  
    depends on what you talking about. if you talking about how my body look than yes but anything else no. 2 years ago  
    at least i can still use the internet if i pick B. 2 years ago  
    I'LL Take My Chances. 2 years ago  
    I'm Dead So Why Should I Care? And After You Die You Can,t Do Anything About it 2 years ago  
    I'm Dead, SO Why I Should Care? 2 years ago  
    dug 2 years ago  
    I Already Eat Meat!!! 2 years ago  
    because they still need to eat. 2 years ago +1
    equal match 2 years ago  
    it doesn't say it have to be in fat 2 years ago  
    i enjoy chocolate more than i hate Hitler. so.... 2 years ago  
    i'm already depressed enough. 2 years ago  
    Depend On What I Had To Cook? 2 years ago  
    7 minutes is not enough time to create a bucket list and do everything in it. 2 years ago  
    yes but no at the same time 2 years ago  
    depend on how badly i have to go and how long i gonna be out here. 2 years ago  
    ew niether 2 years ago  
    it not about the destination, it about the journey. 2 years ago  
    i'm 13 so gimme the money. and even if i'm older money would be more important. 2 years ago  
    Um. i would not give up the internet just to be rich. 2 years ago  
    didn't you know there other places that have water other than you home. i just get water somewhere else. 2 years ago  
    just because you choose live under water doesn't mean you will be able to breathe underwater or be able to survive without breathing for ever. 2 years ago  
    and plus the lottery is less than that and you have less than %1 chance anyway. 2 years ago  
    i take my chances. 2 years ago  
    no water = Dehydration = Death 2 years ago  
    i regret choosing strathford because i don't even know what strathford is. 2 years ago  
    well i have fired a BB gun but not a pistol 2 years ago  
    i don't really care. 2 years ago  
    well i think you can never have too much money. 2 years ago  
    what the point of using a cell phone if there no internet. 2 years ago  
    what the point of using a cell phone if there no internet. 2 years ago  
    id you are a female you have to give birth 4 years ago  
    Depends 4 years ago  
    for real this time 4 years ago  
    i hate coldness 4 years ago  
    married 4 years ago  
    mo money 4 years ago  
    just gain wieght 4 years ago  
    just feeding my hunger 4 years ago  
    a trillion dollar, all superpower and all mine craft mods 4 years ago  
    %35 are gay 4 years ago  
    i am going to keep it by myself 4 years ago  
    double your weight = you are obese 4 years ago  
    i think i am at my 2nd lives 4 years ago  
    kitty cat 4 years ago  
    i will try to suvive 4 years ago  
    i hate starving 4 years ago  
    i sarve it off 4 years ago  
    fin but just a couple episode a day 4 years ago  
    if you not alone anymore than you gonna die next to somebody 4 years ago  
    i like to run super fast like on dash 4 years ago  
    but i don,t want to lose my mom 4 years ago  
    who cares 4 years ago +1
    we been at public before 4 years ago  
    poeple won,t stave any more 4 years ago  
    time = money 4 years ago  
    ice cream 4 years ago  
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