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Would you rather Sleep with a gorgeous member of the sex you are NOT attracted to or Sleep with a hideous member of the sex you ARE attracted to 4 years ago 388 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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i have tried weed on account of the fact that i'm not a 12 year old or a mormon. Alcohol is way better than weed, and I personally prefer cigarettes too 4 years ago +1
i didnt get my absentee ballot 4 years ago  
it REMOVES sexual pleasure 4 years ago  
Left is. Right is RW Denver 4 years ago  
Eva Longoria is QUEEN 4 years ago  
more victims 4 years ago  
im a gay dude...vaginas are way too gross tbh 4 years ago +2
neither...im an adult 4 years ago  
Borogove...i like you. 4 years ago  
neither would be a problem 4 years ago  
That's why i love it so much though. My favorite city in the country 4 years ago  
hey now, I live south of Tampa and it's great. Jacksonville sucks though. 4 years ago  
I grew up partially in Salt Lake City and .... thank god I moved the hell out of there. Tucson is a lovely city though 4 years ago  
Hempstead isn't that big (one of my friends is from there) its just the largest place to be called a town instead of a city 4 years ago  
You don't smoke coke you moron. You smoke CRACK and snort coke. Why else would there be a rolled up bill in the picture? lbs. 4 years ago +2
get on tht then haha 4 years ago  
eel is the only sushi i don't like. scallop is the best above all though 4 years ago  
America's should be lowered. Other countries have the right idea of it being 18 4 years ago  
i love bothhh tho 4 years ago  
you give yourself handjobs all the time probably... 4 years ago  
i dont like dark liquor though 4 years ago  
That's a horrible name. Like Lyme's Disease? 4 years ago  
right now? i'm too hung over for sex and would kill for a muffin right now. 4 years ago  
LOL no it doesnt. 4 years ago  
i know plenty what its like to, "feel" the opposite gender. ive slept with both men and women, 4 years ago +1
probably would be less conservative/puritan and help legalize gay marriage nationwide and other issues that are opposed by biblethumpers 4 years ago +1
the comment DID come off as homophobic (though apparently that wasn't your intent). I assume he was being deliberately offensive to draw a parellel between racism and homophobia 4 years ago +1
sex workers are some of the greatest people i know. hoarders scare me. 4 years ago +1
if ik they're clean and (in the case of females) theyre on the pill, than no. 4 years ago  
depends on which airport. Usually i fly between Tampa and Salt Lake City (where i live and where I grew up, respectively) and i like both of those airports. Trap me at O'Hare for example, and I'll be miserable. 4 years ago  
walmart is closer to me, and i'm a smoker so free cigs would be great and target doesnt sell cigarettes 4 years ago  
i love cashiering. and ive both cashiered and sugared, both of which are all about customer service 4 years ago  
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