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    Weird # to count to 3 weeks ago  
    Same 3 weeks ago  
    Now, i'm saying both to decide which one sound better. 3 weeks ago  
    To let the temperature adjust before i get in 3 weeks ago  
    It's overrated 3 weeks ago  
    I love democracy 3 weeks ago  
    It's even better crunchy 3 weeks ago  
    I never heard of either of those. 3 weeks ago  
    I choose this because of the image 1 month ago  
    What about corona virus? 2 months ago +50
    You should've chosen small sized phone then, an large size phone have a screen size of 6 inch or larger. 2 months ago  
    At least with B you actually paying for better specs and the latest features instead of paying over a $1,000 for an outdated piece of junk. 2 months ago  
    This whole corona virus pandemic was cause by someone eating a bat so I voted yes. 2 months ago  
    do even know or are you NOT christian?  
    at least i'm not going to hell.  
    at least i have the internet.  
    um i rather have the latest iPhone.  
    guest that is above me is just being sexist.  
    No %100 for hamburger.  
    it doesn't say it have to be in fat  
    i enjoy chocolate more than i hate Hitler. so....  
    depend on how badly i have to go and how long i gonna be out here.  
    ew niether  
    it not about the destination, it about the journey.  
    Um. i would not give up the internet just to be rich.  
    didn't you know there other places that have water other than you home. i just get water somewhere else.  
    just because you choose live under water doesn't mean you will be able to breathe underwater or be able to survive without breathing for ever.  
    and plus the lottery is less than that and you have less than %1 chance anyway.  
    i take my chances.  
    no water = Dehydration = Death  
    i regret choosing strathford because i don't even know what strathford is.  
    what the point of using a cell phone if there no internet.  
    what the point of using a cell phone if there no internet.  
    %35 are gay  
    i am going to keep it by myself  
    double your weight = you are obese  
    we been at public before  
    poeple won,t stave any more  
    time = money  
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