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“There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.”
― Joseph Brodsky

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    The movies were better than the books. [A: 128,015 Votes / B:248,499 Votes] 3 months ago  
    If a relationship starts with love, then you build trust off of that. [A: 9, 965 Votes / B: 13, 761 Votes] 1 year ago  
    Harry literally died and came back. Yeah, nothing is topping that. [A: 136, 982 Votes / B: 77, 052 Votes] 1 year ago  
    I just honestly cannot believe this, I find myself in agreement with most everything else in the United States' political culture, but this is the one issue that I disagree with the majority of people on and I cant figure out why. I think this comes down to another issue that is aside from the murder of the child. The idea that "a fetus is not a child" is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, it is common knowledge that a pregnancy will result in a human either way, terminating the pregnancy is terminating a life, there is absolutely no other way to look at it. [Legal: 3, 163 Votes / Illegal: 2, 022 Votes]  
    A "love life" is so overrated and mainstream. You could honestly go your whole life without one and be completely fine. [Love: 9,761 Votes / Everything else: 6,508 Votes]  
    All I really need is a million dollars, that should honestly be enough to have a decent living for a while. [A - 427, 595 Votes / B - 63, 893 Votes]  
    There is way too much god crap on this post. [A - 156, 870 Votes / B - 225, 740 Votes] +1
    I like both, and they do not taste the same. [Pepsi - 222, 661 Votes / Coca Cola - 432, 224 Votes]  
    I am offended both as a horse and a cow, how dare you. [A Laughing Horse - 620, 965 Votes / Hungry Cow - 136, 309 Votes]  
    There is death in this world, a lot of it, at least in "Harry Potter" EVERYONE has the capability to defend themselves. If I'm a "nobody wizard" I doubt I am going to be in very many situations where my life will be on the line, but even so I have an education, I may be a "nobody wizard" but that doesn't mean I suck at wizardry. I just want to escape reality. [Potter - 507, 139 Votes / Real life - 901, 580 Votes]  
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