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    really? because i only know a few people famous for their wealth -_-  
    she's hotter  
    how would a guy...  
    ...tamed? because i'm pretty sure they will both slaughter you  
    cyah early b*tches  
    im not even going to imagine seeing my crush raped  
    im 14 and it took me a minute to figure this out, im so pure :D +1
    it also said every next one =/ +14
    so my best friend is in love with herself?  
    ill be listening to music while she's screaming at me  
    if they love me they will give me moneys  
    my best friend is my crush +207
    me and my crush are really close friends and i just enjoy being by her  
    i love telling these to my friend because he wont look for loopholes and sh*t  
    would terrible sex mean like a blue waffle or something (im 14)  
    oh wait! that would be kind of gay!!!! what have i done!!!  
    not answering  
    as long as they dont say anything  
    if it's my crush's armpit hair  
    wow my crush must be really important to me  
    i love how british people say mom  
    um 13%? excuse me ? +1
    the person who made this is probably some 5 year old who doesnt know how cool girls can be  
    guys im pretty sure the one person is you, he's pretty bad at wording though +1
    skrew those puppies, im keepin my dog  
    i have terrible luck XD  
    im not even gonna think about it because that would probably traumatize me  
    damnet i want to stay a guy buuuuut i dont wanna be ugly  
    im thir teen  
    huge ass bugs  
    i won too  
    im 13 -.-  
    even if you are good at surfing you can still be mauled by sharks -_-  
    most likely to die oooooor guaranteed death hmmmmmm hard choice  
    i never get caught anyway -.-  
    you can fall in love with them  
    losing a leg would interfere with sex +1
    google is still a thriving buisiness  
    doesnt that mean you are immortal?  
    i have pretty crappy luck so this is obvious  
    super smash bros but im still honored to be competing with mario kart  
    meh idc  
    what if they are ugly -.-  
    i thought the harlem shake was pretty funny ;_;  
    at least i can fight back  
    look like a pimp  
    wow that guy's a petifile  
    omg frozen, that movie was sad  
    by my house there is no sh*t to do outside.  
    wear a horse mask  
    idk its pretty damn fun to dance to  
    um when did people all of a sudden have the selflessness of an anime character  
    by killing hitler i think you would save A LOT more than 5 dead people  
    if im automatically hot i might as well catch up on my studies  
    i chose the right because i made the easy choice, then i thought about the crap put in the media and now i reeeeeaaaally want to change it back  
    it doesnt tell you if you keep your personalities, and i really dont want to lose my amazingness  
    when he says miniature, that means the pig will be small forever!! but...the monkey will completely destroy your house after some years go by  
    why am i miserable 0.o  
    the government would be chasing you forever....no thanks  
    only 10%? hell yes, besides, IT'S INSTANT!  
    HAHAHA even the girls were like "skrew twilight!"  
    magical flying unicorns? or just dangerous horses with horns?  
    13% guys?...um not to be rude here but im pretty sure they are all gay, i hope they realize that they have *** with a guy  
    hmmm idk its pretty hard to breath up in there  
    i think the picture on the right makes it a little biased lol  
    i thought talking to animals was the obvious choice  
    alot of people seem to not be understanding some things: first of all, you always play russian roulette with another person,and also in russian roulette, someone always gets fatally wounded.  
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