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Would you rather Have Sex with someone you are just friends with or Make out with a complete stranger 4 months ago 65 votes 7 comments 0 likes

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Me too 5 months ago  
55% of you are bad 5 months ago  
Generally an abortion takes place before the baby is even alive. 5 months ago  
Grizzly Rage 5 months ago  
..... 5 months ago  
Of course 5 months ago  
Sometimes luck plays into cancer 5 months ago  
I'm not a conservative 5 months ago  
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. 5 months ago  
Superior strategist 5 months ago +1
It's going to a lot longer the next a few months in fact not withen are lifetime probably 5 months ago  
Oh I know I am smart 5 months ago  
Green and Liberian parties need more attention 5 months ago  
Choose better by mistake 5 months ago  
You.......You should have gone for the head! 5 months ago  
Whichever individual is a better person 5 months ago  
Wag their boobs 5 months ago  
You A you die 5 months ago  
Personally and courge 5 months ago  
You picked B 5 months ago  
110 year diffrence who cares about the pain 5 months ago  
That's such a random question 5 months ago  
Ask for his option on today's politics 5 months ago  
Ehh either way xD 5 months ago  
Me too 5 months ago  
No ahold have said Mace >. 5 months ago  
Should have said B 5 months ago  
Already suck at A :( 5 months ago  
Yay either way 5 months ago  
Better for the environment and gold will always have value 5 months ago  
I would one for myself and my date 5 months ago  
DKR! 5 months ago  
North Korea, Mexico, India, Russia and Japan vs U.S.A, Canada, United Kingdom, Pakistan, and Australia. Team 2 wins 5 months ago  
No the Left is always right 5 months ago  
Wrong one 5 months ago  
XD 5 months ago  
Stop poaching all the way 5 months ago  
I'm a shy guy 5 months ago  
Far more honest 5 months ago +1
Running from a cop is a felony 5 months ago  
And make North Korea a good place unlike what it is today 5 months ago  
Skyla for looks and personality 5 months ago  
3000 Zombie apocalypse 5 months ago  
You could still travel on land 5 months ago  
I regret my choice I wanna cure disease 5 months ago  
My brother had brain cancer literally the last person it should have happened to rip buddy :( 5 months ago  
That has to be the cruelist question ever 5 months ago  
Yeah get rich then go Mars and put the snitch behind bars. 5 months ago  
No 5 months ago  
Sorry to hear that :( 5 months ago  
I thought it said Haste not hate 5 months ago  
Choose wrong one 5 months ago  
Neither 5 months ago  
I support everyone except suffice of course 5 months ago  
Far better the environment and the bank 5 months ago  
I be a great cop 5 months ago  
Brown hair FTW! 5 months ago  
No polor bears are biggee 5 months ago  
Duh 5 months ago  
Duh Green btw 5 months ago  
Wrong one 5 months ago  
Zoo 5 months ago  
Who are they? 5 months ago  
I change my mind ghost 5 months ago  
WTF man 5 months ago  
Gen 3 for sure 5 months ago  
30-31% who said B are lying morons. 5 months ago  
Sharks are much less aggressive generally but they are much more active 5 months ago  
I don't know who they are but I'd kill myself if I was a Kardashian 5 months ago  
N64! Do a barell roll! 5 months ago  
Wrong one 5 months ago  
Overrated 5 months ago  
Hell No 5 months ago  
Barry is annoying 5 months ago  
.... 5 months ago  
I'm not a coward 5 months ago  
Caliee Spiley 5 months ago  
B is the worst possible combo ever. 5 months ago  
I got Sweden which is sweet 5 months ago  
Rofl 5 months ago  
Envirment you need it to survive more and all life depends on it. 5 months ago  
Misclick 5 months ago  
I side with him on about 80% of polical issues according to Isidewith.com 5 months ago  
ROFL 5 months ago  
You should have gone for head. (Snaps fingers) 5 months ago +1
He's 6'5" 5 months ago  
Mistabbed 5 months ago  
Longer may show to much. 5 months ago  
You are cruel for making me choose. 5 months ago  
The future is key 5 months ago  
Oh yeah 5 months ago  
I'm a big total drama fan 5 months ago  
Both 5 months ago  
More badass way to die 5 months ago  
Diagonal 5 months ago  
CMC but pass 5 months ago  
Healthier 5 months ago  
That would destroy you're finances and the envirment 5 months ago  
You can play GBA games on Lite 5 months ago  
..... it was a rip off 5 months ago  
>:( 5 months ago  
It's usally the red wire 5 months ago  
I don't know why I always almost laughed at all the amusing comments 5 months ago  
Only 10 redcoats need to hit and it's over 5 months ago  
2 on 1 5 months ago  
Drake and Josh was bomb for a few years after it was disconnected. 5 months ago  
Rip Milo :( 5 months ago  
Too 5 President of all time easily. 5 months ago  
Nearly a draw though 5 months ago  
... 5 months ago  
People that live at higher altitudes tend to live longer. 5 months ago  
Caliee Spiley 5 months ago  
It can be dangerous to swim at night 5 months ago  
Putting them to sleep / put down 5 months ago  

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