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    really? because i only know a few people famous for their wealth -_- 5 years ago  
    not answering nope 5 years ago +2
    dumb 6 year olds 5 years ago  
    it would probably be in a funny way 5 years ago  
    crap wrong one! 5 years ago  
    and also, i love everyone unless they give me a reason otherwise 5 years ago  
    ITS A TRICK 5 years ago +1
    this guy deserves a round of applause for actually being unpredictable! 5 years ago +9
    naked=boner=cant think 5 years ago  
    i might go to hell but i must be straight 5 years ago  
    depends on the chick 5 years ago +2
    10 is when they get boobs right 5 years ago  
    unfortunately there are mentally retarded people on this site too 5 years ago +19
    im not a hater so... 5 years ago  
    how many times have i seen these damn questions 5 years ago  
    yeah because there was a girl who i didnt think about alot, then i met her and she seemed to look 100 times more beautiful 5 years ago  
    crap wrong one 5 years ago +1
    ugly slut 5 years ago  
    if they love me they will give me moneys 5 years ago +1
    she's hotter 5 years ago  
    have sex all the time 5 years ago +4
    i think we all answered this like 50 times 5 years ago  
    how would a guy... 5 years ago  
    ...tamed? because i'm pretty sure they will both slaughter you 5 years ago  
    cyah early b*tches 5 years ago  
    she seems like the type to do that in a funny way 5 years ago +2
    im not even going to imagine seeing my crush raped 5 years ago  
    sorry annoying b*tch 5 years ago  
    dat brown hair doh 5 years ago  
    im 14 and it took me a minute to figure this out, im so pure :D 5 years ago +1
    it also said every next one =/ 5 years ago +14
    NO YOU DIDNT read the question again -.- 5 years ago  
    no partner sooo... 5 years ago  
    soooo cuuuute 5 years ago  
    so my best friend is in love with herself? 5 years ago  
    well, she's naked 5 years ago  
    ill be listening to music while she's screaming at me 5 years ago  
    exactly 5 years ago  
    if they love me they will give me moneys 5 years ago  
    my best friend is my crush 5 years ago +203
    me and my crush are really close friends and i just enjoy being by her 5 years ago  
    i love telling these to my friend because he wont look for loopholes and sh*t 5 years ago  
    would terrible sex mean like a blue waffle or something (im 14) 5 years ago  
    that would just be creepy to just have a penis hanging there 5 years ago  
    my imaginary sister is pretty hot 5 years ago  
    oh wait! that would be kind of gay!!!! what have i done!!! 5 years ago  
    not answering 5 years ago  
    no sister but she does look hot 5 years ago  
    can women have hairy bellies? 5 years ago  
    as long as they dont say anything 5 years ago  
    well i dont have a sister and she looks pretty hot 5 years ago  
    im a peti on the inside 5 years ago  
    you'll have rednecks tryin to shoot you down!!!! 5 years ago +2
    SKREW MYSELF, wait..... 5 years ago  
    arceus looks like a badass 5 years ago +2
    its all about learning spells and getting a free pet owl 5 years ago  
    i always thought there would be someone standing by my bed if i opened my eyes 5 years ago +3
    sorry, i'd rather look like a badass 5 years ago +4
    i thought we all have A 0.o 5 years ago +2
    super powers beats normal crap any day 5 years ago  
    as long as i dont gain weight 5 years ago  
    the piercing ruined it 5 years ago +1
    bad but i still do em :D 5 years ago  
    GTA5 nope 5 years ago  
    actually, if you just put suicide, the death note would make up its own way 5 years ago  
    young looking and hotttothottothot 5 years ago  
    im on a diet 5 years ago  
    if it's my crush's armpit hair 5 years ago  
    HA! i dont have a sister so that just looks like a hot girl! 5 years ago  
    my mom doesnt look that old wtf 5 years ago  
    for somereason it's random for me or i just think of them side by side 5 years ago +1
    you still chose right? 5 years ago  
    super powers beats realism every day 5 years ago +1
    Step 1:get curtains outside 5 years ago  
    we are both poor so whats the point of giving it to someone who probably got poor for a worse reason 5 years ago +3
    wow my crush must be really important to me 5 years ago  
    im black but i would teach him the ways of the white man 5 years ago +2
    sorry but my relatives are all ugly 5 years ago  
    why does the smith have to be black? 5 years ago  
    i thought this was obvious 0.o 5 years ago  
    crap i thought it meant "have that face following you everywhere" because that would be funny 5 years ago +4
    im a guy and i think i might have problems 5 years ago +4
    i'd probably forget im listening to it after a year 5 years ago  
    no 5 years ago  
    wait what about flour? 5 years ago  
    thats diving in the picture -.-, YOU TRICKED ME im pretty sure starfish dont float 5 years ago +2
    i love how british people say mom 5 years ago  
    ive tried a banana peel ITS TERRRRRIBLE 5 years ago +1
    guess we know that there's at least 54 gay guys on this website 5 years ago +1
    like a boss 5 years ago  
    p.s. no legs means no penis 5 years ago  
    ANIME FTW 5 years ago +3
    um 13%? excuse me ? 5 years ago +1
    left pic reminds me of gta5 5 years ago +2
    the person who made this is probably some 5 year old who doesnt know how cool girls can be 5 years ago  
    i dont know im 13! 5 years ago  
    guys im pretty sure the one person is you, he's pretty bad at wording though 5 years ago +1
    america is the only country that cares 5 years ago  
    skrew those puppies, im keepin my dog 5 years ago  
    people dont know how to wink? 5 years ago +4
    cheat 5 years ago  
    i have terrible luck XD 5 years ago  
    im not even gonna think about it because that would probably traumatize me 5 years ago  
    damnet i want to stay a guy buuuuut i dont wanna be ugly 5 years ago  
    im thir teen 5 years ago  
    im black too XD 5 years ago  
    huge ass bugs 5 years ago  
    i won too 5 years ago  
    im 13 -.- 5 years ago  
    even if you are good at surfing you can still be mauled by sharks -_- 5 years ago  
    most likely to die oooooor guaranteed death hmmmmmm hard choice 5 years ago  
    i never get caught anyway -.- 5 years ago  
    you can fall in love with them 5 years ago  
    losing a leg would interfere with sex 5 years ago +1
    google is still a thriving buisiness 5 years ago  
    doesnt that mean you are immortal? 5 years ago  
    i have pretty crappy luck so this is obvious 5 years ago  
    super smash bros but im still honored to be competing with mario kart 5 years ago  
    meh idc 5 years ago  
    what if they are ugly -.- 5 years ago  
    i thought the harlem shake was pretty funny ;_; 5 years ago  
    at least i can fight back 5 years ago  
    they're so cute 5 years ago  
    look like a pimp 5 years ago  
    the slut probably has std's 5 years ago  
    wow that guy's a petifile 5 years ago  
    omg frozen, that movie was sad 5 years ago  
    by my house there is no sh*t to do outside. 5 years ago  
    wear a horse mask 5 years ago  
    um hell yes 5 years ago  
    idk its pretty damn fun to dance to 5 years ago  
    um when did people all of a sudden have the selflessness of an anime character 5 years ago  
    by killing hitler i think you would save A LOT more than 5 dead people 5 years ago  
    if im automatically hot i might as well catch up on my studies 5 years ago  
    i chose the right because i made the easy choice, then i thought about the crap put in the media and now i reeeeeaaaally want to change it back 5 years ago  
    *holds back tears* that one man is making a sacrafice for humanity! 5 years ago  
    it doesnt tell you if you keep your personalities, and i really dont want to lose my amazingness 5 years ago  
    when he says miniature, that means the pig will be small forever!! but...the monkey will completely destroy your house after some years go by 5 years ago  
    why am i miserable 0.o 5 years ago  
    the government would be chasing you forever....no thanks 5 years ago  
    only 10%? hell yes, besides, IT'S INSTANT! 5 years ago  
    hmmmm well since im a guy, i have nothing to lose. 5 years ago  
    HAHAHA even the girls were like "skrew twilight!" 5 years ago  
    magical flying unicorns? or just dangerous horses with horns? 5 years ago  
    13% guys?...um not to be rude here but im pretty sure they are all gay, i hope they realize that they have *** with a guy 5 years ago  
    hmmm idk its pretty hard to breath up in there 5 years ago  
    you have to really just be a duech to vote suicide 5 years ago  
    i think the picture on the right makes it a little biased lol 5 years ago  
    i thought talking to animals was the obvious choice 5 years ago  
    alot of people seem to not be understanding some things: first of all, you always play russian roulette with another person,and also in russian roulette, someone always gets fatally wounded. 5 years ago  
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