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“There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.”
― Joseph Brodsky

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Which novel's story did you enjoy more (7) Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix or (11) Holes 5 years ago 157 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (7) Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix or (9) The Outsiders 5 years ago 155 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (4) A Light In The Attic or (11) Holes 5 years ago 117 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (4) A Light In The Attic or (12) The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy 5 years ago 131 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (5) The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes or (11) Holes 5 years ago 121 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (9) The Outsiders or (11) Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog 5 years ago 142 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (5) The Wizard of Oz or (7) Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix 5 years ago 143 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (8) Lord Of The Flies or (12) The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy 5 years ago 95 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (4) A Light In The Attic or (15) The Alchemist 5 years ago 100 votes 64 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (5) The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes or (9) Divergent 5 years ago 122 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (3) The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe or (11) Holes 5 years ago 196 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (3) The Bad Beginning or (9) The Outsiders 5 years ago 105 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (2) Pride and Prejudice or (11) Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog 5 years ago 86 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (7) Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix or (14) Catching Fire 5 years ago 139 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (5) The Wizard of Oz or (16) Minerva 5 years ago 83 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (7) The Awakening or (8) Lord Of The Flies 5 years ago 76 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (6) Slaughterhouse Five or (12) The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy 5 years ago 93 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (4) A Light In The Attic or (14) The Known World 5 years ago 78 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (1) Vladimir Tod: Twelfth Grade Kills or (15) The Alchemist 5 years ago 72 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (4) Frankenstein or (5) The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes 5 years ago 101 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (3) The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe or (7) Goosebumps: Welcome To Dead House 5 years ago 100 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (2) A Tale Of Two Cities or (9) Divergent 5 years ago 77 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (1) A Journey To The Centre Of The Earth or (11) Holes 5 years ago 99 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more? (10) WAKE or (11) Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog 5 years ago 66 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more? (9) The Outsiders or (12) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 5 years ago 70 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (3) The Bad Beginning or (13) The Changeling 6 years ago 105 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (2) Pride & Prejudice or (16) Pandemonium 6 years ago 94 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (6) Animal Farm or (7) Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix 6 years ago 179 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (5) The Wizard of Oz or (8) The Great Gatsby 6 years ago 215 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (4) To Kill A Mockingbird or (14) Catching Fire 6 years ago 196 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (2) New Moon or (16) Minerva 6 years ago 101 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (8) Lord Of The Flies or (9) Another Country 6 years ago 141 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (7) The Awakening or (10) In Search of Lost Time: Swann's Way 6 years ago 85 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (6) Slaughterhouse Five or (11) Ubik 6 years ago 102 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (5) A Farewell To Arms or (12) The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy 6 years ago 110 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (4) A Light In The Attic or (13) Watership Down 6 years ago 140 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (3) Deliverance or (14) The Known World 6 years ago 81 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (2) The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel or (15) The Alchemist 6 years ago 137 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (1) Vladimir Tod: Twelfth Grade Kills or (16) The Fault in Our Stars 6 years ago 108 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (8) Jane Eyre or (9) Divergent 6 years ago 111 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (7) Goosebumps: Welcome To Dead House or (10) Cloudstreet 6 years ago 137 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (6) Charlotte's Web or (11) Holes 6 years ago 173 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (5) The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes or (12) The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 6 years ago 172 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (4) Frankenstein or (13) Shiloh 6 years ago 157 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (3) The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe or (14) The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 6 years ago 177 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (2) A Tale Of Two Cities or (15) Uncle Tom's Cabin 6 years ago 120 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (1) A Journey To The Centre Of The Earth or (16) War and Peace 6 years ago 136 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (8) The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants or (9) The Outsiders 6 years ago 139 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (7) The Glass Castle or (10) WAKE 6 years ago 104 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (6) Old Yeller or (11) Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog 6 years ago 167 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (5) Oliver Twist or (12) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 6 years ago 151 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story do you enjoy more (4) The Egypt Game or (13) The Changeling 6 years ago 364 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (3) The Bad Beginning or (14) Thanksgiving on Thursday 6 years ago 161 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (2) Pride & Prejudice or (15) Chaos Theory 6 years ago 134 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (1) Homeland or (16) Pandemonium 6 years ago 114 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Which novel's story did you enjoy more (8) The Great Gatsby or (9) Brave New World 6 years ago 161 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story do you enjoy more (7) Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix or (10) The Boy In the Striped Pyjamas 6 years ago 210 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story do you enjoy more (6) Animal Farm or (11) 1984 6 years ago 208 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story do you enjoy more (5) The Wizard of Oz or (12) Dracula 6 years ago 209 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story do you enjoy more (4) To Kill A Mockingbird or (13) The Catcher in the Rye 6 years ago 174 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story do you enjoy more (3) Beowulf or (14) Catching Fire 6 years ago 204 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story do you enjoy more (2) New Moon or (15) Taming of Annabelle 6 years ago 208 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Which novel's story do you enjoy more (1) Twilight or (16) Minerva 6 years ago 164 votes 10 comments 0 likes
When you go to a friends house Would you rather (3) handpick a movie to watch or (8) pick one at random 6 years ago 204 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather (3) your favorite movie have a book written about it so the story can continue or (5) your favorite video game have a book written about it so the story can continue 6 years ago 168 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather listen to music (2) in a predetermined order you have selected or (8) in a random shuffle 6 years ago 231 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather (5) Play games based on TV shows or (4) watch television shows based on games 6 years ago 210 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather (3) direct the highest-grossing movie of all time or (6) be an amazing athlete, get signed by your favorite team, and win the World Series, Super Bowl, etc. 6 years ago 255 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would the most interesting man in the world (2) choose a career in music or (7) join a sports team 6 years ago 229 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Which intrigues you more (1) History or (8) Whats inside this box 6 years ago 282 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather spend the money on Open Season: The Video Game or 2013 Maserati 6 years ago 314 votes 9 comments 0 likes

Jaredc has posted the following comments:

Obviously I'd pick Bort. [A: 36 Votes / B: 177 Votes] 6 days ago  
No, it's what I said. This is basically free money. 1 week ago  
I don't know what to do with that many pillows. [A: 55 Votes / B: 77 Votes] 2 weeks ago  
Chat has been pretty lackluster. It used to be really fun, now it's just memes. [A: 19 Votes / B: 101 Votes] 2 weeks ago  
Interestingly, I find, people tell you you're rude a lot more often than you actually intend to be rude. [A: 119 Votes / B: 49 Votes] 2 weeks ago  
Rape is a more terrible act. Nobody will ever recover from that. [A: 76 Votes / B: 30 Votes] 2 weeks ago  
Until we find a way to maintain homeostasis forever, no. [Yes: 68 Votes / No: 112 Votes] 2 weeks ago  
Alex does not really do much as a user. [A: 36 Votes / B: 75 Votes] 3 weeks ago  
Freedom can be a bit overrated, but safety is a very general concept. Technically, wildlife on wildlife preserves are safe, but there are still poachers who want them dead. [A: 49 Votes / B: 92 Votes] 1 month ago  
This depends entirely on if it is irl or on the internet. If it is irl I am far more likely to engage because the other person is less like to be rude and drag an argument on for months. [A: 48 Votes / B: 76 Votes] 1 month ago  
Them serving their full sentence does not matter. Them being a terrible person does not factor into it either because they were already in jail. I'd more feel like we lost potential and somewhere along the way we missed something as a society. [A: 60 Votes / B: 108 Votes] 1 month ago  
People forget to breathe even without this. [Yes: 67 Votes / No: 49 Votes] 1 month ago  
2K should just release its own line of football titles. [Yes: 44 Votes / No: 77 Votes] 1 month ago  
Neither one of them are anywhere near as bad as the uneducated would have you believe. [Bush: 55 Votes / Nixon: 68 Votes] 2 months ago  
Does this work? I usually just try to go over whatever I learned that day so that it sticks. [A: 190 Votes / B: 111 Votes] 2 months ago  
There is nothing wrong with having an opinion on everything. [A: 81 Votes / B: 36 Votes] 2 months ago  
B is kind of getting overrated at this point. [A: 67 Votes / B: 101 Votes] 2 months ago  
I still cannot believe vastly more people prefer Coca Cola to Pepsi. [A: 491 Votes / B: 147 Votes] 2 months ago  
Blue is the most common favorite color in the world. This is why it does not interest me that much, there is so many things that are blue because of this. I'm wearing blue right now, it's simply everywhere. [A: 29 Votes / B: 91 Votes] 2 months ago  
At least an ad hominem can be somewhat justified sometimes. However, deliberately bringing up another topic is a problem because then nothing gets accomplished. Both of these end up wasting the participants' time though. [Ad hominem: 38 Votes / Red herring: 36 Votes] 2 months ago  
All forms of cancer cells is what I hope this option is referring to. [A: 54 Votes / B: 109 Votes] 3 months ago  
I would be interested in hearing the thoughts of everyone who says yes they should have to since it is the same number of people who said no. The people who did vote that way in the comments offer no real reasoning beyond nonsense. [A: 235 Votes / B: 235 Votes] 3 months ago  
This should never have been attempted. 3 months ago  
Silver Surfer actually has more in common with Aquaman and Sub-Mariner than I thought. [A: 101 Votes / B: 50 Votes] 3 months ago  
Popeyes has fantastic cornbread. [A: 72 Votes / B: 25 Votes] 3 months ago  
In a survival scenario you are more likely to need weapons. If you have time to collect and enjoy a decent amount of food then you won't really need that much of it at any one time. You also can't kill walkers with salad. [Weapons: 73 Votes / Food: 97 Votes] 3 months ago  
Having a heavy stream of water hit my face when I have barely woken up is not much fun. [A: 95 Votes / B: 132 Votes] 3 months ago  
This question seems like it was written to get one option the most votes. [A: 49 Votes / B: 141 Votes] 3 months ago  
So which one is the real winner here? [Option B: 33 Votes / Option A: 55 Votes] 3 months ago  
Having a worst enemy is awful. Often times your first thought in the morning is how much you hate them. [A: 77 Votes / B: 71 Votes] 3 months ago  
No one should know too much about their own future. [A: 67 Votes / B: 81 Votes] 3 months ago  
Gravity Falls gets so much hype I am afraid I will be disappointed by it. [A: 38 Votes / B: 58 Votes] 3 months ago  
A is just a simple typo caused by being online and not having to adhere to strict grammar rules. Not really "dumb". B is a preference, I guess, but dumb in the sense that it can be very toxic to dating for other people who think that that is what most people think. [A: 78 Votes / B: 110 Votes] 3 months ago  
Because chat gets way too bored, way too easily. Stereotypes breed fallacies. [A: 66 Votes / B: 54 Votes] 3 months ago  
Most things are justifiable. One of the reasons government is necessary to begin with is because without it there would be nothing restraining those who would kill and maim others for fun or whatever supposed reason. It would also be based on actual events, so the fear itself would be justified and not conjured up out of nowhere. [Yes: 16 Votes / No: 59 Votes] 3 months ago  
B was never funny or interesting. [A: 54 Votes / B: 64 Votes] 3 months ago  
This is an extremely broad question. When you make a decision you should stand by it. You can hear what they are saying without reconsidering your position. There can be valid points made on both sides without you being wrong. I do not understand why people have to deal in absolutes, it is entirely possible for more than one point of view to be valid. [A: 366 Votes / B: 116 Votes] 3 months ago  
Rugrats had/tenia so much more time to build an audience/cult following. Rocko was cancelled way too soon. Rugrats was a franchise, while Rocko was just a one off. [Rocko: 24 Votes / Rugrats: 53 Votes] 3 months ago  
Upon reading just these statements, the car one seems more reasonable. The security services should be applauded, so that one sounds worse initially. Further review points out that mocking applause is the reason for the ban, which only confirms that A is the correct choice. [A: 45 Votes / B: 80 Votes] 3 months ago  
A: 240 Votes / B: 261 Votes 3 months ago  
It is not usually the best idea, but when it does come up it is usually in a matter than is of little consequence. So allowing the people to choose which way it goes does not hurt that much. [A: 37 Votes / B: 53 Votes] 3 months ago  
Ledger's was good, but I think he gets a posthumous advantage that might be rose-colored glasses talking. [A: 51 Votes / B: 248 Votes] 3 months ago  
The problem is that seeing the results could sway their opinion, and that is the reason they wish to select the opposite answer. If you wanted to implement a window to change your answer it should be 5-10 seconds at most. [A: 94 Votes / B: 73 Votes] 3 months ago  
This is such a terrible thread. Both are good, but Spongebob is kind of better since Phineas and Ferb got cancelled. I voted Phineas and Ferb based on if they were still releasing episodes. [A: 184 Votes / B: 391 Votes] 3 months ago  
Death is only preferable to torture. Being a vegan does not qualify, despite the meta. [A: 59 Votes / B: 27 Votes] 4 months ago  
In your own words, you term B to be an "anti-villain", so by definition B cannot possibly be the answer. [A: 75 Votes / B: 127 Votes] 4 months ago  
What round is this? The placing also seems to suggest 1D was expected to win this vote. I don't think any new band has any chance at defeating any old one in a popularity contest. [A: 31 Votes / B: 56 Votes] 4 months ago  
I am also Agnostic. It may not be a huge change, but I switched from Atheist in college. [No: 196 Votes / Yes: 147 Votes] 4 months ago  
I would say that I am more conservative when it comes to cheese. I like cheesecake but it can still become too much cheese for my liking. [A: 141 Votes / B: 204 Votes] 4 months ago  
It is much more comfortable. [A: 52 Votes / B: 79 Votes] 4 months ago  
That guy looks pretty healthy for a 98 year old. [A: 145 Votes / B: 100 Votes] 4 months ago  
We are doing fine. [A: 91 Votes / B: 111 Votes] 4 months ago  
Every decision ever made had a rational behind it, that is something to be proud of. Our past is what made us who we are today. As for us, specifically, we learn the error of our ways. [A: 712 Votes / B: 803 Votes] 4 months ago  
My crippling fear of heights may have cost me some friends. [Coasters: 56 Votes / Slides: 47 Votes] 4 months ago  
I could be Mr. Poe. [A: 137 Votes / B: 81 Votes] 4 months ago  
There are already a lot of things in blue anyway. Green would be more interesting. [Green: 140 Votes / Blue: 297 Votes] 4 months ago  
I thought for sure most people choose tails because of the rhyme. [Heads: 96 Votes / Tails: 72 Votes] 4 months ago  
I would rather buy them to support those involved, but I do think downloading is better. [A: 147 Votes / B: 115 Votes] 5 months ago  
I will have you know that I cry every time I kill an ant. [A: 106 Votes / B: 120 Votes] 5 months ago  
Depends on the demographic. [A: 150 Votes / B: 477 Votes] 5 months ago  
Fries are a side dish. [Nuggets: 134 Votes / Fries: 186 Votes] 5 months ago +1
This is rather interesting. [A: 41 Votes / B: 23 Votes] 5 months ago  
It being stolen contributed to its popularity as well. [A: 77 Votes / B: 86 Votes] 5 months ago  
I think I would go for a more middle ground approach than these options. It is possible to have different views and still support someone. Palin's reputation feels like its mostly kept alive by those that have not really done much research on her. [A: 35 Votes / B: 79 Votes] 5 months ago  
Physical punishment can have a lot of extremely negative side effects, whether it is done abusively or otherwise. [Emotional: 168 Votes / Physical: 68 Votes] 5 months ago  
A - 50 Votes / B - 41 Votes 5 months ago  
Could be that that answer was a lie, thus turning them into a liar by answering the question. [Yes: 124 Votes / No: 56 Votes] 5 months ago  
Since we already have a Justice League film, I am going to need Superman 6: Man of Steel 2 before we get Justice League 2. Besides, we also have animated Justice League films. [JL: 1, 002 Votes / Man of Steel 2: 250 Votes] 5 months ago  
Other people usually make a bigger deal about Christmas. A big deal is usually more fun. [Christmas: 130 Votes / Birthday: 70 Votes] 5 months ago  
The Nazi party in Germany required extremely specific circumstances to fall in to place for them to gain the top seat. Circumstances which are unlikely to ever be replicated in Germany or elsewhere. [A: 47 Votes / B: 122 Votes] 6 months ago  
Once, and I woke up to a detention slip. Every other teacher I have had yelled at me for almost falling asleep, thus waking me up. [A: 128 Votes / B: 92 Votes] 6 months ago +1
Canned fruit is really only supposed to be a last resort. [A: 16 Votes / B: 130 Votes] 6 months ago  
Green Goblin has successfully killed people who are more difficult to kill, making his likelihood of killing you increase. Joker usually only kills redshirts. [Goblin: 129 Votes / Joke: 90 Votes] 6 months ago  
I guess it depends on how you define "original". [Yes: 112 Votes / No: 50 Votes] 6 months ago  
I would rather get over it, but most of the time I end up wanting to get even. It is just the principle of the thing, you cannot let someone get away with doing certain things to you. Or at least I can't. [Over it: 116 Votes / Even: 141 Votes] 6 months ago  
God damn it. Beat me to it. [Book: 39 Votes / TV: 58 Votes] 6 months ago  
A quadrocopter just seems as though it would be needlessly complicated. [Quadrocopter: 64 Votes / Skyrim: 104 Votes] 6 months ago  
She hasn't done anything amazing, but her work is enjoyable. [Yes: 135 Votes / No: 124 Votes] 6 months ago  
If people thought you did it, it's basically like you did it anyway. [A: 121 Votes / B: 43 Votes] 6 months ago  
The cure might not end up being found for 50 years. It relies too much on conjecture to be a viable option. [Kill: 122 Votes / Let turn: 36 Votes] 6 months ago  
In a very closely fought match. [Magneto: 86 Votes / Rhino: 28 Votes] 6 months ago  
Agree with the first comment, way to much porn in both. I can skip that stuff much more easily in manga. [Manga: 128 Votes / Anime: 547 Votes] 6 months ago  
Animals are way cooler. That's why beast boy isn't gender boy. [A: 93 Votes / B: 82 Votes] 6 months ago  
wow. This question really brought out the worst in some people. [A: 337 Votes / B: 119 Votes] 6 months ago  
There are plenty of other search engines. Some are actually even better than google. Facebook has actually brought people back together after a number of years. [Google: 135 Votes / Facebook: 302 Votes] 6 months ago  
While Reese's are my favorite candy, junior mints were forever immortalized by 'Seinfeld'. [Mints: 50 Votes / Reeses: 142 Votes] 6 months ago  
Let's put it this way, as long as it beats the 700 Club I am in. [Yes: 212 Votes / No: 196 Votes] 6 months ago  
Not familiar with either of them, but just judging from the pictures Inside Man looks far better. [Match Point: 14 Votes / Inside Man: 34 Votes] 6 months ago  
Ares has more combat training than the other Gods. Hades rarely needs to intervene to fight his own battles. Both have their chance, but Ares has probably seen or prepared for anything Hades could attempt. [Ares: 242 Votes / Hades: 362 Votes] 6 months ago  
Maybe it depends on how they close it. [Blink: 95 Votes / Wink: 37 Votes] 6 months ago  
It is very possible that every little thing someone does could set you off. It is very unlikely that every little thing someone does makes you love them even more. [Hate: 154 Votes / Love: 46 Votes] 6 months ago  
Everyone is hung up on the nudity, and I think for good reason. It is the one thing that truly depends on who you are. The violence level is not intense enough for a guaranteed M rating, so the nudity is the only thing that would put it in dispute. [T: 79 Votes / M: 146 Votes] 6 months ago  
He was a skilled wrestler. His skill was honored by the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 1992. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/is-lincoln-in-wrestling-hall-of-fame/ [True: 33 Votes / False: 35 Votes] 6 months ago  
There are probably some very thirsty people here. [A: 117 Votes / B: 88 Votes] 6 months ago  
I do this anyway. I wanted to make a question everyday, but my questions were not as popular as I wanted and too many people were starting arguments with me. So, I decided to just stick to answering. [Comments: 69 Votes / Questions: 81 Votes] 6 months ago  
Even if it did any exercise done would be counteracted by your calorie intake. [Yes: 132 Votes / No: 215 Votes] 6 months ago  
I could see a guest star role leading to more acting opportunities. The singing just feels like a one off to me. [Show: 95 Votes / Singer: 54 Votes] 6 months ago  
Money is the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems. [Sex: 41 Votes / Money: 90 Votes] 6 months ago  
Not biting my lips with the PSI force of a rottweiler, that is for sure. [Nails: 107 Votes / Lips: 24 Votes] 6 months ago  
I think there is a serious misconception of a lot of things going on here. [A: 32 Votes / B: 106 Votes] 6 months ago  
Why bother asking? It seems you already have your answer. [Maybe: 66 Votes / No: 80 Votes] 6 months ago  
In general, I think the answer is obvious. Person to person it definitely varies though. [Men: 74 Votes / Women: 46 Votes] 6 months ago  
Woah, shots fired here. Right for the jugular. [God: 29 Votes / Not God: 64 Votes] 6 months ago  
Dachsund. Well this is surprising. I have never heard B either. [A: 51 Votes / B: 83 Votes] 6 months ago  
He looks finger lickin good. [Yes: 117 Votes / No: 41 Votes] 6 months ago  
24 Jan 19. I was still in college the date this was posted, and it was awesome. [Good: 125 Votes / Bad: 31 Votes] 6 months ago  
Money is only important because people aren't willing to help each other out when they need it. [Money: 53 Votes / Friends: 87 Votes] 6 months ago  
Maybe when it becomes more important or valued I will. [Yes: 11 Votes / No: 104 Votes] 6 months ago  
I think "homophobia" is just a disability at this point. I mean somebody else's sexuality having that much of an impact on your personality is a massive struggle to live with. [Nomophobia: 51 Votes / Homophobia: 70 Votes] 6 months ago  
Every single regulation on the books exists for a reason. [Regulations: 118 Votes / No regulations: 15 Votes] 6 months ago  
This opinion is so overrated and, as many pointed out, would not be the case if Ledger hadn't died tragically. Both of them do play the character well, Nicholson just has a better look imo. I like both of their smiles, but ironically I do think Ledger played the role a bit too seriously. [Ledger: 343 Votes / Nicholson: 51 Votes] 6 months ago  
Brock is just such a complete moron most of the time. At least Ash knows when to be serious. [A: 159 Votes / B: 47 Votes] 6 months ago  
Ed gets enough love. [Ed: 46 Votes / Plank: 70 Votes] 6 months ago  
I just kind of want there to be an afterlife. [A: 53 Votes / B: 129 Votes] 6 months ago  
I don't recall Napoleon's France being responsible for the death's of millions. [A: 45 Votes / B: 361 Votes] 7 months ago  
Yeah everybody likes Freeman's voice too much. [A: 928 Votes / B: 92 Votes] 7 months ago  
This was definitely asking for trouble. [A: 52 Votes / B: 17 Votes] 7 months ago  
If I was a Christian, then most of my life would be ruled by The Bible. I would rather decide for myself what I do and do not believe. [A: 128 Votes / B: 92 Votes] 7 months ago  
This is very much a question of what is responsible for gun violence. As well as will casualties be decreased if it becomes more difficult to get a gun because banning them outright is not going to stop those who want to from obtaining them. These are both very idealistic options. Which is why neither of them will work in practice. [A: 202 Votes / B: 194 Votes] 7 months ago  
Actually most of the worlds problems are caused by those that aren't politicians or bankers, that's why those professions are necessary in the first place. [A: 135 Votes / B: 231 Votes] 7 months ago  
X Men -19 Votes / Avengers -39 Votes 7 months ago  
Nobody is qualified to determine if anyone else deserves life or not. [A: 85 Votes / B: 89 Votes] 7 months ago  
How did Washington get 3rd? Obviously both of them are 2 of our most top notch presidents, but they really get enough recognition. Jefferson's actions outside of his presidency don't even really get recognized that often. [A -124 Votes / B -31 Votes] 7 months ago  
It really is not a huge statistic of men that chose 'A'. [A: 240 Votes / B: 240 Votes] 10 months ago  
Actually it's even disgusting when men are hairy. But, it's your body and you can do what you want with it. Being sexually attractive for a mate isn't everything, and seriously shouldn't dictate how you run your life. This can lead to clinical depression and overall moodiness. [A: 55 Votes / B: 85 Votes] 10 months ago  
I'm proud of being an American, no matter what happens things happen here that are punishable by death in other countries. Nations are things to be proud of, the nation-state arose out of a shared identity, they are not adversarial by nature. This is not to say that where you come from is not important and something to be proud of, but where you come from is something you have absolutely 0 control over. [A: 138 Votes / B: 104 Votes] 10 months ago  
Twerk definitely peaked in 2013, Swag is actually still popular and swag has always been a normal word to use. [A: 226 Votes / B: 209 Votes] 10 months ago  
Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. [A: 13 Votes / B: 205 Votes] 10 months ago  
Being cold causes shivering, while being hot causes sweating. So being hot is like being in a pool where you constantly have water on you, shivering is an involuntary act. So is sweating but at least sweating doesn't force you to lose control. [A: 195 Votes / B: 72 Votes] 10 months ago  
I would rather be as free as possible in my own house. [A: 74 Votes / B: 97 Votes] 10 months ago  
Says the guy using "SJW" unironically. Get a life tool. 10 months ago +1
I relationship starts with love, then you build trust off of that. [A: 9, 965 Votes / B: 13, 761 Votes] 10 months ago  
This "question" makes no sense and only gives people a way to express their bigotry. The responses to this look like they are from 1976. [40-18] 10 months ago  
Personally I love that there is both a Captain Britain and a Captain United Kingdom [A: 29 Votes / B: 50 Votes] 11 months ago  
Go to hell. 11 months ago  
People with mental inhibitions cannot be accounted for, and is not proof of anything. They are not acting a random way though. They are acting in a way that is in accordance with whatever it is they have going on with them. Somebody being able to predict your movements is not what makes them random or not. No, it isn't. Others perception of you has nothing to do with whether or not you did something randomly. 11 months ago  
Perceived randomness is the only kind of randomness that exists. You can't plan to do something random. Even if you think you did something randomly, it does not mean it truly was, there could have been other influencing factors that you did not realize. We voted the same way though, so I am not sure where exactly you disagree with me. blakeb makes a good point also. 11 months ago  
Not necessarily. 11 months ago  
Not that there is anything wrong with that. 11 months ago  
Well I cannot really speak to that as that is most certainly subjective. This is the internet though, so people will make grammatical errors, poor spacing, and spelling mistakes because they can while still getting the same point across. Perhaps that is the case, but this is a rather small sample size to make such a claim. Maybe if we could hear from guest from Montana we would know more, but that comment could just be someone's strange attempt at a joke. Besides, most games have their share of retards. 11 months ago  
No, it isn't. The word "entirely" changes nothing except what degree of "randomness" there is. One person think something is entirely random does not mean everyone else will see it that way. 11 months ago  
A bit harsh. 11 months ago  
If you're not callin it catsup i aint listenin (A: 117 Votes / B: 28 Votes] 11 months ago  
If everything was perfect, more than likely there would a better way of getting goods that didn't eventually end up with people in poverty. As for this backfiring, of course there would still be problems, but they would not be of an economic nature and perhaps people wouldn't be killing each other either. The real world and cartoons are different things, so we cannot use that as a reason for anything. [A: 58 Votes / B: 176 Votes] 1 year ago  
True, it all comes down to interpretation and perception, like anything else. No, not really. Nobody chooses to take offense. If you take offense to something that's the end of it. SJWs are also largely a myth created by conservatives. Nobody is ever fully "SJW", or if they are they are rare. But, again, SJWs are all about perception, one person's SJW might seem like a staunch conservative to someone else. 1 year ago  
I mean it isn't really a compliment though. It's more passive-aggressive. If they were talking about someone in particular it would be a compliment, but to generalize it like that.... 1 year ago  
Which is bullsh*t because not all women ARE naturally good at them. This would be akin to saying that they are NOT women if they can't do these things, despite the fact that these things aren't that important as skills. This type of crap is outdated and useless. 1 year ago  
No, it's not. Most of those things anybody can do. 1 year ago  
Could be in the near future, but not at this very second. I might have realized that being a chemist would actually be really fun too late in life. My life might come down to decades of serving people breakfast for a living. [A: 134 Votes / B: 75 Votes] 1 year ago  
Harry literally died and came back. Yeah, nothing is topping that. [A: 136, 982 Votes / B: 77, 052 Votes] 1 year ago  
I haven't seen anything from them to suggest otherwise. I haven't stopped giving them a chance, but from what I know of their work it feels accurate. 1 year ago  
Both of these were actually very qualified candidates to be the POTUS. Anyone blaming "Obama"care on Obama isn't real aware of what actually took place to develop that legislation. Unfortunately, Romney didn't have much of a chance against Obama, even though he would have made a fine president, but it was obvious that Obama would make a better one. [Obama: 106 Votes / Romney: 39 Votes] 1 year ago  
The weekdays are usually used for learning and the weekends for fun. Learning can add to your fun in life. I could be studying new recipes that would make my dinners more fun and tasty. [A: 20 Votes / B: 112 Votes] 1 year ago  
Learning can actually be beneficial to one in their everyday life. Assuming this means college/Uni and the student largely has control over their own schedule, then, presumably, they would be taking classes that interest them and gaining knowledge that they want to have. Especially culinary school, is a great example, you will be able to learn how to prepare yourself delicious meals whether or not you really intend to make money with it. [Work: 90 Votes / School: 74 Votes] 1 year ago  
The War on Terror is most certainly not a World War. [A: 111 Votes / B: 18 Votes] 1 year ago  
You must be easily entertained. 1 year ago  
Cyber criminals actually possess real skills that can be utilized for better purposes. Coding is a huge part of what makes IT such a lucrative field. [A: 109 Votes / B: 51 Votes] 1 year ago  
I don't care. I don't do things to impress you or anyone else. Get over yourself. 1 year ago  
I update it as often as I can, sod off freak. 1 year ago  
You started the question off with "you want something," if I want it, I am still going to want it even after I get some other thing. It would just make the wait even longer. [A: 99 Votes / B: 66 Votes] 1 year ago  
PewDiePie hasn't done anything that interests me. [A: 61 Votes / B: 42 Votes] 1 year ago  
I dislike infallible heroes. There aren't really any stakes so the movie has to really on a good story, which more often than not it pulls off, but I rarely want to see the hero win. As for unlimited ammo, I am sure you could make the case that they are reloading extremely fast or they do it off camera or something. [A: 118 Votes / B: 128 Votes] 1 year ago  
This question is such bait. [A: 35 Votes / B: 96 Votes] 1 year ago  
If I did, I would remain in the past. The point of changing the event is to have a drastically different future, I didn't go back and change something just so that everyone mows their lawn on Sundays now. It would have to be meaningful otherwise it isn't worth even thinking about doing. [A: 179 Votes / B: 77 Votes] 1 year ago  
So easy.... [A: 63 Votes / B: 286 Votes] 1 year ago  
Seeing things sounds like a ghost's life. Would people really want to see life pass them by without participating in it? [A: 94 Votes / B: 119 Votes] 1 year ago  
Both of them were worthy contenders, but Hillary won because she has more experience outside of being a Senator. Giving her more exposure. [A: 70 Votes / B: 50 Votes] 1 year ago  
Apparently chocolate cake is the equivalent of a cup of coffee in the morning, so that is a point in its favor I guess. [Chocolate: 161 Votes / Vanilla: 168 Votes] 1 year ago  
My usernames are usually something unique while my passwords are usually relatively generic. [A: 70 Votes / B: 43 Votes] 1 year ago  
Why would I want to be their slave? At least being conjoined I have some sort of free will. [A: 44 Votes / B: 102 Votes] 1 year ago +1
I would like to be more than ambidextrous. [A: 63 Votes / B: 13 Votes] 1 year ago  
So far they are 1 hit wonders with me, but I wish them the best. [A: 75 Votes / B: 67 Votes] 1 year ago  
It would give me no pleasure to die "on my own terms", I die either way. [A - 216 Votes / B - 170 Votes] 1 year ago  
I would bring back Dmitri Mendeleev and Kurt Cobain. [A: 135 Votes / B: 67 Votes] 1 year ago  
People are this homophobic lol. [A: 53 Votes / B: 89 Votes] 1 year ago  
I was once informed that whenever you have the opportunity to purchase double stuffed oreos you must do so immediately or you are a fool. [A: 36 Votes / B: 44 Votes] 1 year ago  
For some people, the world is already colorless.....because they are blind. If they can live with it, so can the rest of us. Deaf people can still hear music through the vibrations being played. [A - 37 Votes / B - 66 Votes] 1 year ago  
There was not enough sequels. I mean instead of giving us Red Dawn II, they simply remade the movie, which is not horrible, but I think they missed an opportunity there. CWACOMII was the best movie ever. [A - 105 Votes / B - 90 Votes] 1 year ago  
Having no laws would lead to having Hammurabi's laws or worse. Hammurabi's Code is one of the earliest examples of the phrase "innocent until proven guilty," with no laws lynch mobs would definitely form or at least be more likely to form. Hammurabi's Code also had some laws that were well thought out, such as if somebody steals an ox they must pay the owner back 30x its value (good deterrent from stealing oxen). [Hammurabi - 64 Votes / Anarchy - 118 Votes] 1 year ago  
Yeah this place sucks 1 year ago  
My reading comprehension skills tell me that the archer carries with it a significantly higher risk of death than the drug. [Archer: 72 Votes / Drug: 87 Votes] 1 year ago  
Who is we though? We have an average population that is more obese? Even if that were true, I do not think we are obese at levels that are significantly higher than everywhere else. 1 year ago  
Only because you chopped it down from my side. 1 year ago +1
Now just a darn minute. Those are my lemons! 1 year ago  
At least stop wearing your backpack over one shoulder! I invented that! 1 year ago  
A garbage man! 1 year ago  
A garbage man! 1 year ago  
A garbage man! 1 year ago  
This question is needlessly harsh. Despite whatever your beliefs are about these individuals, wishing them harm is simply immoral. [A - 48 / B - 70] 1 year ago  
Fag. 1 year ago  
Sound like a fag to me. 1 year ago  
Well considering whatever it was happened 4 years ago, I really have not noticed. I enjoy this site, but the activity on it has really died down, so I have not seen anything significant in quite a while. [Yes: 64 Votes / No: 89 Votes] 1 year ago  
I would rather have a rafter of turkeys. Cats are so underrated, I mean dogs when this vote every time it is asked. This poll has been up for 3 years and dogs are still winning. [A - 72 Votes / B - 59 Votes] 1 year ago  
EVERYONE is a little arrogant, anyone who says they are not is quite frankly lying to themselves. The difference is that some people deserve to be (such as Sinclair Lewis: The first American to win the Nobel prize in literature) or are validated in theirs and perhaps they become more arrogant or even too arrogant. Whereas, being fake is done in an attempt to impress other people, who more than likely will never be worth the effort, and it is annoying to see otherwise amazing people stoop to such lows. [Fake: 80 Votes / Arrogant: 94 Votes] 1 year ago  
I would definitely like both, but I chose the bats because they would be more than one animal as opposed to just one elephant. I think both would make perfect guard animals, but having 2 would be more useful than just having one and nobody will be able to see a bat coming after them (Similar to when on "Magnum P.I." doberman pinscher guard dogs were allowed to chase Magnum on the estate by Higgins). Plus I kind of feel like bats would be more fun to play with because it would be rather difficult to even hug a full grown elephant. [A: 90 Votes / B: 284 Votes] 1 year ago  
Batman Beyond had 2 times as many episodes as Spectacular Spiderman, this is just one reason why someone can claim DC is better than Marvel. I was agape (“Agape” is a Greek word which here means “love” or, more specifically, “pure Godly love”) the first time I saw these and still am today. They are both legendary, but Spiderman did not have nearly as much time to prove that. [A: 27 Votes / B: 21 Votes] 1 year ago  
High school was too lame and full of cliques for me to enjoy, but in elementary school anyone was friends with whoever they wanted and the bullies were alienated. I wish I had the ability that snails have to be able to sleep for up to 2 years because I would have done it during at least the first one year for both halves of high school, it was an unpleasant experience. I miss my friends from elementary school and would give anything to have them back in my life, but I barely miss anyone from high school even though I have the ability to contact them whenever I want I still do not. [A: 201 Votes / B: 209 Votes] 1 year ago  
I feel like a lot of the result here might just be because you told everyone who did not know Rip to vote Harry, so we may not have a very informed electorate which is causing a lopsided result. Both of these characters are part of works that I think deserve to seriously be considered for The Hugo Award ("the annual honor awarded for outstanding science-fiction writing"), and as such a complete analysis from someone who knows both characters would be well worth the read, but this just does not seem like it has that right now. Rip's calculating meticulous nature versus Harry's emotion and bravery, I think I would be more interested to see them team up. [A - 71 Votes / B - 24 Votes] 1 year ago  
B is not awkward at all, it is more funny than anything else. A is just sad. I guess A is better than when your chest bump gets rejected. [A - 89 Votes / B - 65 Votes] 1 year ago  
I agree with everyone who says that Pluto is already the 9th planet, stripping it of planet status is just pointless because so many people were already taught that it was a planet for decades before that. With a time machine I can actually see live some of the greatest things that ever happened, and maybe alter things for the better. I am aware that there can be unforeseen consequences and I am willing to take that chance, the God of Death was not wrong for saving his mother. [A: 153 Votes / B: 54 Votes] 1 year ago  
I am sure it contributed something of value. If the only reason people are voting against it is because it took place too long ago, then that is a shame as they really did not even give it a chance. The thing is, the only way for a series to be the most enjoyable is if you do it right and I can tell you probably did not. It was good, but in order for it to be extraordinary you have to make sure you do it the most exciting way possible. [Yes: 79 Votes / No: 85 Votes] 1 year ago  
You could have used better choices for this one. Also on the topic of what jrob said, I would just like to point out that everybody on the entire planet has at least some level of stupidity, nobody is a 100% genius. In regards to this question, I have always felt that the "B" option was not particularly funny in any scenario and only worked when it made absolutely no sense. I think this would be a C at best in terms of a Cards Against Humanity round. [A - 91 Votes / B - 94 Votes] 1 year ago  
The first problem with American healthcare is that it is a commodity. Healthcare is something people literally need to survive, there is no reason why they should be paying for their own survival, even kids born with disabilities are saddled with a bill to get fixed. This is terrible, so we need to determine whether we want to continue to pay the private sector to stay alive or not before we discuss other issues with the healthcare system. [A: 55 Votes / B: 63 Votes] 1 year ago  
We never were. Technically you were saying your opinion on what I had to say, not necessarily the question. Simply because you have never heard of/known one does not disqualify them from existence. It is fair for you to decide based on the fact that you only know boys name Wyatt, I know one too, and I never said otherwise. You hit reply to me, that is not simply answering the question. Please don't. Next time think about your responses before posting them. 1 year ago  
I never said you said that. What I am saying is that you are making up your own bullsh*t and acting like its the truth, which is a problem. Nothing you have said makes any sense in response to what I am saying. What if you know a monkey named Wyatt, what happens then? The point is that people only have these notions in their head based on what they have been indoctrinated to think. If you were there when the very first person was named Wyatt, gender would probably have had very little to do with the name choice. That was the position you very clearly took because you do not really seem to be refuting anything I have said. I am already legitimately insulted by you. You replied to my comment as if you had a full understanding of what I was stating, but you have proven that is clearly not the case. 1 year ago  
You very clearly are trying to be insulting, take a look at what you are saying and tell me how that is not the case. So what if there are more boys named Wyatt than girls, that changes nothing. It does not change the fact that these names exist within both genders. Deal with it. It's your own fault for ignoring reality. 1 year ago  
I think you should make your profile picture whatever you want, this is not even that creepy. I see you probably set it to a vote and let rrrather decide what you do, which is something that I would do, but if you are not happy with the results you can always act against them. Just because the majority votes one way does not always mean that they are right, although you should consider the position heavily. [A - 31 Votes / B - 119 Votes] 1 year ago  
Maybe "love" is too strong a word, but most people in general that I have ever met enjoy tea. I just do not think Americans are obnoxious and loud, but when we are matched up against the British of course we seem that way only because of the stereotype that all British people are polite and considerate. I think of it this way, if I were to introduce someone to tea for the first time they would probably enjoy it, but if I were to introduce someone to an American for the first time their first thought probably is not that the individual is obnoxious and loud. [A - 51 Votes / B - 91 Votes] 1 year ago  
Everything would be a billion times easier if some jerk had not invented the internet/electricity. It brought in so many jobs, but it eliminated so many and made regular people less valuable. Perhaps it is something unique to U.S. culture, but the fact the fact that a computer science degrees is one of the most valuable things is kind of tragic. [Family: 40 Votes / Internet: 49 Votes] 1 year ago  
It already is a place. 1 year ago  
What you are doing IS intended as an insult. What you are doing is what I do not appreciate. Piss off. 1 year ago  
Stop being a little wiener. 1 year ago  
Comedians are allowed to joke about whatever they want to joke about. Just because some people do not find it funny that does not mean that there is no audience for it. If people who were raped watched this content they should not feel as though they are being laughed at because they should find a way to make light of their situation since they will have to continue to live with it. Of course rape is unbelievably bad, but these jokes might help people move on, at least that is what I would hope they were used for. [A - 106 Votes / B - 86 Votes] 1 year ago  
This question needlessly forces LGBT people to one side, which is why that side is dominating the vote. [A: 513 Votes / B: 264 Votes] 1 year ago  
It has only been over for about 5 weeks here. [A: 96 Votes / B: 127 Votes] 1 year ago  
Having long hair is a drawback when you have to spend so much time making it look perfect. [A: 77 Votes / B: 209 Votes] 1 year ago  
This is the nature of business: the seller sets the price and the consumer decides if it is worth that, if the consumer buys it then it is intrinsically worth the amount that it was sold for and nothing more, something is only really worth the lowest amount that someone is willing to sell and subsequently buy it for. [A: 123 Votes / B: 52 Votes] 1 year ago  
Tournaments are the best part about this site. The more the merrier. [A: 59 Votes / B: 39 Votes] 1 year ago  
If the sarcasm wasnt so obvious here perhaps I would partake. People do need places like this: they are called their houses, everybody should feel comfortable in their own homes. Comfortable and secure. Free of judgment and free of having to put on the show that society demands of them. [A: 110 Votes / B: 49 Votes] 1 year ago +1
I only care about my town's progress. We need to stop outsourcing! [A: 72 Votes / B: 55 Votes] 1 year ago  
I would rather give up change than bills. I only want to use bills when I absolutely have to. I like paying with change also because you can pay for things in the exact amount it costs. [A: 113 Votes / B: 25 Votes] 2 years ago  
I would have my choice of all the coolest clothes. [A: 30 Votes / B: 148 Votes] 2 years ago  
France does not need NATO or the EU for anything. The problem is with those organizations that it becomes very difficult to do anything on your own WITHOUT their involvement or say so. Same goes for the UN, I grant you that that was President Wilson's vision, but sometimes people just need to be able to make their own decisions independently. [A: 31 Votes / B: 112 Votes] 2 years ago  
Disney did not make Thor a girl, it is a totally separate character. [A: 60 Votes / B: 84 Votes] 2 years ago  
I am actually beginning to realize that most "studies" should not be taken at face value. [Yes: 28 Votes / No: 160 Votes] 2 years ago  
That 10th person will wish they were dead for ever. 2 years ago  
NO: 25 Votes YES: 14 Votes 2 years ago +1
I could not care any less about Minecraft which is interesting because people say i "look like you play minecraft" whatever that even means. [Minecraft: 28 Votes / Roblox: 56 Votes] 2 years ago  
Obviously this needs further explanation. [A: 58 Votes / B: 90 Votes] 2 years ago  
Routine is so lame and that is part of the reason jobs have very little appeal to me. In a cartoon everyday could be an adventure. Plus, meeting Dora could be cool. [A: 71 Votes / B: 40 Votes] 2 years ago +1
I have never heard of A or that it would be easier to do, but it does make sense. Unfortunately, everyone is taught to do it from the top and it just gets ingrained. The benefits of A are not really that significant anyway. [A: 58 Votes / B: 116 Votes] 2 years ago  
As long as I "live forever" looking the same exact age then it would not be that difficult to make new friends/family. [A - 106 Votes / B - 47 Votes] 2 years ago  
Your author's comment makes insinuates that the wand is only as good as it is in real life. The badges cover more of the magical world. I like Harry Potter, but I have more of a desire to know more about the other aspects of that universe. [A - 128 Votes / B - 40 Votes] 2 years ago  
Thor owns Mjolnir, other people may be able to pick it up but Thor wields it and, thus, can bring out its true power. Thor can also control lightning which is rather nice. I think more people just know about Iron Man and his lore. [Iron Man: 216 Votes / Thor: 191 Votes] 2 years ago  
Both are fantastic obviously. I think "The Walking Dead" was better in terms of characters, but I absolutely loved "The Last of Us" plot wise. [A: 88 Votes / B: 81 Votes] 2 years ago  
It would not really be 25 minutes long if there was so much traffic then would it? I dont mind traffic, but I would rather reach my destination as quickly as possible. [A - 118 Votes / B - 23 Votes] 2 years ago  
All of these overly hated characters/people are so much better than they are given credit for. [A - 68 Votes / B - 22 Votes] 2 years ago  
I do not care what their rational was because I feel this was so right and I could not be happier. Anyone who is against it has the right to hate the LGBT community in private, but now the law of the land is that we must be accepted in public forums. In a legal sense one side has to convince the otherside of their position and that did not happen here for the people that oppose and I love that. I would be for outlawing heterosexuality altogether because the whole thing just seems unnatural to me. Humans are certainly not smarter than every other living thing and, therefore, we can compare ourselves to animals because we are actually animals or at the very least mammals. [A - 134 Votes / B - 35 Votes] 2 years ago  
This whole anti JB thing is boring and stupid. [JB: 18 Votes / EF: 66 Votes] 2 years ago  
I grow weary of the whole "good always triumphs over evil" trope. It would be nice to see a story with the villain as the protagonist for a change. It is why things like "The Walking Dead" are so good because even though Rick and friends always come out on top they are not always right. [A - 68 Votes / B - 145 Votes] 2 years ago  
Fictional Character - Mark Chang / Real Person - Mark Jindrak [Answer: 72 Votes / Pass: 17 Votes] 2 years ago  
"Fat German kid" is a little harsh. [A - 124 Votes / B - 193 Votes] 2 years ago  
Is this a meme? Sorry, I do not keep up with those. 2 years ago  
I can watch an episode of A, but is just such a douche show I would pick almost anything over it. I am floored that "White Collar" lost to it: I think "White Collar" was cancelled too early and it is a show that I actually watched every episode of and continue to rewatch when it is on. Mozzie will forever be one of the most interesting fictional characters of all time and that is what makes the show getting cancelled so depressing. [A - 51 Votes / B - 21 Votes] 2 years ago  
This question was obviously designed to garner votes for President Trump so I voted against the intended goal. [A - 70 Votes / B - 90 Votes] 2 years ago  
Neither of these are particularly that creepy. Fish live in lakes/rivers, it should be assumed that they pee there. Everyone pees in a lake/river, I do not find anything wrong with it and, to an extent, the same with doing it in a pool. Personally, I have more important things to concern myself with. [Humans: 35 Votes / Fish: 45 Votes] 2 years ago  
Calling both of those individuals "arrogant" is simply redundant because everyone on the planet is arrogant. And everything else that fool said is simply objective conjecture. Happy birthday to everyone who was born on this day plain and simple. [Anthony: 44 Votes / Tosh: 54 Votes] 2 years ago  
No country in the world is strong enough to take on an entire continent by itself. A notion like that is simply ludicrous. It may be possible for one country through leadership or weapons to take on an entire continent, but I do not believe that is so and, even if it were, Russia would not be my first choice to accomplish such a feat. Furthermore, I doubt nuclear weapons will ever be used by anyone ever again due to the stigma surrounding them so that has no place in this discussion. [Russia: 53 Votes / Europe: 80 Votes] 2 years ago  
I just prefer the east coast for some reason, maybe I just want to see what the entire east coast has to offer before I branch out. Florida also tends to be a hotter state if IIRC, and I definitely prefer warmer climates. Florida may be worse in terms of crime, but crime is everywhere and there is no escaping it. [Florida: 152 Votes / California: 159 Votes] 2 years ago  
Easily a 1, years of bullying, losing all my friends, and grappling with who I really am took a huge toll on my self-confidence. I am really good at hiding it though. I do think I am improving also because the older I get the more distance I put between that part of my life and the longer I will have had to get used to it. [A - 69 Votes / B - 74 Votes] 2 years ago +1
I would be taking a trip to the other planet also, but living on a planet where humans kill each other for food is never something I want to be a part of. [A - 49 Votes / B - 32 Votes] 2 years ago  
Look at that, 4 years after this question and both of these options have come to be - oddly enough dont ask dont tell was repealed first. [A - 558 Votes / B - 251 Votes] 2 years ago  
Neither of these would convince anyone to go to anyone restaurant. I doubt anyones attracted to some suit that looks like food. At least I wouldnt immediately demand my money back as a pizza. [A - 83 Votes / B - 28 Votes] 2 years ago  
Both are good, but I would choose "Krispy Kreme" for donuts every time because I remember their donuts being softer and creamier for some reason. [A - 113 Votes / B - 100 Votes] 2 years ago  
Best looking is relative, whereas if I am the smartest kid in school it is nearly indisputable that that is the case. Furthermore, good looks always make you contemplate whether people like you for who you are or if they just like you because you look good. Also, smarter people tend to be nicer people whereas a good looking person is more likely to be the worst type of person. [A: 139 Votes / B: 89 Votes] 2 years ago  
No, as in "no, I will not tell you." The New York Knicks are the best team in basketball. 2 years ago  
Unpopular Opinion: The current guy is not the absolute worst person ever. [A - 100 Votes / B - 23 Votes] 2 years ago  
Israel exists for a reason; I am on the side that supports a two state solution between Israel-Palestine. I feel the same about India and Pakistan, but at least they both technically get to exist in this timeline. I will be the first to admit I do not know a whole lot about either of these situations but I do support everyone's right to exist. [A - 56 Votes / B - 69 Votes] 2 years ago  
As long as my "friends" do not get mad at me for not being able to spend any money on them or ever pay for anything. Even though I do not have any friends right now friends would make living more fun. Personally, I think a person needs 5 really close friends to spend their time with to be happy. [A: 48 Votes / B: 152 Votes] 2 years ago  
I think the 1990s were the best time to be alive, which I was not for about half of it and not really cognizant for most of it either, simply because from what I see looking back on it people were just generally friendlier. I am genuinely surprised to see that people favor the present given how many things I see on a daily basis that makes me hate the world. Even 2000 was a better year than what we have now, which I remember a lot of and it is the final year of th 20th century so it still counts, and I, for one, would love to go back, especially to a pre 9/11 world. [A: 93 Votes / B: 182 Votes] 2 years ago  
I have always preferred heat over cold no matter what because being cold can lead to illness and I have to come down with the "common hot." I think the cold would permeate just any old blanket. If they both mean death then I would rather die in comfort than become an icicle. [A: 118 Votes / B: 69 Votes] 2 years ago  
I literally do not understand anything about this question, but The Walking Dead so how did that not win? I did not realize so many people on here were such drug addicts. Talk about living the lonely life of a criminal. [A: 65 Votes / B: 36 Votes] 2 years ago  
Apparently people dont realize how absolutely devastating sex trafficking is because its literally being raped every single day and probably heavily drugged as well. Sex trafficking is just about the worst crime I can think of, I am against the death penalty, but I would strongly consider it in the case of sex traffickers. Not to mention the fact that you could very well die before that 2 years is up due to all of the abuse you will be suffering daily. [A: 85 Votes / B: 150 Votes] 2 years ago +3
Just because you do not like him does not mean he does not have talent. I am so glad that this died out a long time because I am pretty sure nobody actually believed anything they said. Osama was an international fugitive who led the most hated group of individuals on the planet for a decade.....yeah I do not think anything will ever be as difficult to find as he was. [A - 315 Votes / B - 492 Votes] 2 years ago  
I truly cannot believe how against having children people are these days. Ever since I saw "Cheaper by the Dozen" I have always wanted a family like that. I especially cannot have a small number of kids because I know how it can work out; for example, say you were to have 3 kids it could very likely happen that 2 of them end up being real close and the third one always feels left out. [10: 125 Votes / 0: 222 Votes] 2 years ago  
I am just a comics fan, but I will admit I know a lot more about DC overall Marvel. I just feel like more people are exposed to Marvel more and, therefore, develop a closer connection to them. Personally, I wish they would come together and we could get stories in which Superman can join The Avengers and so forth. [DC: 57 Votes / Marvel: 64 Votes] 2 years ago  
It definitely should not be taken into "serious" account, it should be taken into account but not that much. The fact of the matter is a non-musician will simply not possess all of the knowledge necessary to give a proper analysis. Non musicians are free to decide what music they like or dont like whatever, but when it comes to things like awards and such then their opinion should be less valued than a musicians. Nobody should take music advice from somebody who is not a musician for more than just this reason, but to begin with because a nonmusician simply just does not know everything necessary to accurately recommend music. [Yes: 118 Votes / No: 67 Votes] 2 years ago  
I do not think there is any debate that these are both interesting characters, but where it gets complex is that Sirius is way more beloved for reasons that I simply cannot comprehend. I think where Lupin has the advantage is that he is a werewolf rather than an animagus which makes for a more compelling story in my opinion due to how actually dark it makes him. Sirius is framed for doing dastardly things whereas Lupin has no control over himself sometimes and actually does do horrible things. [Black: 66 Votes / Lupin: 26 Votes] 2 years ago  
There is so much information that only a dead person can give us, I mean think about the phrase 'history is written by the winners', now if I assume correctly that means that the losers side of the story would have died with them. I could learn vasts amount of knowledge about Albert Einstein that nobody else knew and that could lead to advancements on the things that he already advanced upon. They could tell me where all of their long lost ideas are and I can open the world to a brand new Leonardo da Vinci piece for the first time in like half a millennia, I would be one of the luckiest people in the world. [Aliens: 183 Votes / Dead people: 143 Votes] 2 years ago  
I have always wanted this because to be totally honest I feel as though my life would be a lot easier during a zombie apocalypse. The zombie apocalypse can reveal a lot about people and it shows who your true friends are in a very real very significant way. As for the more than 5 people dying claim, a zombie apocalypse would most likely be started by people who are already dead and I think the human race has a good chance of surviving it. [Yes: 83 Votes / No: 73 Votes] 2 years ago  
"Archer" has just never interested me, there is a crowd for it but I am simply not one of them. Truthfully though, I have only been turned off of "Archer" based on the clips they show during commercials of other programs and have not actually watched an entire episode but one commentary does describe it as "filled with sex jokes," which does not interest me. Whereas, despite what people have said about TWD past, present, and in any form, I have just been so consumed by it that I try and study it intensely whenever the opportunity presents itself. [Archer: 24 Votes / TWD: 59 Votes] 2 years ago  
If it was Teen Titans GO I would have voted for that. Teen Titans is good, but obviously overrated. Xiaolin Showdown/Xiaolin Chronicles barely get any recognition at all, but both shows and their sequels get such an annoying amount of hate. I am not afraid to say that I like all 4 of them, I mean they are just tv shows. [XS: 7 Votes / TT: 94 Votes] 2 years ago  
I feel like this is everyone on reddit. All their theories and opinions are such asinine rhetoric just for rhetorics sake that saying anything in opposition to them just seems like "last brain cell standing" competition. Two heads are better than one though, so what can be helpful sometimes is to pretend you know what you are talking about so that you can have somebody come over who actually does know more in depth about a topic and you can just learn from that individual. [A - 249 Votes / B - 22 Votes] 2 years ago  
Both of these are "logically" possible to claim otherwise is entirely ridiculous because nobody has any sort of evidence about what happens after death that can be taken in any way for the truth. This is why there are so many different religions and so many different people believing so many different things because any of these things are plausible. On the other hand, it could also be true that none of them are plausible we simply do not know. [A: 117 Votes / B: 108 Votes] 2 years ago  
This would extend my villain enterprise to areas it might not have reached otherwise. I mean the Legion of Doom is something I would wish to be a part of, but only after I had made my own name in the underworld which is the only way I think they would take me anyway. [Partner: 77 Votes / Work alone: 52 Votes] 2 years ago  
An individual should be allowed to serve for as long as their constituents are willing to vote for them. Look at FDR, he was elected 4 times and then term limits were imposed but it was never a problem before that because no one had ever had any real shot at being elected 3 times or even wanting a third term. It makes no sense to deprive the people of the candidate that they chose to represent them simply because they keep choosing that individual "too many times." [Yes: 45 Votes / No: 26 Votes] 2 years ago  
"I want to feel feelings," me too but in a sense boredom IS a feeling. [Bored: 253 Votes / Scared: 59 Votes] 2 years ago  
Both of them will, sadly, not have many friends, but they will both be successful because one is smart and one will have self-confidence, which are both useful skills. It will comfort me to know that my child will never be taken advantage of by anyone. A can develop into a good attitude to have when someone is confronted with the real world and how there are people out there who are mean and nasty even if you are the nicest person in the world. [A: 12 Votes / B: 93 Votes] 2 years ago  
I approve of the results of this question. It makes me curious as to whether users had any chance at all in this tournament. I would theorize that it boiled down to just a "Which celebrity would you rather meet?" tournament. [Pink: 32 Votes / Paul: 53 Votes] 2 years ago  
You worded this question in such a biased way, there is an actual reason that gambling is illegal you just did not shed any light on it. Some things are not us making decisions for other people, like this is not especially when it can help those same people in the long run. Some people can get really addicted to gambling and lose everything, that should be prevented if at all possible. [Yes: 157 Votes / No: 35 Votes] 2 years ago  
Based on these 10 issues and these 10 issues alone I agree with Johnson's stance more often than I do with Romney but only slightly. For example, I would vote for Johnson, even though he is "Pro-Choice," because it would mean significant improvements in other areas, such as him being opposed to the death penalty. Both of them have already failed to win Presidential elections in the past, but I think the biggest thing going against Romney is probably his conservatism on social issues. [Johnson: 137 Votes / Romney: 59 Votes] 2 years ago  
"God created chickens." This has never been confirmed. [Chicken: 175 Votes / Egg: 190 Votes] 2 years ago  
I have absolutely no idea what this is. This is not the average question I come across. Nice to see people have their own things going on though. [Yes: 42 Votes / No: 95 Votes] 2 years ago +1
Why anyone would even consider wearing dirty underwear is beyond me, at least dirty socks keep the filth contained and may not even really touch your person. This is obviously a universally agreed upon idea, so the only thing I really have to say is I did not think this needed to be asked. Was there really some confusion about this? [Underwear: 131 Votes / Socks: 3, 145 Votes] 2 years ago +1
It is his civic right to decide how to vote in anyway he pleases, but it is also my civic right to not give a crap about who he votes for. One of the most profound things about our democracy is that anyone has the opportunity to become president and all adults have a say in who that person will be, if this guy wants to make his vote for sale like this then our democracy can not really be blamed for the outcome of actions like this. I voted for Clinton, but we live in a free society that gives people the ability to do things like this, I just cannot comprehend why you would, people have given their lives for the right to vote. [Yes: 76 Votes / No: 71 Votes] 2 years ago  
I would much rather have the satisfaction of having earned it so that no one can say anything negative about my wealth or what I do with it. Then at that point, since I am more financially stable I can do things that I have always wanted and be nicer to people because I can afford to take them places or give them money if they need it. Lack of financial stability is an obstacle that blocks people from becoming the person they truly are, for better or worse. [Easy: 122 Votes / Hard: 99 Votes] 2 years ago  
Pregnancy is not really an issue for me when this subject comes up and it probably should not be for many other people considering how many precautions you can take to go ahead and lower your risks of it happening. Furthermore, I think this would cause a decline in the amount of sex happening in total which I would be for because I am entirely sick of hearing about it as a topic. This would honestly cause a shift in a lot of political issues though, abortions would likely skyrocket, so thank neptune this isnt a thing. [More: 63 Votes / Less: 78 Votes] 2 years ago  
I would rather my children be taught by a certified teacher and be given the best education possible. It has nothing to do with socialization, adults still have no way idea why people are nasty so sending children out into the world with no idea is not exactly the worst thing ever if you prepare them to encounter people like that. Besides, the first experience with someone who is a disgusting individual is going to hurt them a lot either way, so that does not matter. A prosocial schooling environment will challenge everything a child knows up until that point and it will be easier to teach my children important life things when they experience things first hand. [Public: 176 Votes / Homeschool: 26 Votes] 2 years ago  
Given the scenario it always seems like we are meant to side against recycling, its one water bottle, if I recycle 90% of the time this one water bottle is not going to be the end of the world. I could just wait until the end of my program, but I will not really be thinking about the most expedient and cost-effective way of throwing my trash away, heck in all honesty I might just keep it, wash it, and use it again later. I just do not understand why you needed to frame the question in a way that leans towards everyone not recycling, it is also very easy to just find the episode you were watching again and watch the part you missed disposing of your trash. [Dont recycle: 42 Votes / Recycle: 78 Votes] 2 years ago  
You will not see all of your friends and family die because you can continue to make new friends, and as for the ones you have currently surely you can find a way to bestow upon them whatever it is that gave you immortality. You would have a lot more freedom without constantly have to worry about your time running out, you would not have to make the most out of every single day because you could die at any minute, which is a lot of pressure. You will be able to see everything that happens in the future, a project you start working on now that may not pay off until such a time you would still be around to see it, you could see everything the human mind has to offer which is some truly amazing stuff, there is just so much that makes it a gift. [Gift: 98 Votes / Curse: 141 Votes] 2 years ago  
It would make going to war easier, but the bridge would not be built for those purposes it would be built in the hopes of increasing globalization. Honestly I am surprised one does not already exist since Alaska was formerly a territory of Russia. I think it would be a great way of depicting the relationship between the United States and Russia, we can literally rebuild the bridges between us. [Yes: 27 Votes / No: 62 Votes] 2 years ago  
Sex is honestly so overrated. [A: 24 Votes / B: 98 Votes] 2 years ago  
Dwight Eisenhower, cant believe he hasnt been mentioned yet, fought in the last war the United States declared. [Comment: 43 Votes / IDK: 31 Votes] 2 years ago  
There are like billions of words in the English language alone, many mean the exact same thing, this would be no challenge at all. [A - 352 Votes / B - 300 Votes] 2 years ago  
I just honestly cannot believe this, I find myself in agreement with most everything else in the United States' political culture, but this is the one issue that I disagree with the majority of people on and I cant figure out why. I think this comes down to another issue that is aside from the murder of the child. The idea that "a fetus is not a child" is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, it is common knowledge that a pregnancy will result in a human either way, terminating the pregnancy is terminating a life, there is absolutely no other way to look at it. [Legal: 3, 163 Votes / Illegal: 2, 022 Votes] 2 years ago  
I never really agreed with the whole "a pictures worth a thousand words" thing, I mean the actual 1,000 words are worth more to me. [A - 23 Votes / B - 51 Votes] 2 years ago  
This is actually an insanely surprising result. I thought for sure all of the respect for Bach's type of musing had evaporated. Now I feel like Pac's music ability is being underrated. [Pac: 44 Votes / Bach: 131 Votes] 2 years ago  
"New Earth" most certainly would have garnered my vote, "Earth 2" it isnt a movie. This about the identity of the human race, it would be such an issue to be the second part of something, it makes more sense to just be its own thing. More importantly, a "New Beginning" gives us more hope for the future rather than just continuing the same garbage that happened in our first run. [Earth 2: 135 Votes / Initiuno: 231 Votes] 2 years ago  
This is just ludicrous, anything that has 94% support might as well just be a universal law. However, this was literally the plot of the movie "Footloose," I suggest you go watch it. [A: 157 Votes / B: 10 Votes] 2 years ago +1
I fail to understand why strawberry is so underrated, unless it is like strawberry ice cream with actual strawberries in it its really good. I am comfortable with both, but if I had the choice I would probably choose strawberry every single time, probably explains why nobody comes to my parties. I just dont understand why strawberry is just ignored and the battle seems to always be vanilla vs. chocolate. [Strawberry: 108 Votes / Chocolate: 239 Votes] 2 years ago +1
This is an excellent measure of the degree to which people "fear" homosexuality, they assigned a measurement to it and deem that even at its best level a homosexual relationship can never compare to a heterosexual one. I think its interesting to note that most girls voted for the homosexual option and most guys voted for the heterosexual one, thats clearly not random. It truly makes me wonder what would happen if a heterosexual man had their partner come out as transgender to them. [A - 149 Votes / B - 70 Votes] 2 years ago  
I like them both, but voted for Spider-Man because so many people are clearly riding the Deadpool bandwagon after the movie last year. Media coverage influences peoples opinion on everything to an incredible extent. I guarantee most of the people who voted for Deadpool watched the movie after seeing the Spider-Man movies, which will have an influence on their vote. [A - 247 Votes / B - 328 Votes] 2 years ago  
Honestly, it is just a fact that the human life is the one that should be saved in a scenario like this. Which is why you work hard to ensure a situation like this never arises, because you are still condemning a life to death because it is slightly less significant than a humans. In this situation, the animal is sacrificed because the human has a greater chance of being effective on the world. [A - 36 Votes / B - 38 Votes] 2 years ago  
I feel like when ever this question is asked nobody ever gives the real answer, its always "good" or "swell," so much so that the question does not even require asking any more since the response is so obvious. I understand that it is simply the polite thing to do, but if ever somebody wanted to give the legitimate answer they would be looked down upon and even ridiculed. I submit to you that if everyone said they wanted the truth the human race would be a lot happier all the time. [Swell: 46 Votes / Not good: 20 Votes] 2 years ago  
Why would I not, this seems like the most logical thing someone could ever do. I really do need to come to terms with the fact that people think differently than I do though, but it is rare people actually back their points up and even when they do somethings like this seem to be completely up to the person. I mean to me the nice thing to do is just give the credit because you know you would want it if it was you, but somebody else might think that its not their job or something I dont know. [A - 129 Votes / B - 37 Votes] 2 years ago  
Romance always feels so forced and unnecessary in anything, in my opinion it just wastes a bunch of time that could be devoted to plot. Usually the only good thing about it is the children that are produced from it, but we dont need to see how that comes about because I think most of us will be familiar with the process. Give me any 10 movies that have romance in it and I guarantee you the best ones will be the ones that devoted the least amount of time to it. [A - 88 Votes / B - 95 Votes] 2 years ago  
I like the idea of the United Nations where all countries come together to discuss issues, but I do not want a UN where the UN governs all the countries or something like that. I have always felt that becoming a country should be easier to do and I feel very strongly about it, but the problem is all of the countries around a country that declares independence are unlikely to be very welcoming of the idea. There is a zero-sum game here in which the neighboring countries would take losses in comparison to the gains of all those that declare independence, I can live with that, but not everyone can. [A - 88 Votes / B - 78 Votes] 2 years ago  
Id settle for being friends, sex isnt everything. I hate drama, and with sex comes drama, with friends there is also drama but not to the same extent. I too do not believe in "the friend zone," its honestly just the fact that theyre just not that into you. [A - 55 Votes / B - 61 Votes] 2 years ago  
I honestly hate when people complain about traffic, its honestly not as bad as people make it out to be and it really annoys me, I probably would have voted for anything over traffic because its just not that big a deal. But, it really does aggravate me so much that people can be so careless about other forms of life, no matter what it is, at its most basic level there is party affiliation differences that people really think members of the other party are evil monsters which is ridiculous. On the level of bugs and things of that nature, I have killed bugs and I have felt bad about it, but to some extent it is a necessity to kill bugs, but within reason, if I see someone just going around burning bugs with a magnifying class then yeah that will upset me. [A - 168 Votes / B - 149 Votes] 2 years ago  
I like that you actually gave people an option that they could do if they had no plans. My control over life has actually declined as of late and I very rarely ever have plans for anything. I have not been able to maintain order in my own life, if I had seen this I would have been given purpose. [A - 64 Votes / B - 36 Votes] 2 years ago  
I cant believe the Broncos won, probably only because you spelled Steelers incorrectly. Most Broncos fans are probably outside of Denver so thats probably being reflected here. Currently, in the interest of football, I guess the Broncos are better, but without Peyton Manning it doesnt really show. [Steelers: 30 Votes / Broncos: 51 Votes] 2 years ago  
I have listened to Sexy and I Know It A LOT, I could use a break. Virtually every song I like I play the hell out of it, it never gets to the point where I will not like it any more but it gets difficult finding a song to replace it so that I will want to listen to it again even once. Good thing its my choice. [A: 2, 886 Votes / B: 2, 268 Votes] 2 years ago +6
Why would anyone want that first one. [A: 55 Votes / B: 76 Votes] 2 years ago  
Because I dont stalk the "Newest" section. I answer questions that are randomly chosen by the "Not Voted" section. Why does it matter? 2 years ago  
I think Batman has as good a chance to defeat Iron Man as Iron Man does him. They both have enough funding to be completely aware of each other and their respective weaknesses. Due to the heroes code, neither would kill the other, so this would never be a fight to the death, and neither could have better tech than the other because they each have access to the same quality tech. I too voted Iron Man because I thought more people liked Batman better. [Batman: 46 Votes / Iron Man: 65 Votes] 2 years ago  
No, rrrather isnt "retarded" they just subscribe to the mainstream forum and probably have never even heard of "Samurai Champloo." As for me I will clearly have to educate myself on the show, but as I am aware of and like "SNL" already I have a difficult time believing I will ever rank it lower. My vote is for "SNL" its entirety, anyone who voted for it otherwise is indeed "retarded." [SNL: 61 Votes / Samurai Champloo: 30 Votes] 2 years ago  
It only exists during Christmas, seeing this question at any other point in the year just makes it seem out of place. It exists as a part of rrrather culture and as such only people who have been on here for an extended period of time and continue to come on will really be fully aware of things like it. However, it could also be that people simply do not care about it or do not look at the "rrrather" logo when coming on here, I know I rarely, if ever, do because it really does not hold much significance whatsoever. [Yes - 118 Votes / No - 144 Votes] 2 years ago  
I mean if women did want to try and prove they were superior to men I honestly feel that they are completely with in their rights to do so because of how much men have been superior to them and how many men there actually are that think they are superior. This will always be an issue so honestly it can be about whatever and people still will not take it seriously and even if it is taken seriously it will never be rectified, much like racism and slavery. People are so flawed that they always feel the need to prove themselves superior over others so naturally there is a bit of underlying tones of it but only because of how society has to make everyone feel the need to make that an issue. [A - 66 Votes / B - 43 Votes] 2 years ago  
Whatever the guy on the left has in his mouth made it difficult to vote for him. The guy on the right has no hair whatsoever so saying he would look better with "longer hair" is redundant. I think this question really shows that I am not that shallow and you really do need to have more than looks to impress me. [Guy A: 97 Votes / Guy B: 129 Votes] 2 years ago  
I would eat leaves or go catch some fish in the water surrounding my island. Eating people is disgusting, you can always find some other way to survive. [Yes: 193 Votes / No: 235 Votes] 2 years ago  
Its going on its 58th year as a state, sure it was not a state for most of our countrys history but it has been for a significant portion of it. Heck, we entered World War 2 due to Hawaii being a state, people from Hawaii who have died in combat are considered American heroes. [Yes: 142 Votes / No: 36 Votes] 2 years ago  
As long as it can be in some way relevant to the topic at hand than it can and should be brought up. If you "hate" it or it isnt your thing, excuse yourself from the conversation. There are similarities between comics and manga so its fine. [Yes: 55 Votes / No: 77 Votes] 2 years ago  
Even when I am around people I can get get a feeling of being alone, it could just be part of being depressed. It certainly does not help that people always point out your faults or the things you are most worried about. The only way I cope with it is by watching stuff that depicts the life I want or studying. [Alone: 127 Votes] / People: 82 Votes] 2 years ago  
I mean theyre better than straight ponies lets be honest here. Also, I already collect worthless crap and I hate it. [Ponies: 67 Votes / Junk: 72 Votes] 2 years ago  
I am well aware of many of this, I study this stuff in school. While I will grant you that Reagan was the more successful president, there are still more positive aspects of Carter's that people neglect. I know FDR got advance warning about Pearl Harbor, but he did not do nothing, the intelligence agencies at the time were not the most efficient.Regardless, saying he was responsible is complete BS. 2 years ago  
Carter's presidency was during a time of "continuing inflation," holding him accountable for that is like saying Roosevelt was responsible for Pearl Harbor. Things happen during your presidency that you cannot control. [Carter: 14 Votes / Reagan: 54 Votes] 2 years ago  
Personally I think that governments should be involved in most things because governments are made up of everyday people that we choose to look out for our interests, and in theory their involvement in matters would only improve them. The government does not ruin everything it gets involved in, far from it, so many things would be far worse than they are if not for the government. At the very least NASA is going to need governmental funding for much of the projects they wish to pursue. [Yes: 64 Votes / No: 46 Votes] 2 years ago  
I have other things to spend time on. If anyone can give a valid reason as to why time should be spent on this than I will consider it. Joe Feagin plays it though. [Yes: 23 Votes / No: 211 Votes] 2 years ago  
A "love life" is so overrated and mainstream. You could honestly go your whole life without one and be completely fine. [Love: 9,761 Votes / Everything else: 6,508 Votes] 2 years ago  
80 isnt even an average life so obviously not that. I definitely want my death to mean something and dying for a cause that I believe it makes a lot of sense to me. [War: 55 Votes / 80: 122 Votes] 2 years ago  
Nobody will ever interact with you the way your parents do, or are supposed to, you should always be able to find someone to love you. Parents will be willing to support you financially for no other reason than they are your parents, but with your "love" you share the same money. Both ideally offer tremendous positives to your life, but you have spent your entire life with your parents and only the last 5 or so years with your "true love." [Parents: 86 Votes / Love: 65 Votes] 2 years ago +1
We must bring respecting our elders back in to modern society. It is time the President declared Anne Hathaway's birthday to be a national holiday. Or we should have a grassroots campaign with that as our goal. [favsallover: 50 Votes / Hathaway: 62 Votes] 2 years ago +2
How would you go about implementing a "Star Wars Day" policy? [sure: 34 Votes / nah: 53 Votes] 2 years ago  
The Green Lantern holds himself to a certain standard that I think gives him the edge, especially because willpower is his power. The Green Lantern is authorized by the Guardians of the Galaxy to act on their behalf, Thor may be a God, but I feel as though as a result of that he overestimates his own abilities. As I always say, the greatest strength that can be applied to a hero and a true test of whether they are super or not is the fact that its not the power that makes the hero but how the power changes the hero as a person that makes a hero. [GL: 16 Votes /Thor: 57 Votes] 2 years ago  
I lost my best friend a long long time ago, it was the worst thing that ever happened to me, but I cannot lose my best friend again so. I could lose my second best friend, but I specifically did not get as attached to them because of what happened. [Best friend: 71 Votes / Family: 50 Votes] 2 years ago  
It was really good and was cancelled too early. People fail to give it the recognition it deserves and that is why the network had no problem cancelling it far sooner than any other series of its kind. I have always had this one idea in mind for how television should work so that everyone wins because people think differently than each other and just because the majority was fine with it being cancelled there are still people out there who were devastated by it. This is not a difficult question, and with the internet now Netflix should be picking up all cancelled shows or cancelled shows should just move to YouTube or something. [Yes: 44 Votes / No: 120 Votes] 2 years ago  
Shawne tbh. I like diverse spellings, so I do not really have one that I like more over another. [A: 50 Votes / B: 42 Votes] 2 years ago  
I like questions that can promote good discussion, which in theory should be all questions, and if a question is split right down the middle then that means there are competing viewpoints that both need to be addressed. Everything has competing viewpoints, but sometimes some people are more vocal about expressing their beliefs at that is how 100% votes happen. This website should be about the sharing of ideas and creating a more diverse mindset, and if everyone agrees then this whole process is rendered useless. [50: 86 Votes / 100: 50 Votes] 2 years ago  
I honestly want this to be reality some day. I think the world would be a lot happier and less violent. Also, all of that pathetic anti-gay stuff would finally go away, or would be so minuscule no one would care. [Gay: 23 Votes / Gender: 52 Votes] 2 years ago  
I love these movies, they are so rare that seeming them is invigorating, thats why 'Suicide Squad' is such a good movie. The best endings to movies might be where no one 'wins' and everything is just chaos, but I am so tired of good winning over evil we have seen that for like 400 years. It is time to put reality on screen, and that is that many times the bad guy gets what they want. [Protagonist: 61 Votes / Antagonist: 87 Votes] 2 years ago  
I feel like people are missing the deep philosophical point behind this question. Which is do material possessions mean more to you than the people around you or at least have equal importance, and for me they have equal importance. I am not a huge fan of this particular 'Walking Dead' phenomenon, but I do appreciate a fellow "fan." [Yes: 87 Votes / No: 75 Votes] 2 years ago +1
I actually think the original "Batman" serious is fantastic and deserves to be mentioned in the same discussion as "Arrow." Which I honestly thought had more support than this. I was just surprised with all of the fascination with modern television that the more recent show was not the most popular. [Batman: 170 Votes / Arrow: 157 Votes] 2 years ago  
I feel like the dementor might actually kill me with all the despair and stuff I have radiating off of me and I would be okay with it. With Lupin, I feel like even in his werewolf form he is not that deadly. Also, whatever does not kill me will make me stronger. [Lupin: 118 Votes / Dementor: 101 Votes] 2 years ago  
They do have some valid points. [Yes - 21 Votes / No - 36 Votes] 2 years ago  
This needs to be "The Simpsons" next plot point, since it is something they have yet to do. Hippos are such underrated animals, this may be the first time I have actually seen the word "hippopotamus" or heard it for that matter in a very long time. [Elephant: 166 Votes / Hippopotamus: 44 Votes] 2 years ago +1
I do not underestimate the power of the force, but I think people underestimate Doctor Doom just because he is routinely handed defeats every time we see him. [Doom - 43 Votes / Vader - 87 Votes] 2 years ago +1
Its the percentage out of total votes (So for example if there were 5 votes and 3 people voted for what option it would be 60% of the vote, and I just do it on a larger scale.) 2 years ago  
Since I share the dissenting opinion I really want to say that I think Hitler has the potential to be a great leader. It would depend on which system of government Hitler is presiding over whether or not he would be a brutal dictator or not, because I would always rather have a human governing body than one we cannot even communicate with. Hitler rose to power in Germany, if he was elected President in the United States I think things may have turned out very differently, he would still have the same views, yes, but his ability to act on them would not be so extreme. [Dinosaurs: 74 Votes / Hitler: 54 Votes] 2 years ago  
I used to, but now I almost wish for it. I feel most people are afraid of what the reaction to their death will be rather than death itself, most people want to die knowing that their death means something to somebody. Since I share the majority opinion I do not really feel the need to defend it, but I will leave everyone reading this with this thought...coming face to face with your own mortality is different than actually dying. [Yes: 463 Votes / No: 523 Votes] 2 years ago +4
A: 410 Votes / B: 410 Votes. We would both definitely have different reasons for doing this, but I would rather have him shoot me because we have not really even seen each other for a long time and I am just really tired. 2 years ago  
My password usually ends up being a word, but I should probably change that at some point to make it more difficult to hack. However, it would make even more sense to use both of them to continue to trip people up. At least I never use "password," I think everyone has learned from that mistake by now. [Made up word: 151 Votes / Nonword: 68 Votes] 2 years ago  
Neither, but since thats not an option. It really does not matter who is hotter, the story is about The Hunger Games and how it affects society, this crap is irrelevant. [Peeta: 942 Votes / Gale: 710 Votes] 2 years ago  
Dissenting Opinion: I prefer Nightwing because it really shows the complexity that can go into a sidekick role. I love that there is always a new Robin to replace the old one that forms their own new superhero identity, and Nightwing was the originator of that idea. I would normally try to force the Robin moniker on him, but I just cannot because he really has come into his own as Nightwing and I support that. I am a huge Spiderman fan, obviously, but Nightwing is criminally underrated given what he has done for sidekicks. [Nightwing: 28 Votes / Spiderman: 65 Votes] 2 years ago  
I mean at least Kim Jong Un is still in power, to me that shows he is the better leader. Not too much is known about North Korea, for all we know Jong Un could have a deep love for the people of North Korea and treat them amazingly. 5 years ago the people of North Korea actually questioned whether Kim Jong Un was even experienced enough to lead the country, and here he is still the leader, so at the very least I can count him being an effective leader. [Un: 30 Votes / Castro: 112 Votes] 2 years ago +1
I share the majority opinion so I will just say that nobody in the world should have to go hungry, if we ended hatred there would still be people in the world dying, I doubt them not hating anything would really make that any better. [A: 142 Votes / B: 112 Votes] 2 years ago  
Given that I share the majority opinion here I do not really feel the need to defend it, especially since the only dissenting opinion seems to be "I already answered this." Allow me to just use this space to say: NOBODY CARES HOW MANY TIMES A QUESTION HAS BEEN ASKED. [Yes: 195 Votes / No: 55 Votes] 2 years ago +1
Your authors comment probably describes every dating website out there, which is why none of them are worth it. "Dating" just becomes a euphemism for a lot more perverse acts. I prefer an actual person rather than an avatar, the show "Catfish" is the definition of why this is a bad idea. [A: 20 Votes / B: 125 Votes] 2 years ago  
I honestly do not understand how someone can "dislike" cats, its not as though they (or any animal really) care one way or the other if humans interact with them. I mean not enough people on this poll alone like cats so they are most certainly not overrated especially considering most people have dogs as pets. Cats only smell when someone is not taking care of them properly, honestly not to sound all crazy cat lady here, but having more than one cat always makes them better. [Yes: 258 Votes / No: 91 Votes] 2 years ago  
Look at Obama, hes been president for almost a decade and people still question his heritage, an Indian-American getting elected would have to be the most American looking and sounding Indian out there, and even then its unlikely. It would be kind of difficult to tell a Native American that they are not natural born citizens. [A: 62 Votes / B: 48 Votes] 2 years ago  
Its "BASED" on a true story, that means in drew upon true events, but is not entirely true in itself. This could mean that the plot is true or only half true, its essentially a lie, in which it has a kernel of truth which makes it convincing. Some movies could be entirely true, but they are probably the minority, most of them probably were inspired by a true story but changed some of the events to fit their plot and be more appealing to moviegoers. [Yes: 106 Votes / No: 205 Votes] 2 years ago +1
Hard to get is kind of how I would describe myself, so its probably best if the other person is also. Furthermore, I don't care whos favorite anime character it is, being a creepy stalker is still being a creepy stalker. [Hard to get: 75 Votes / Weirdo: 62 Votes] 2 years ago  
They are both wrong, so... [A: 93 Votes / B: 57 Votes] 2 years ago  
As long as you are doing in a respectful and intelligent manner that lends itself to reasonable discussion then absolutely not. Some people need to learn to express their emotions better though, if someone begins talking to you about this subject and you feel hurt by it, let them know that, don't just walk away hating that person, it is totally possible that hurting you was never their intention. As for the statement "everyone has the right to state their opinion," I do not think that is so because some people do intentionally try to hurt others when saying something so it would be wrong for a person like that to criticize religion, but anyone who is mature enough to have an intellectually discussion about the topic is free to criticize as they please. [Yes: 154 Votes / No: 143 Votes] 2 years ago  
Why shouldn't it exist? You havent really made a legitimate claim as to why it shouldnt, its been a thing for nearly two centuries, its place is a group of people who did not feel comfortable under the banner of The Netherlands so they declared independence from them. Belgium was at one point considered neutral soil in Europe, making it fitting for there not to be a Belgian language and for it to be made up of an assortment of other European heritages. Belgium was shaped by war and battles for freedom. 2 years ago  
Obviously then the people that live there believe that their French culture added to the others Flemish culture equates to a brand new culture that they have branded Belgian. Key phrase "the basic idea," proving that even you know more goes into the creation of a nation state than simply the culture the lives within it. I am sure not all of the people in those countries identify as simply "Portuguese, French, German, etc." that does not mean that those countries should cease to exist. Belgium has its place just as all of those other countries do. 2 years ago  
Nationality and ethnicity do not always go hand in hand. 2 years ago  
BS, Belgium's demographics has nothing to do with whether or not YOU think it should be a country. You may not be my history teacher, but you definitely need to go consult your own. 2 years ago  
Why would you even ask the question if you werent prepared to issue a statement about said question. 2 years ago  
Okay, fine. It seemed that way to me. Nobody is forcing you to answer anything though. In fact, in a tournament situation they probably would rather you not answer at all. 2 years ago  
Moron thats why I havent made the tournament yet. Im waiting until I have the idea. Your comment is wrong as you obviously didnt actually read mine, or at the very least read it and only took what you wanted from it to try and make yourself seem intelligent. You seem the type to get bored easily regardless. I owe you nothing, and when I do make a tournament I hope it is everything you dont want it to be. It doesnt matter to me if you vote on tournaments or not, you clearly just have an extreme dislike for tournaments, as evidenced by your obvious hyperbole in your question, youve replied to most of the comments here and all of them are you being overly aggressive to the original commenter for no reason, none of us are on this site to please you. 2 years ago  
I need space, I want to have a lot of things and I do not like having to cram everything into a tiny area like I do now. I would use every room for something, heck even if I had three different bedrooms I would sleep in a different room each night. [A: 28 Votes / B: 48 Votes] 2 years ago  
Thats the best thing about this site, if anything there should be more tournaments, I am currently trying to decide the next tournament that I am going to do. This site makes it so easy to do tournaments, I would be severely let down if people did not take advantage of it. People don't care about most questions on this site. I say more tournaments tbh, and I am going to be the one that starts the next one as I can decide what to do it on. [Yes: 33 Votes / No: 9 Votes] 2 years ago  
OH "show not voted" was banned from the site? I thought I was the only one it didnt work for. 2 years ago  
All the hate Reigns gets is so annoying, I still do not think either one of these guys has earned anything yet, but people getting unnecessary hate annoys me so much. There really is nothing to hate about either of these two guys. You may not be a fan of them, and thats cool, but wrestling fans seem to take everything so damn personally. [Ambrose: 31 Votes / Reigns: 45 Votes] 2 years ago  
This would be risking serious damage to your body and would definitely alter your life forever, only the money itself should be altering your life in a scenario such as this. [Yes: 21 Votes / No: 34 Votes] 2 years ago  
If nothing else to clear his name, it is so terrible that his legacy is forever connected to such a tragic event that I still believe there is doubt he is guilty of, at least Eddie will be remembered for the great man he was. Even if Benoit really is guilty of those terrible acts it is so blatantly obvious he was not in his right state of mind when he did it. [Benoit: 100 Votes / Guerrero: 138 Votes] 2 years ago +1
If this match actually had taken place The Rock probably would have been defeated, seeing as Triple H defeated Sting at the event. [The Rock: 106 Votes / Triple H: 26 Votes] 2 years ago  
I like them both. [Doink: 11 Votes / Santino: 19 Votes] 2 years ago  
Yeah just get in the car with whoever picks you up, that sounds incredibly safe. The real problem with hitchhiking is you put yourself in a position where you have almost no control, giving up too much control is usually a recipe for disaster. [Yes: 12 Votes / No: 58 Votes] 2 years ago +1
The doctor will be critical in situations such as those, if the doctor feels that the child is incapable of making the decision themselves then the choice reverts to the doctor and they decided what is best. You are correct small children "often" do the things you described, but I do believe that there are some small children who are capable of such things. 2 years ago +1
I still enjoy both shows, and I couldnt be happier that "Family Guy" has been resurrected after being cancelled twice, theres nothing I like better than a show surviving cancellation. The reason I voted for "American Dad" is simply because "Family Guy" IS that much more popular that it has survived cancellation, it already has all of the credit it needs, whereas "American Dad" needs all the support it can get should it ever be cancelled. [FG: 45 Votes / AD: 23 Votes] 2 years ago  
Not because students need to learn how to interact with the opposite gender whoever came up with that hot garbage, but because its sexist. [Yes: 6 Votes / No: 80 Votes] 2 years ago +1
What the heck kind of question is this. You provide no reason why this question is even necessary. [Yes: 76 Votes / No: 24 Votes] 2 years ago  
Everyone already rates 'Lost' over the moon, lets give recognition to a show that doesnt get it very often but totally deserves it. [Lost: 41 Votes / Bones: 26 Votes] 2 years ago +1
This one actually surprises me, I thought both of these were hit shows. [A - 34 Votes / B - 15 Votes] 2 years ago  
See more mega shows haha. [A - 34 Votes / B - 16 Votes] 2 years ago  
I feel like Round 2 is just a battle of the mega hits versus the somewhat cult following shows, I wonder what Round 1 was, probably a bunch of blowouts. [TBBT - 51 Votes / Suits - 14 Votes] 2 years ago  
I would be stunned if 'Friends' loses this entire tournament. [Friends - 36 Votes / Two and a Half Men - 25 Votes] 2 years ago  
I agree people should not text and drive and should be fined for doing so, but I dont feel its such a crime that people should lose their cars for doing it. [Agree - 20 Votes / Disagree - 43 Votes] 2 years ago +1
Assuming this means life altering decisions then yes obviously, and if anything else, they should be made by the children themselves. If something needs to be done in order for the child to survive I think the doctors are most qualified to make that call. It does not make any sense for the child to be taken to the doctor in the first place if what they said was going to be completely disregarded. In the case of abortion, the answer should always be "no," so that right there would not be an issue. I also do not think money and medical care should be associated, the government should pay for medical care, it makes no sense that if I am sitting here dying of cancer the hospital should make me pay to save myself or live as long as possible. Case and point, either the child should have final say over their own medical needs or the doctors determine what is best based on their training. [Agree - 56 Votes / Disagree - 45 Votes] 2 years ago  
Eating something will always be better than eating nothing, logically speaking. And your question is specifically referencing ONE meal, so eating junk food for just one meal is not going to give you diabetes or anything. [Yes - 46 Votes / No - 86 Votes] 2 years ago +2
Who cares. [A - 33 Votes / B - 67 Votes] 2 years ago  
Honestly I never got the appeal behind doing stuff thats harmful to your body for some cheap thrill (or whatever the hell "vaping" is). I am more about culture and class. [Yes - 6 Votes / No - 25 Votes] 2 years ago +1
I wouldnt have much of a problem with this, mashed potatoes are delicious af. [A - 9 Votes / B - 13 Votes] 2 years ago  
The future is lame and sucks. At least I know what happens with the past. [Rewind: 13 Votes / Fast Forward: 2 Votes] 2 years ago  
I would my child as an extension of myself, so if my child suffers I suffer, and there would be no reason for my child to continue to suffer if I could take it away. [Me: 19 Votes / Child: 3 Votes] 2 years ago  
Even though I agree 1000% some people should definitely not be having children it is a right that even animals have and nobody should have to earn that right. Besides, who is it that determines who should be teaching these classes or what information is on the test, there is no one correct way to parent, obviously there are loads of bad ways, but there is no accurate predictor of human behavior. To be perfectly frank, I think the government has far too much control over parents and their children as it is, if it becomes a situation where stepping in becomes absolutely necessary then yes I agree with it, but there needs to be a way to determine that that is not a huge invasion of people's lives. [A - 24 Votes / B - 39 Votes] 2 years ago  
What? 2 years ago  
I definitely disagree, I mean when you have things like Tekken, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and a whole host of other things out there. [A - 36 Votes / B - 23 Votes] 2 years ago +1
wow I didnt realize how immensely popular Bane is....poor Atom CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED [Bane - 45 Votes / Atom: 16 Votes] 2 years ago  
Suicide? Why, why would I give up my last 48 hours like that? [A - 48 Votes / B - 8 Votes] 2 years ago  
"First term," mate I have some terrible news for you, this specific brand of hell is just getting started so strap in. [Welcome - 35 Votes / Wait - 48 Votes] 2 years ago +1
If people are keeping any animals as pets then all animals should be allowed, obviously this privilege should be revoked in the case of animal abusers. This will guarantee protection and love, I would much rather see an animal placed in the care of a home than in a zoo or left in the wild because they could be brutally slaughtered at any moment and no one would care. Endangered species should definitely be the ones kept as pets more than anything the person should just have to be prove immeasurably that they are responsible enough. [Agree - 46 Votes / Disagree - 39 Votes] 2 years ago  
I mean happy birthday, but people have been doing this for years now, and I still dont see the point. [A - 59 Votes / B - 27 Votes] 3 years ago +1
A - 31 Votes / B - 83 Votes 3 years ago +1
Really put a lot of thought into this one didnt ya mate [A - 804 Votes / B - 176 Votes] 3 years ago  
Knowing people like you for you and not your money is an amazing feeling. Besides poor is so relative, perhaps I have enough to survive. At least my friends will not be constantly begging me to buy them stuff. [Rich - 60 Votes / Poor - 51 Votes] 3 years ago +1
All I really need is a million dollars, that should honestly be enough to have a decent living for a while. [A - 427, 595 Votes / B - 63, 893 Votes] 3 years ago  
There is way too much god crap on this post. [A - 156, 870 Votes / B - 225, 740 Votes] 3 years ago +1
I like both, and they do not taste the same. [Pepsi - 222, 661 Votes / Coca Cola - 432, 224 Votes] 3 years ago  
At least as a Nazi you are thinking clearly and theres a chance you might turn your life around. [A - 42 Votes / B - 31 Votes] 3 years ago  
If it was a half naked boy it would be a different story. [A - 1,281 Votes / B - 891 Votes] 3 years ago  
Not everything is about getting dates. [Yes - 61 Votes / No - 104 Votes] 3 years ago  
I watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette to see losers get rejected, competing on that show isn't worth anyones time. [Bachelor - 18 Votes / Big Brother - 30 Votes] 3 years ago  
Nothing is worth losing limbs over. That's just about one of the worst fates that could befall you. [Slow typer - 70 Votes / Lose a toe - 39 Votes] 3 years ago  
Am I supposed to know who this is or something? [Yay - 30 Votes / Nay - 74 Votes] 3 years ago  
I'm the one who is never happy, that's my thing, why would I want a friend who fills up the same role? [Always - 116 Votes / Never - 11 Votes] 3 years ago  
If nothingness awaits me either way I would rather just get it over with. [Life + Nothingness - 151 Votes / Nothingness - 36 Votes] 3 years ago  
[A - 818 Votes / B - 818 Votes] Both couldn't be more irrelevant. 3 years ago  
'A' is in all honesty one of the best songs that I have heard in quite a while, and I hope that Lukas Graham isn't simply one of the countless 1-Hit wonders I'm so fond of. Meanwhile, Posner has had a few hits for me too, but this just wasn't one of them I'm afraid, I'm sure it has its fans though. [Graham - 38 Votes / Posner - 31 Votes] 3 years ago  
Better proportioned. Besides, in ancient times its very likely both of these already existed, but got phased out due to evolution and such. [A - 54 Votes / B - 54 Votes] 3 years ago  
I am offended both as a horse and a cow, how dare you. [A Laughing Horse - 620, 965 Votes / Hungry Cow - 136, 309 Votes] 3 years ago  
I don't play minecraft, but the world could use less sheep than pigs. [Pig - 540 Votes / Sheep - 541 Votes] 3 years ago  
Honestly what dog doesnt 3 years ago  
The hate it gets is just ridiculous, one commenter refers to it as a "gay dance show," seriously lame and makes no sense. [Yes - 1,555 Votes / No - 1,221 Votes] 3 years ago +1
Both seems like a good and popular option. [A - 1, 694 Votes / B - 1, 693 Votes] 3 years ago +1
This would really show those people who say "nothing in life is free," or maybe it won't, but I'd certainly like to try. [Free - 83 Votes / Money - 63 Votes] 3 years ago  
This is actually insulting to me as Kentucky is my favorite state. The really wasn't much difference between these choices though. [A - 24 Votes / B - 48 Votes] 3 years ago  
Weed sucks. [A - 688 Votes / B - 52 Votes] 3 years ago  
[A - 106 Votes / B - 14 Votes] 3 years ago  
I don't think lime juice is really bad enough to go take a life. [Lime juice - 66 Votes / Shoot someone - 52 Votes] 3 years ago  
Now its your first year on RRRather. [Whatever - 82 Votes / Congratulations - 75 Votes] 3 years ago  
Everyone seems to be forgetting that Antman exists, proving that becoming an ant can be useful. [Fly - 320 Votes / Ant - 35 Votes] 3 years ago  
Younger is really creepy. No, it's just weird for someone to be dating someone that much younger than them, people need to stop rationalizing weird. [A - 46 Votes / B - 65 Votes] 3 years ago  
Can't believe people are still hating on this, let it go, people like it. [A - 24 Votes / B - 90 Votes] 3 years ago  
More episodes. Watching The Governor die again will be tough though. The first season was far too short. What I really want to do is watch the beginning while reading the comics from the beginning as well, but if we are just discussing which seasons to watch by themselves this is my answer. [TWD + TWD2 - 46 Votes / TWD3 + TWD4 - 37 Votes] 3 years ago +1
Nothing wrong with this. This actually exists and I feel as though this question was meant for baggy clothing to win. [A - 39 Votes / B - 76 Votes] 3 years ago  
I don't need these people in my business, all I seek is conversation about the topics posted on here, nothing more nothing less. [No - 64 Votes / Yes - 73 Votes] 3 years ago  
Youre asking this homophobic 1950s relics this question, you can't be shocked at the results. [A - 38 Votes / B - 76 Votes] 3 years ago  
They are different words for a reason. Irony is when something unexpected happens, and coincidence is when something happens by chance. The unexpected does not always happen by chance. [Yes - 23 Votes / No - 81 Votes] 3 years ago  
As much as war is terrible and pointless, disease takes more lives, and that's always how things should be decided. War does not make anything interesting, it causes more problems than it solves, and that's not interesting. We all know disease kills more people, but it's also a far more dangerous weapon than war, you can pull people out if they are hurt by war, someone being afflicted by a disease is far more difficult to help. [War - 48 Votes / Disease - 81 Votes] 3 years ago  
"Unkind" is too relative a term, anything could be construed as "unkind." But, just being dumb is a virus. [A - 62 Votes / B - 79 Votes] 3 years ago  
Having had a trackpad for so long, I miss how much easier the mouse was, having the left and right click at the bottom is really misplaced in my opinion. [Mouse - 304 Votes / Trackpad - 62 Votes] 3 years ago  
I have lost my best friend, doing it again wouldn't hurt nearly as much. [A - 55 Votes / B - 41 Votes] 3 years ago  
Console is always better. [PC - 66 Votes / Console - 31 Votes] 3 years ago  
'B' is basically how I feel, and it isn't so bad. They spend time with you occasionally, it's not as though you never do anything together, it's just you aren't a normal family, and it pains you to see other families who are so much closer than your own. [A - 52 Votes / B - 98 Votes] 3 years ago  
As I've said before rule number one, anything against money, you always go with the money. [A - 44 Votes / B - 63 Votes] 3 years ago  
Yeah....the most we know about people on here is a profile picture, that's not really enough for this sort of thing, besides in most cases when its some prize vs money, you always take the money, everyone knows that. [A - 49 Votes / B - 175 Votes] 3 years ago  
I usually only vote after other users have voted, I'm never the first one to vote on it, I usually do it to balance the votes out because I usually like both options for my own questions. [Vote - 85 Votes / No Vote - 64 Votes] 3 years ago  
If the Illuminati was real its more plausible that they are responsible for ebola than Paul Walker's death, as Paul Walker's death was obviously not caused by outside interference. [Ebola - 68 Votes / Walker's death - 50 Votes] 3 years ago  
Reincarnation is actually totally plausible, and that's why I believe it, it makes the most sense to me than any other thought. Heaven and hell just seem to be rooted in mythology and I don't see how something like that would happen to everyone. [Reincarnation - 47 Votes / Hell and heaven - 55 Votes] 3 years ago  
I don't think everyone who doesn't believe in evolution is an idiot, but I don't think evolution is really something you can or cannot believe in, I'm sure it's already been established as a thing. [Faith - 74 Votes / Evidence - 172 Votes] 3 years ago  
I want one though, they still have their uses. [Yes - 77 Votes / No - 101 Votes] 3 years ago  
I have been skinny forever and my siblings are too, but I'm okay with it. [Strength - 145 Votes / Smarts - 51 Votes] 3 years ago  
It really is just an excuse created by losers who can't accept that someone doesn't feel the same way about them. It's a product of all this macho toughness stuff that guys always need or they feel insecure. They think "oh were just too close as friends, theres no other reason why this person wouldn't go out with me," when there probably is a far more valid actually reason. [Yes - 101 Votes / No - 59 Votes] 3 years ago  
I already know its extremely painful, why don't I need to know exactly how much pain it is. The only people who should even think about using this are men who underestimate how painful it is. [Yes - 32 Votes / No - 105 Votes] 3 years ago  
Nobody is ever truly "needed" by anyone else. [Wanted - 542 Votes / Needed - 564 Votes] 3 years ago +1
I honestly don't feel like people don't know enough about Cyborg to properly answer this. [Cyborg - 29 Votes / Iron Man - 114 Votes] 3 years ago  
I have had so many and never told anyone (except my best friend) any of them, and I don't even have my best friend any more. [Keep it - 43 Votes / Tell everyone - 26 Votes] 3 years ago  
Because questions should provoke discussion and if everyone agrees then what discussion is there to be had, but it is highly unlikely that everyone would agree anyway, that's just a statistical improbability. It's not because they aren't good questions, its because there is simply no such thing, everyone agreeing on something is just never going to happen and people need to accept that reality. [Comment - 45 Votes / IDK - 76 Votes] 3 years ago +1
The "lol guy" is just so stupid, like look at how dumb it looks, at least Vegeta actually looks dignified. [9000 - 53 Votes / lol guy - 37 Votes] 3 years ago  
It's a good game no doubt, but I don't think its the greatest video game of all time. I don't care about the graphics, games don't have to look like real life, but it really is a rather simple side-scroller. People are just dying for nostalgia these days. [Yay - 68 Votes / Boo - 50 Votes] 3 years ago  
B would be pointless, not only do I not want anyone banned, but banning "haters" does not eliminate negativity, and that negativity will most likely descend into hatred at some point. The haters do not make this site fun, but banning them would certainly make it less fun because that's less people to have an engaging discussion with, haters aren't terrible all the time. Some users should not be banned, UNLESS all they do is fight with everyone. [Positivity - 59 Votes / Banning - 40 Votes] 3 years ago  
Blue is obviously overrated. [Blue - 105 Votes / Purple - 47 Votes] 3 years ago  
I don't see how the wouldn't be cool. What sucks is when they reveal their identity far too easily and to like everybody to the point where it isn't really secret, because its awesome when someone finds it out accidentally and outs them to the entire world, seeing how they handle that and still save the world is always compelling. [Cool - 40 Votes / Not cool - 19 Votes] 3 years ago  
But this doesn't mean that whatever means they use to justify this are right. But, the question says "socially," and I don't think a company really has any obligation to make the world a better place. [Agree - 18 Votes / Disagree- 64 Votes] 3 years ago  
Exams are so much easier than homework for me, homework is far more time consuming, studying can take as long as you want it to. Studying and homework are definitely 2 separate things, and as long as you pay attention in class you shouldn't have study that long. Homework is only important for the next class anyway, studying you may need later in life because the overall course is what really matters not little sections of it. [Studying - 233 Votes / Homework - 126 Votes] 3 years ago  
No self-respecting crew would join a shipless pirate, at that point the pirates just some crazy guy talking about a treasure that doesn't exist. The ship makes the pirate. You think the Flying Dutchman would try and get a crew without a ship, his ship died with him for crying out loud! [Ship - 102 Votes / Crew - 84 Votes] 3 years ago  
I'm offended at how annoying Twilight haters are, we get it Twilight isn't your most favorite thing ever, give it a rest already. Not saying Twilights amazing or anything, but after all the hate its gotten, it honestly looks better in my eyes. I like Harry Potter, but it gets the appreciation it deserves, and quite frankly Twilight does not. [Twilight - 109 Votes / Harry Potter - 672 Votes] 3 years ago +2
When is it ever right to obliterate an entire group of people..it isn't even as if the Europeans had the land first, that would have made it at least somewhat understandable, but regardless they didn't have to kill them all, a peaceful solution could have been reached. [Yes - 28 Votes / No - 202 Votes] 3 years ago  
Honestly though WHO is Troy Ainkman. [Brady - 177 Votes / Ainkman - 44 Votes] 3 years ago  
"Eat it another way," as in not at all. Cheese is basically intolerable regardless, so just eating plain cheese is not appealing at all to me. Any share of string cheese that I am supposed to have can go to someone else, I will pass with pleasure. [A - 58 Votes / B - 108 Votes] 3 years ago  
I would rather have a loving pet than something I'm not particularly fond of, PB&Js are so plain and ordinary that I've outgrown them. More into PB&H now. [PB&J - 43 Votes / Llama - 92 Votes] 3 years ago  
I guess you are referring to them thinking about you in heaven, so the question really is do you believe in heaven, which I think the results accurately answered. [You - 56 Votes / Them - 12 Votes] 3 years ago  
There is death in this world, a lot of it, at least in "Harry Potter" EVERYONE has the capability to defend themselves. If I'm a "nobody wizard" I doubt I am going to be in very many situations where my life will be on the line, but even so I have an education, I may be a "nobody wizard" but that doesn't mean I suck at wizardry. I just want to escape reality. [Potter - 507, 139 Votes / Real life - 901, 580 Votes] 3 years ago  
Highly unlikely. Nobodys that desperate. [Yes - 79 Votes / Maybe - 90 Votes] 3 years ago  
Again, all of this name stuff is just a result of society. [Boy - 101 Votes / Girl - 105 Votes] 3 years ago  
I'd rather study, but I highly doubt I actually will. My problem is doing school work seems like a chore to me, and I detest chores. I am also really bad at studying anyway, I didn't study until I got to college and I do not have a technique. [Study - 86 Votes / Not study - 74 Votes] 3 years ago  
Seriously there was literally just a point in rrrather history where every question had to involve Bieber in some way, no matter how ridiculous. [Matrix - 799 Votes / Bieber - 3, 198 Votes] 3 years ago  
I'd rather not strip someone of their right to do something. The only problem with 'A' is that the "intelligent people" would get into A LOT of arguments/fights for saying what they have to say. Not saying I'm one of the intelligent people or anything, but that is precisely why I rarely voice my opinion, because it always leads to an argument. [Intelligent - 164 Votes / Unintelligent - 157 Votes] 3 years ago  
I hate having to repeat myself regardless of who it is, heck I hate when other people have to repeat themselves, modern science should be working on helping everyone have healthy basic human functions. [Repeat - 118 Votes / Chewing - 70 Votes] 3 years ago  
Watching only horror movies could be seriously depressing, and I'm depressed enough as it is. Also, I'm not the biggest horror fan either. But, most comedy movies all rely on some stereotypes that I find loathsome, but that's still better than only horror. [Horror - 61 Votes / Comedy - 322 Votes] 3 years ago  
True, there was a jailbreak and what is suspected to be a retaliation attack in Unit 731, but I have not heard anything of the sort in reference to Auschwitz. Chemical and Biological testing are better than straight up extermination. You have the same unlikely chance of survival, but at least in Unit 731 they were not inherently trying to kill everyone. [731 - 111 Votes / Auschwitz - 81 Votes] 3 years ago  
The story never states that it's an egg, one could put a picture to go along with it as whatever they want the picture to be of. They absolutely need to state it, because the story would have been created before the pictures, so whoever drew interpreted the story to be about an egg, it's up to everyone's interpretation. [Yes - 148 Votes / No - 142 Votes] 3 years ago  
No sense in killing a living thing if I can eat something delicious, this isn't "Fear Factor." [Marshmallows - 188 Votes / Ladybugs - 85 Votes] 3 years ago  
How the heck is Homer losing this vote so badly, this can't be about which is the better father because so many things are different about their universes and ours. And Homer is a good father, he just doesn't have the IQ that many other fathers have. I didn't read this question as which was the better father either, and like I said, they are rather incomparable. [Simpson - 39 Votes / Incredible - 60 Votes] 3 years ago  
This is a terrible idea, unless a situation is getting seriously out of hand even interference by alex is unnecessary, but Alex is the only moderation this site needs, otherwise it will just become a site of oppression with so many questions being stifled and people being banned, which is just not needed. The best thing about this site is that it's so open and everyone can share their ideas WITHOUT being moderated. [Yes - 41 Votes / No - 110 Votes] 3 years ago  
This is all just society's garbage. Most people view it as a male's name because that's what society has denoted it as, but really it should be either. All this labelling society does is really annoying. [Boy - 170 Votes / Girl - 15 Votes] 3 years ago +2
It would honestly depend on how close to me he is, but I doubt it would be very difficult to disarm a common street mugger, they are not usually especially skilled. I have been robbed before and ever since it happened, I promised I would never let it happen again. Also, I am not afraid to die. [Give him - 33 Votes / Disarm him - 73 Votes] 3 years ago  
At least I still get to be me as a slave, I imagine the only difference between being a slave and being controlled is your mental capacity. [Slave - 37 Votes / Controlled - 49 Votes] 3 years ago +1
It would have been better if that is how you phrased the original question. 3 years ago  
Where is the neither option, these kinds of tournaments aren't even worth doing. [Future - 78 Votes / Tyga - 72 Votes] 3 years ago  
Neither sucked. This question really limits our options, not all of us "hated" these games. Not all of us have pretty terrible opinions in games. [3 - 20 Votes / Judgement - 41 Votes] 3 years ago  
Why would I be here just during the summer, it isn't some beach resort. Its just during school I'm on way less than I am during the summer, but I'm hardly on at all anyway. [All year - 114 Votes / Summer - 15 Votes] 3 years ago  
I have done "B" far too many times and know how exhausting it can be, I would literally rather just be dead that's how intolerable it is for me. Anyone who picks "B" though can start with the grammar Nazis for me. [Extinct - 50 Votes / Debate - 98 Votes] 3 years ago  
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