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Would you rather have a royal parter or loyal parter 9 months ago 60 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a loyal parter or a rich parter 9 months ago 67 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be apart of x-men or the Brotherhood of Mutants 9 months ago 60 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather make all your pain,etc... go to one place in your body or have your pain etc... spread all over your body 9 months ago 61 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which picture look cooler this one or this one 10 months ago 60 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather walk in on your sibling or have your sibling walk in on you 10 months ago 49 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Which is betrer Rich The Kid - New Freezer ft. Kendrick Lamar or Pills & Automobiles 10 months ago 45 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather teach a old dog new tricks or a new dog old tricks 10 months ago 74 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play far cry 5 or assassin's creed origins 10 months ago 75 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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misclick 3 days ago  
can't refund it but can sell it 3 days ago  
they sound the same 3 days ago  
rapper no.actor yes 3 days ago  
hard one 3 days ago +1
Satan backstabed Jesus and god 4 days ago  
I dont feel so good 4 days ago  
more powerful 5 days ago +1
more powerful 5 days ago +1
haven't seen either 5 days ago  
Fast? 1 week ago  
didnt get to watch the rest 1 week ago +2
"I bet you say you leave him for a million dollars she write you a check" 1 week ago +3
i like bulls more than horses 1 week ago +1
assassin creed 1 week ago  
anime boobs 1 week ago  
which one have a t.v and wifi 2 weeks ago  
why do that,when you have money 2 weeks ago +1
misclick 2 weeks ago  
i should be american_jedi 2 weeks ago  
me too 2 weeks ago  
amine for life 2 weeks ago +1
Thanos (Avengers: Infinity War) 2 weeks ago +1
yes i also watch that in on season 13 ep 3 or 4 2 weeks ago +1
if Hitler was to upload his mind Nazis will this be here today 2 weeks ago  
never mind i just reread it "armor (in your size)" 2 weeks ago  
rapid cellular regeneration 2 weeks ago +2
her armor won't fit me 2 weeks ago +2
i have this picture 2 weeks ago +1
this is for you https://www.youtube.com/embed/-DZdsDp2knU 1 month ago  
for the first time in 3 years it snowed in December 1 month ago  
misclick 1 month ago  
really only 4 likes 1 month ago  
What? 1 month ago  
that like what i said 1 month ago  
if you cock-block your dad he might not meet your mom 1 month ago +1
skilled at being lazy 1 month ago  
freezing is cold 1 month ago  
thanks 1 month ago  
i dont know this show or game 1 month ago  
more boobs 2 months ago  
¨Water isn't wet because it is a liquid that wets things. Once you come into contact with water you become wet. Until then water is liquid and you are dry.¨ 2 months ago +2
powers 2 months ago  
im both 2 months ago  
db,dbz,dbgt,dbzkai,dbs,naruto shippuden,boku no hero academia,Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,is my favorite animes 2 months ago  
cut it 2 months ago +1
much safer 2 months ago  
i have bad memory 2 months ago +1
thanks 2 months ago  
a star is just a planet or a space rock moving.right? 2 months ago  
who doesnt 2 months ago  
WTF was that language,what show is that from 2 months ago  
who is b 2 months ago  
dragon ball xenoverse 2 2 months ago  
original gangster 2 months ago  
i´m bulletproof https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs---GkWTs4 2 months ago  
bumblebee 2 months ago  
purple 2 months ago  
misclick 2 months ago  
misclick 2 months ago  
fortnite 2 months ago  
ik 2 months ago +1
and you are? 2 months ago +1
drug him 2 months ago  
i can choose who i kill 2 months ago  
i went both before,in the same weekend 2 months ago  
thanks? 2 months ago  
one night stand? 2 months ago  
not gay 2 months ago  
can breath underwater 2 months ago  
your wrong 2 months ago  
it was a hard one 2 months ago  
yes it did 2 months ago  
i could said that my Dino ate my homework and get a away with it 2 months ago  
neither 2 months ago  
yes he does 2 months ago  
i raped a guard then killed all the inmates 2 months ago  
one word PS4 2 months ago  
I'm am not going in that water there could be SHARKS. 2 months ago  
The date because you can make and do a bucket list before the date even comes. 2 months ago  
iron man is way better 7 months ago  
right they don't know how to make a account 8 months ago  
with knowledge you would know how to get money fast 8 months ago +1
i am a guy 9 months ago  
hey 9 months ago  
you do 9 months ago +1
your right 9 months ago +1
i don't have an bank account 9 months ago  
i might find not fin 9 months ago  
misclick i didn't know who B was until 1 second after i misclicked 9 months ago  
thats good 9 months ago  
both 9 months ago  
both 9 months ago  
misclick 9 months ago  
both 9 months ago  
misclick i didn't see hulk 9 months ago +1
i haven't seen the movie yet 9 months ago  
we need fur to stay warm during the winter,and if we stop killing animals that animal population will get overcrowded 9 months ago  
deahmen 9 months ago  
d!cks 9 months ago  
but Edward has werewolf friends 9 months ago  
he can't die of sunlight 9 months ago  
rifle,first aid kit,water purifier,and flare 10 months ago  
LordFvckwad 10 months ago  
YomokoGirl 10 months ago  
American_Jedi 10 months ago  
that picture 10 months ago  
it didn't say what age 10 months ago  
god made the big bang 10 months ago  
what 10 months ago  
http://xmenmovies.wikia.com/wiki/Magneto 10 months ago  
Thor would win because all the other people would be thrown around by magneto powers 10 months ago  
i can kill hitler 10 months ago  
what are poppers 10 months ago  
could give you superpowers 10 months ago +1
your hot and nice bod 10 months ago +1
bella turns into a vampire 10 months ago +1
be yourself because everyone else is taken 10 months ago  
lightsaber 10 months ago  
both 10 months ago  
if there is no marriage there is no Divorce 10 months ago  
i didnt know what the question meant 10 months ago  
mortal gear 10 months ago  
i'm a guy 10 months ago  
i dont know either so yea 10 months ago  
i dont know what that is 10 months ago  
Your a lizard larry 10 months ago  
you're a lizard larry 10 months ago  
idiot you can still die its in the name in "never age (you can still die)" 10 months ago  
i did 10 months ago  
misclick 10 months ago  
it doesn't matter the hand better be clean 10 months ago  
she hotter because she is in the sun 10 months ago  
i know nether 10 months ago  
the new Thor movie "the god of Thunder not the god of hammers" 10 months ago  
poop i see dogs do it all the time why not give it a try 10 months ago  
it is a sigh for s3x 10 months ago  
never heard of either but A has a cooler name 10 months ago  
never heard of A 10 months ago  
everyone do the flop*fall* 10 months ago  
i love superheroes and superpowers 10 months ago  
gay means you like guys and lesbian means you like girls 10 months ago  
no it might have blood in it 10 months ago  
i'm a guy 10 months ago  
B has the force 10 months ago  
azazel has more experience with his powers 10 months ago  
if your lucky you can be beautiful 10 months ago  
B will most likely get a hurricane 10 months ago  
you can have a computuer 10 months ago  
with magic you can make money 10 months ago  
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