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    ut I want to do both...  
    Bows and arrows Vs. Challenger II.  
    The people who call me a 'loser' are people you want to avoid.  
    Anyone heard of young drivers?  
    Spartan IV suit  
    +50% production.  
    lol 71%  
    They wouldn't be free for long  
    There are coconuts.  
    We were here first. How about you learn to spell it correctly?  
    Laugh at poor people.  
    Poorer people tend to have better personalities.  
    I think this one is obvious.  
    What about food?  
    Much grammar.  
    Wind power is in no way efficient.  
    Full face bicycle helmet.  
    50 / 50  
    These are the unholy slurs of the anti-christ!  
    They speak English moron.  
    And whats that supposed to mean?  
    Yes, but you wouldn't if you chose that option  
    Thats why you chose it then?  
    The serial killer couldd end your life  
    Why not just preserve dinosaurs  
    That's what we're afraid of...  
    Anyone with any understanding of chance will know that it would do it's best to screw you over.  
    But you would also have nothing to go on, nothing to think about and you wouldn't have a clue what people are talking about.  
    Don't like jeans anyway.  
    bit possessive.  
    ...But not THAT fat. +1
    Paraplegic is a medical word for being paralyzed from the waist down. If you're paraplegic, you can't move your legs or anything below the waist, and you have no feeling in those areas either.  
    Or have standards.  
    Just no.  
    Dead Island?!?  
    Because Playstaion is perfect...  
    Who needs to leave the house anyway?  
    That's irrelevant, you would claim to God.  
    Sith get all the cool powers  
    I'll just use my Katana dipped in holy water if anything goes wrong.  
    Then I'd wait for Wargaming to release a new challenge.  
    If you say so...  
    Justin Bieber (Beaver?) IS a 12 year old girl.  
    Young drivers classes.  
    Yeah, but if you just stared, then it would be pretty creepy.  
    At least I'd be the same person  
    Performance could also involve fuel-economy.  
    The lottery is basically a scam.  
    Well I've already seen Star Wars +1
    You're a wizard Harry  
    I prefer Snap ICT.  
    I don't know...  
    Do you seriously value sight that little?  
    I'd rather have a pet dinosaur than a Girlfriend.  
    You mean stealing the glory? What killed Tiger 1's? A Sherman with a British gun.  
    He wasn't suicidal, he committed suicide. There is a difference, however Hitler is better off dead anyway.  
    You do realize that you can follow pages that interest you on Facebook and random stuff does get posted on every social media site don't you?  
    Cancer isn't an illness, it's a mutation of the bodies cells moron.  
    They can and have before.  
    This is provided the Igloo doesn't melt right?  
    For the Xbox - duh...  
    Ever heard of the Drake equation?  
    I stand alone  
    Has sexism started any wars?  
    R8 would be a hell of a lot cheaper to repair and insure  
    At least not everyone in the comments is an elitist.  
    Wow.... I thought no internet would be higher  
    I could get one of those cool blades that Paralympians have  
    They just said 'sick' - you could just get the common cold, seriously man up  
    I could start a cult of cabbage worshipers  
    Yeah cats are so 'nice and clean' when they drag half-eaten birds into your house. I agree totally, Dogs are so filthy.  
    Woo Fascism (Not really)  
    They can be the disposable assets  
    24% of people are Rednecks +1
    Cats CAN eat you  
    I don't care about what I look like...  
    Tesco's own Cola ftw  
    Minecraft? Its all about WoT  
    I choose the Leopard 1 MBT  
    The money that is obtained Illegally could be confiscated anyway.  
    Scurvy anybody?  
    Justin Bieber is a complete and utter asshole to his fans  
    Win compilations are cool, but they have a distinct lack of imbeciles.  
    I saw Bella and clicked the other without reading it.  
    I could be the Worlds best politician.  
    Pfft, who needs a girlfriend / boyfriend?  
    One life or one-hundred lives? (essentially)  
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