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Would you rather Have Sex with someone you are just friends with or Make out with a complete stranger 9 months ago 66 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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Me too 10 months ago  
55% of you are bad 10 months ago  
Generally an abortion takes place before the baby is even alive. 10 months ago  
Grizzly Rage 10 months ago  
..... 10 months ago  
Of course 10 months ago  
Sometimes luck plays into cancer 10 months ago  
I'm not a conservative 10 months ago  
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. 10 months ago  
Superior strategist 10 months ago +1
It's going to a lot longer the next a few months in fact not withen are lifetime probably 10 months ago  
Oh I know I am smart 10 months ago  
Green and Liberian parties need more attention 10 months ago  
Choose better by mistake 10 months ago  
You.......You should have gone for the head! 10 months ago  
Whichever individual is a better person 10 months ago  
Wag their boobs 10 months ago  
You A you die 10 months ago  
Personally and courge 10 months ago  
You picked B 10 months ago  
110 year diffrence who cares about the pain 10 months ago  
That's such a random question 10 months ago  
Ask for his option on today's politics 10 months ago  
Ehh either way xD 10 months ago  
Me too 10 months ago  
No ahold have said Mace >. 10 months ago  
Should have said B 10 months ago  
Already suck at A :( 10 months ago  
Yay either way 10 months ago  
Better for the environment and gold will always have value 10 months ago  
I would one for myself and my date 10 months ago  
DKR! 10 months ago  
North Korea, Mexico, India, Russia and Japan vs U.S.A, Canada, United Kingdom, Pakistan, and Australia. Team 2 wins 10 months ago  
No the Left is always right 10 months ago  
Wrong one 10 months ago  
XD 10 months ago  
Stop poaching all the way 10 months ago  
I'm a shy guy 10 months ago  
Far more honest 10 months ago +1
Running from a cop is a felony 10 months ago  
And make North Korea a good place unlike what it is today 10 months ago  
Skyla for looks and personality 10 months ago  
3000 Zombie apocalypse 10 months ago  
You could still travel on land 10 months ago  
I regret my choice I wanna cure disease 10 months ago  
My brother had brain cancer literally the last person it should have happened to rip buddy :( 10 months ago  
That has to be the cruelist question ever 10 months ago  
Yeah get rich then go Mars and put the snitch behind bars. 10 months ago  
No 10 months ago  
Sorry to hear that :( 10 months ago  
I thought it said Haste not hate 10 months ago  
Choose wrong one 10 months ago  
Neither 10 months ago  
I support everyone except suffice of course 10 months ago  
Far better the environment and the bank 10 months ago  
I be a great cop 10 months ago  
Brown hair FTW! 10 months ago  
No polor bears are biggee 10 months ago  
Duh 10 months ago  
Duh Green btw 10 months ago  
Wrong one 10 months ago  
Zoo 10 months ago  
Who are they? 10 months ago  
I change my mind ghost 10 months ago  
WTF man 10 months ago  
Gen 3 for sure 10 months ago  
30-31% who said B are lying morons. 10 months ago  
Sharks are much less aggressive generally but they are much more active 10 months ago  
I don't know who they are but I'd kill myself if I was a Kardashian 10 months ago  
N64! Do a barell roll! 10 months ago  
Wrong one 10 months ago  
Overrated 10 months ago  
Hell No 10 months ago  
Barry is annoying 10 months ago  
.... 10 months ago  
I'm not a coward 10 months ago  
Caliee Spiley 10 months ago  
B is the worst possible combo ever. 10 months ago  
I got Sweden which is sweet 10 months ago  
Rofl 10 months ago  
Envirment you need it to survive more and all life depends on it. 10 months ago  
Misclick 10 months ago  
I side with him on about 80% of polical issues according to Isidewith.com 10 months ago  
ROFL 10 months ago  
You should have gone for head. (Snaps fingers) 10 months ago +1
He's 6'5" 10 months ago  
Mistabbed 10 months ago  
Longer may show to much. 10 months ago  
You are cruel for making me choose. 10 months ago  
The future is key 10 months ago  
Oh yeah 10 months ago  
I'm a big total drama fan 10 months ago  
Both 10 months ago  
More badass way to die 10 months ago  
Diagonal 10 months ago  
CMC but pass 10 months ago  
Healthier 10 months ago  
That would destroy you're finances and the envirment 10 months ago  
You can play GBA games on Lite 10 months ago  
..... it was a rip off 10 months ago  
>:( 10 months ago  
It's usally the red wire 10 months ago  
I don't know why I always almost laughed at all the amusing comments 10 months ago  
Only 10 redcoats need to hit and it's over 10 months ago  
2 on 1 10 months ago  
Drake and Josh was bomb for a few years after it was disconnected. 10 months ago  
Rip Milo :( 10 months ago  
Too 5 President of all time easily. 10 months ago  
Nearly a draw though 10 months ago  
... 10 months ago  
People that live at higher altitudes tend to live longer. 10 months ago  
Caliee Spiley 10 months ago  
It can be dangerous to swim at night 10 months ago  
Putting them to sleep / put down 10 months ago  

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