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    bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon 4 years ago  
    so 20 dallor bill 4 years ago  
    well if the population is one then rarely anyone would see it 4 years ago  
    give me bacon 4 years ago  
    would if i lost both but i needed the keys to get in the house to find my phone 4 years ago  
    i do not want to be pushed around by my parents my whole life 4 years ago  
    there are plenty ways to die in both 4 years ago  
    i ment to choose the boat, but do you know what happened during 9-11 4 years ago  
    well you can get games on a pc and hack with your keyboard 4 years ago  
    if i can see the gravitational field then ok. 4 years ago  
    i rarely speak ,so yeah 4 years ago  
    well during the movie it would be quiet as hell... 4 years ago  
    i wore tuxedos when i was younger 4 years ago  
    they are both embarrassing though........ 4 years ago  
    canabilism is not the answer 4 years ago  
    i can not handle too much attention 4 years ago  
    i do not want to see aliens while i drive 4 years ago  
    i do not believe in god (please do not comment) 4 years ago  
    unlimited wishes 4 years ago  
    YOU SHALL NOT PASS, goes both ways in my mind 4 years ago  
    i do not want my body systems to shut down when i get older 4 years ago  
    well i would not have to worry about avatacadabra or how ever you spell it 4 years ago  
    twilight sucks 4 years ago  
    that was a hard question 4 years ago  
    family matters more than anything else 4 years ago  
    they would both equal the same amount of time 4 years ago  
    it is when you put one bullet in a magnum and spin the bullet holder, then you take turns pulling the trigger to your head with no idea when the bullet is going to come out 4 years ago  
    if you make a mistake you can go back and fix it 4 years ago  

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