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You've been caught in a Sex Scandal with a minor! Would you rather Lose your significant other or Lose all of your friends and colleagues 3 years ago 83 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Go to a nice comedy club and watch a female comedian do stand up while enjoying dinner or Stay at home order a pizza and watch a female comedian do stand up on their HBO special. 3 years ago 73 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you Rather Help Kate realize her true feelings for Max and the two of them leave Arcadia Bay eventually working out the issues with religion and psychological trauma. or Turn Victoria into Max's personal plaything obediant to all of her whims and desires. 3 years ago 39 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Go to Dinner with TheRPGMinx and KrismPro you can't bring any camera's, Camera Phones,video cameras, friends with cameras, etc. you get the idea you'll see what they look like but you wont be able to share it and have dinner and talk with them. or Play Drunk Minecraft with Markiplier, Muyskerm, and ... god what was his name again right Wade. 3 years ago 40 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather Spend your entire life trying to do what is right and for a cause like keeping children from being starving and homeless die knowing you did right but accidentally make the world worse by creating child labor or something similar. or Live your entire life doing monsterous things and being unable to stop and die hating yourself believing the world was broken because of you but it learns and grows better because of you. 3 years ago 43 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Live until the year 2112 in perfect health but cannot use your temporary immortality for the advancement of mankind or personal benefit until 2100 after which you can be remembered by/change the world. or Guarantee you will die by 2050 but for the rest of your life all of your friends and family members you care about will be rich but unable to spend their money on you and you will have a steady income that pays all of your bills and gives you a modest entertainment budget [70 dollars or equivalent a 3 years ago 41 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Save your true love and have one super power but watch an entire country besides your own randomly be irreversibly destroyed killing the entire population. or You find love only for them to die leaving you forever alone with no powers and crippling depression but their death sets in motion a chain of events that makes the world a better place for everyone else. 3 years ago 47 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have Bad Luck for the rest of your life but have a significant other whose good luck protects them from your bad luck [but you still have it] and everyone likes and respects you or Be extremely lucky but you'll never find love or any real passion with one night stands/hookers and everyone will think you're an jerk regardless how you treat them. 3 years ago 47 votes 2 comments 0 likes

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I saw a Would You Rather video with Seananners and ChilledChaos and it was "would you rather pay to see a female comedian or pay to be slapped ten times" and slapped option was winning and i thought. Wow that was remarkably sexist and remembered two hilarious female comedians offhand that i could use as an example so i chose them to be the pictures. So i figured a better question is to presuppose the comedian in question is talented and give two equally appealing options. 3 years ago  
You're from Australia can't tell if you're seriously accepting south park canon vs lovecraft canon or if you're joking. 3 years ago +1
TheRPGMinx, KrismPro, and Yamimash vs Ross O'Donovan 3 years ago  
I love the sound of Marzia's voice and Pewdiepie's recording studio is soundproofed so I wouldn't hear him. Besides he's not a bad dude. The worst thing about him is that people say the fans are the worst thing about him. I've seen fans of markiplier, felicia day, and mother theresa all act like jerks. Felix is just a dude who can pay the bills 3 years ago  
The Tesseract? 3 years ago  
I've listened to Eminem before but i've never heard an asian rapper and I know i enjoy when singers like Bradley Nowell would suddenly burst into fluent spanish so hearing rap in another language would be kinda cool. 3 years ago  
No 3 years ago  
Gibbs is cooler which is why i voted for him but Shawn is his equal in observation he just puts on theatrics which also gives him more time to do the math in his head. 3 years ago +1
Come on the Deadpool game was awesome 3 years ago  
Both are awesome people in real life and interesting characters 3 years ago  
Why can't i use my sith powers trike down my master then use violence, cruelty, and mind control strategically to make the universe a better place? *Force chokes a billionare* I think you're feeling more generous with your donation to childrens hospitals don't you? 3 years ago  
The Fck is wrong with you? 3 years ago  
Welcome to Pandora Kiddos 3 years ago +1
The Nightmare Animatronics are trying to wake you from a Coma you're in as you are dying 3 years ago  
Creatively Jigsaw but who has better one liners? Freddy 3 years ago  
(Osaka) Let me tell you about my girl, Osaka (Osaka) Child of the sun, the moonlight, Osaka (Osaka) Crossing the deserts to find Osaka (Osaka) Sail the oceans to find Osaka Love her silking hair Love the way she cares Love her velvet thighs Love the way she sighs Love her almond eyes They will tell no lies Love her sweet behind It's always on my mind, Osaka 3 years ago  
Oh Melon Brother I heard our Melon sister got Married to ChilledChaos. 3 years ago  
Santa is married to Mrs. Claus but for sake of argument let say his immortality didnt rub off on her. He has elves so he can't be lonely 3 years ago  
I get it people hate justin bieber. But you go back and prevent his birth. Congratulations welcome back to 2015 have you heard the hit star Joshua Duppy and his hit song "Ooh lovey lovey dovey"? Justin Bieber is like Hydra Cut off one head two more shall take it's place. Preventing 9/11 means saving hundreds if not thousands of lives and families 3 years ago +2
Try not to Rush 3 years ago  
Time Rewinding for up to five minute gives you a headache if you over stress it but hey. Life is Strange like that. 3 years ago +1
I ship you with a Vegan 3 years ago  
I should point out number 1 is laying on the floor 3 years ago  
The definition of attractive and ugly are what the Masses think not you. 3 years ago  
I know Agrabah is fake but I feel we need to nip Disney's reign of terror in the bud 3 years ago  
You 3 years ago +1
the fcks a piku? 3 years ago  
Krato is tenacious he could probably even kill morgan freeman 3 years ago +2
I prefer crooning 3 years ago  
But it must run away like Zoidberg 3 years ago  
I live alone have no real life friends no money and no family 3 years ago  
The Walken Dead 3 years ago  
If i'm an expert cook fck you i can just not give you my delicious food 3 years ago  
Wait thought or hoped? nah just kidding. But i hate the holidays 3 years ago  
Wolverine recently lost his Healing factor making it possible to kill him 3 years ago  
We talking before Wolverine lost his healing factor? 3 years ago  
honestly Deathstroke wins because Deadpool gets bored but i prefer deadpool. 3 years ago  
What is funny is the Nancy Drew games have her go undercover as maids and cooks to solve mysteries reinforcing your stereotype 3 years ago +1
Best Detective Monk. Stronger Fighter Nick. 3 years ago +1
TARDIS TIME! 3 years ago +1
I never saw either but i feel Poltergeist is a disservice to all who died from the originals 3 years ago  
Doesn't matter I don't look into mirrors 3 years ago  
Lori's dead so is it going to be Rick seducing random characters? That would be funny as hell 3 years ago  
Hail the boat that smashed in Cthulhu's face making him run back to R'lyeh 3 years ago  
Unless you're a boat in which case he'll run home crying. Have you read Call of Cthulhu? 3 years ago  
I know right charge me more than the xbox one people had to pay I want to marry Sera Dammit! 3 years ago +1
I find it interesting The Taliban, The Klu Klux Klan, And The Good Guys all hate one group. ISIS is unifying the world against them. 3 years ago  
Otis was a good guy but Hershel was the Santa Claus we deserved 3 years ago  
Well Henry Ford was a Nazi so 3 years ago  
So be Joe Chill or be Bruce Wayne 3 years ago +1
I choose the Desert outside of Vegas 3 years ago +1
Me:EA Games can we please have Dragon Age Inquisition Trespasser DLC for Xbox 360 you gave us the game after all EA: NO! 3 years ago  
His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. 3 years ago  
So to recap Ekzy here who spends half his time calling Vegans inhuman now is spamming 3 years ago  
To be fair if it has to be mine i'm extremely photosensitive in one eye and have to close it whenever i go outside 3 years ago  
I didn't want anyone else to mistake themselves for being the moron reread your second option notice anything? Like oh say I dunno The fcking answer ends mid sentence? 3 years ago  
this dora 3 years ago  
You and your puns 3 years ago  
Well then I can go save the life of someone who committed suicide ten years ago 3 years ago  
You're a moron Travis 3 years ago  
Well hello there Fallout 3 monster 3 years ago  
If you suffer from severe depression you're technically sane anyway but still in desperate need of help 3 years ago  
i grab everything that isn't nailed down and then i try to combine all of my items 3 years ago  
I'm not a basketball player so if i have to make a half court shot it's because they're doing one of those things where they call a random audience member who will win a car or a thousand dollars if they can get the ball in so I walk away with the money. 3 years ago  
Zoey 3 years ago  
Why is Snape's picture on "Do nothing" if i remember correctly he was literally blasting apart couples at the Yule Ball who were making out in the bushes 3 years ago +1
Vegans Meatatarians we're all human 3 years ago  
Still an asshole EKzymore 3 years ago  
I don't mock Vegans by claiming they aren't human. I'm just more carnivorous but even i enjoy a nice salad in fact i'll have one next i go shopping. it'll have chicken and maybe bacon bits on it but still it's a salad. 3 years ago  
What happens when you want to get off and your god parents are watching you 3 years ago  
1. Slenderman doesn't kill he instead teleports you randomly and makes you get sick and thats because you or the person involved is investigating him. So if you ignore and forget about him your loved ones are safe. 2. every three minutes means you can't sleep which will kill you 3 years ago +1
Who wouldn't love to humiliate Justin Bieber by being his stepdad or for some people stepmom. Especially stepmom because that would imply Justin's mother changed sexuality over the course of his life and when you combine that with the fact that people constantly say he looks like a girl he'll have a complex for life. 3 years ago  
So working to help others with possibly life threatening health problems like colon cancer or being constantly surrounded by the dead? 3 years ago  
Piercings aren't destroying your temple any more than stained glass windows destroy a church and you can remove piercing and in most cases they heal up again god let our bodies heal for a reason 3 years ago  
My best friend is a lesbian and I love her since the author doesn't get to choose who my best friend is because it's my best friend ipso facto I get what i want. 3 years ago  
Well during the Civil War african american soldiers in the confederate army actually got paid more than yankee soldiers. 3 years ago  
Which candy bar do you prefer a snickers bar or a box of scorpions "but a box of scorpions isn't a candy bar" well guess you choose the snickers bar. 3 years ago  
Start Dancing with Them 3 years ago  
Goddan it Radix. This one is a stumper especially since I use my computer because my only friends are online. But i spose i can use xbox live internet explorer 3 years ago  
And Also she probably had to work harder to get ahead in her field. 3 years ago  
I love my cat 3 years ago  
My archenemy is my dad 3 years ago  
It would turn into a scene out of a horror movie as all eyes begin staring at them 3 years ago  
I laughed harder than i should have 3 years ago  
How about a cabin you can go and sleep in or a decent restraunt [though in the food department cruises are a crap shoot...literally] 3 years ago  
I don't have an S.O. 3 years ago  
Isn't that Jaleel White from Family Matters? 3 years ago  
And Blondes are lovely people. But Felicia Day is a Redhead 3 years ago  
I don't like abortion but as a man it's not my right to choose 3 years ago  
I actually have drunk Two liters in one go so i'll try something new and those fcking potatos look delicious 3 years ago  
My grandparents are dead so i'd be stuck with a corpse 3 years ago  
I remember when Bush gave stimulus checks to every household. 3 years ago  
I'd Rather be Bi personally then i'd have options but it's not something you can choose. 3 years ago  
I can help her detox and since I have an addictive personality she can force me to suffer without things i'm addicted to. 3 years ago  
I'd have to find out what Jack Septiceye is better at since he's the only true boss 3 years ago  
Being in love with someone who doesn't love you back is horrible 3 years ago  
And We're The Game Grumps! 3 years ago  
I'm listening to on repeat 3 years ago  
I'm blind Well it's time for nap period. 3 years ago  
get some more years under your belt 3 years ago  
I've never seen Hunger Games I have seen Avatar it's not asking which is better just which i'd rather watch 3 years ago  
I love sleep but hate "needing" to. Also hate twilight 3 years ago  
Just out of curiosity why can't I... I dunno purely hypothetical... Walk back down everest and slowly but surely get Oxygen back as I descended? 3 years ago  
Or Embrace the power of the Dark Side then instead of turning into a child killing douchebag you start making the universe a better place. The Republic has always been a sentimental beuracratic red tape nightmare. The Empire is an efficient heartless organization. Combine the two and you have perfection. "Lord Vader my son's birthday is coming up and i'd like some time off" "Assuming your position is important did you get someone to cover your shift" "Yes lord vader" "cool well have fun and hey let me know if you want me to drop in to surprise him" 3 years ago +1
Did you know that the first real man to get pregnant will be rich from something similar to but different from James Randi's psychic million dollar challenge. 3 years ago  
Me and Minx will have a lovely dinner and i'll get to learn if she's content with her life since happiness is hard when you suffer depression 3 years ago  
Markiplier I have some bad news... you know how you're terrified of the Ocean? Well I don't know how to fly this plane and we're over the ocean. 3 years ago  
I chose Option 2 and I still have mine. Huh sorry 3 years ago  
the dude in the second one is wondering whether his microwaved popcorn is done yet. 3 years ago  
I have bad eyes already 3 years ago  
I can't have sex without being in love and I'm not going to fall in love with anyone I can be with till i die so if abstinent anyway 3 years ago  
I'd rather watch this 3 years ago  
And Markiplier is Awesome Too! 3 years ago  
Golf Carts and the Course probably has a restraunt. Basketball games have only whatever snacks they sell there. 3 years ago  
I'd rather see her happy 3 years ago  
When I was in school I needed absolute focus 3 years ago 3 years ago  
Personally neither but Narnia looks cold as hell and didn't those kids all die? 3 years ago  
Can't Tell if Pewdiepie fan or movie fan. 3 years ago  
Or wasn't mentally disabled /autstic/aspergers and try to live out the childhood that was stolen from him. Remember Maculay Culkin used to hang out with Michael and said Michael never touched him. I don't believe Michael ever molested them he was just trying to be a big kid and instead of hanging out with a bunch of other grown people who wanted to act like kids he surrounded himself with actual kids and that was his downfall 3 years ago  
But you also have Ross from the Game Grumps. 3 years ago  
I'm not into athletics so i'd be paid to sit and watch sports which is still a losing proposition but easier. 3 years ago  
Good for you Boyo. When do I meet your boyfriend? What you thought I only insisted on meeting your sister's boyfriends? Ha! I am the Lord of this Manor and if anyone will Court my heirs they must past a test. Nah just kidding you kids have fun i'll be playing my xbox if you need me 3 years ago  
Vampires don't have responsibilities 3 years ago  
*pulls out crafting table* four VHS casettes and a pillow case *makeshift flail* 3 years ago  
so next year huh? 3 years ago  
You know what is in a forest? Spiders! Bees! Slenderman! Bear Grylls! 3 years ago  
I want her to be happy 3 years ago  
Can I choose Harper from Waverly Place 3 years ago  
At first i thought it was stupid to see this question rehashed over and over [starting from page 88] now i'm curious to see how many times it happens 3 years ago  
Maybe they mean you make poor life choices that keep losing you money 3 years ago  
Lets look at lackluster Mario games vs lackluster Sonic games. Sonic Boom, Sonic O6 , Sonic and the Dark Knight, Shadow the hedgehog which has sonic in it, Sonic Heroes. And alot of people will throw in both Sonic adventures but for my own nostalgic state i wont. 3 years ago  
Miss the first question because that is based on Chance so you look unlucky while losing the first question which is always is easiest makes you look stupid. 3 years ago  
If i gave half of what i have now people would be worse off 3 years ago  
I currently live without love and have nothing i can adapt to having everything 3 years ago  
I say Black Swan because there was an actress from something I like who was in it which surprised me but i can't remember who it is. 3 years ago  
I think you mean the Bath Tub scene wait... no that was Ballet Shoes 3 years ago  
So the question is basically. Are you an Ass/Vagina person or a Breast person. 3 years ago  
Fire, Blankets, Heaters, Body Heat, More Layers of Clothes, Heat Packs, I could go on. Vs Get naked and have an A.C. 3 years ago  
Already did 3 years ago  
Have a friend who is a Mormon 3 years ago +1
Spaaaaaaaaaaaaace 3 years ago  
Easy come Easy go 3 years ago  
Last two Pokemon games i played I spent most of my time playing fasion dressup or doing the "you're a movie star" minigame and forgot entirely about the actual plot. Final Fantasy never offered me that. Blitzball ugh 3 years ago  
"Hey was browsing porn saw your face stopped watching glad you're doing well though I hope your career makes you happy anyway thought i should let you know so you wouldn't feel awkward bringing it up in conversation do what you love love who you do talk to you later" 3 years ago  
Both have gone downhill 3 years ago  
Eminem facts: hated his wife kim, hated his mother, loves his kids and will kick the sh*t out of anyone for them, Does not take himself too seriously, once kissed elton john. 3 years ago  
I don't need it but meh 3 years ago  
Ginny has Red Hair. Luna has an amazing personality. I don't blame people for being split. Evanna Lynch btw made her own earrings and was actually an amazing story about a fan joining a movie. look up her wikipedia should be on it. 3 years ago  
uhhh 3 years ago  
My mom used to watch degrassi. From what i remember it's basically what a soap opera would be if written by christopher nolan about high schoolers 3 years ago  
On the one hand Scott Pilgrim, Poutine, and Free Healthcare. On the otherhand Ross O'Donovan 3 years ago +1
The history books remember what the Nazis did not the Germans the Nazis were evil [with exceptions that tried to save the jewish people] America has the Klu Klux Klan, Neo Nazis, and Westboro Baptist Church [who are still around] and i'm sure other horrible groups exist round the world You don't judge an entire people by the few long dead outliers. 3 years ago  
Yes strangely enough 3 years ago  
All I want to be able to do is pick up a saxophone and do the solo from baker street 3 years ago  
Who? 3 years ago  
Would you rather stick your own head up your posterior or would you rather be sodomized with your own head logan? 3 years ago  
Oh look ten foot pole 3 years ago  
I love how you use O.J. Simpson ya know the guy who is in jail now because he committed yet another crime instead of trying to fade away from the spotlight? 3 years ago  
A girl who took her own life ten years ago and let her see how things change 3 years ago  
I have the feeling killing the hitler might make things worse and many people tend to forget hitler was basically a figurehead. His regime did alot of horrible things but the mentality would have existed without him. We as a species had to get through the tragedy in order to better ourselves. 3 years ago  
WEEEEEEEEEEE 3 years ago  
Neither 3 years ago  
I can't vote i'm not informed 3 years ago  
Remember when Joe Cool "Went Free" in Batman Begins? How about the home invader/rapist from Law Abiding Citizen? 3 years ago  
I wonder who chose similarly just because the situation where you find out is funny 3 years ago  
Because the writer of the question is phobic. look what hes comparing it to. 3 years ago  
I don't have sex so STDs aren't an issue 3 years ago  
Imagine To Catch a Predator "Why did you bring alcohol" "To get them drunk" "Oh right that isn't illegal..." 3 years ago  
I'm not going to judge someone who loves sex just because I don't have it. 3 years ago  
Do I get my memories? 3 years ago +11
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