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    god had sex with someone and that created the big bang 7 months ago +2
    cut it 1 year ago +1
    much safer 1 year ago  
    bumblebee 1 year ago  
    purple 1 year ago  
    misclick 1 year ago  
    misclick 1 year ago  
    fortnite 1 year ago  
    i went both before,in the same weekend 1 year ago  
    one night stand? 1 year ago  
    not gay 1 year ago  
    yes it did 1 year ago  
    i could said that my Dino ate my homework and get a away with it 1 year ago  
    I'm am not going in that water there could be SHARKS. 1 year ago  
    The date because you can make and do a bucket list before the date even comes. 1 year ago  
    it didn't say what age 1 year ago  
    god made the big bang 1 year ago  
    i can kill hitler 1 year ago  
    bella turns into a vampire 1 year ago +1
    be yourself because everyone else is taken 1 year ago  
    lightsaber 1 year ago  
    both 1 year ago  
    if there is no marriage there is no Divorce 1 year ago  
    Your a lizard larry 1 year ago  
    you're a lizard larry 1 year ago  
    idiot you can still die its in the name in "never age (you can still die)" 1 year ago  
    misclick 1 year ago  
    you can have a computuer 1 year ago  
    with magic you can make money 1 year ago  
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