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Trans female going through the transition process.

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    makes it too  
    most if not everyone has done it.  
    if I see after, then I haven't drunk it also, it's another free drink.  
    I've already farted around my crush, He just usually doesn't notice.  
    just not from the city.  
    who hasn't though.  
    what's with all the mom questions?  
    me, oh god that tongue would be so nice.  
    Cows are females. Instead of blow can I get eaten out?  
    I'd rather not have a penis at ally but smaller is better.  
    oh sh*t, i wanna change my answer, I guess I still have hope that I'll actually be like that woman with someone.  
    Rather have a vagina sorry +2
    You never that it wasn't someone I asked to kill me I a specific.  
    Oh like a vagina? Though i'd rather have the surgery.  
    Finger myself.  
    I'd be too busy making out with my date. What you never said I couldn't bring anyone else or that I was ever alone. lol  
    would help get rid of the hair for my transition.  
    it's not like it's stuck there.  
    Have you ever heard of the 69 position? You can just do both.  
    I'll skip thanks.  
    fack yes I would eat myself out.  
    does it count if it's my tampon?  
    why would you put yourself against wow of all things?  
    what friends?  
    I love my mom but not like that.  
    I'm not in school though  
    I can't sing.  
    ugh just imagine having hairy boobs, No thank you.  
    I don't wanna get mugged lol  
    I prefer sour +1
    who are these people?  
    i should really remember to do this more.  
    always go with the guarantee. +1
    People already have a hard time hearing my normal speaking voice anyway.  
    Guns make this a bit easier lol  
    anything but Justin Bieber  
    I donno  
    I've never traveled.  
    Black family, I've already had all the fried chicken I could want.  
    never had either of these, i think.  
    unless were talking about other flavors like cerry.  
    I don't need fame, but money sure would help right about now.  
    already going through HRT  
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