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    bright color hurts my eyes +2
    if your immortal, you can be there see the future. plus I don't want to see the past  
    you can watch tv on computer and I don't have cable anyways  
    apple suks  
    twitter is dum  
    this is a hard one  
    oops... I put the wrong one.... Google is better  
    I use yahoo more so I know the color is actually purple  
    macs suck  
    iPhones are way better in many ways  
    Firefox sucks  
    why cant neither be a choice?  
    this isn't even a question!  
    this is hard  
    thief is safer than getting dumped by lawers  
    id wish for infinite wishes  
    earth has way more problems  
    only if I get to choose who I can be  
    Gandalf doesn't die and lotr is better  
    they both are horrid  
    this question is barbaric!  
    dogs are aborable and I don't mind getting wet. But those go crazy having to deal with them  
    if I live longer, I can attempt the lottery more  
    they both get in a bunch of trouble  
    harry potter is awesome, but more dangerous  
    worst question ever, because of the auhtors comment  
    small dogs suck, but they don't need as much food  
    I don't want to be a moron  
    im a loner  
    why not both?  
    I want to be a world explorer  
    only 10%.......  
    macs are stupid  
    I don't want kids  
    im afraid of heights  
    beiber is the worst person ever imanginable  
    if you watch the fail, you wont be to sad if you cant do it either  
    16 % are stupid  
    if you have infinite power, you can make people to tell you everything they know  
    hermoine is smarter  
    what kind?  
    holocaust is worse  
    I want a quiet wedding anyway +193
    what kind because there are a whole lot from movies and other stuff  
    9-11 is nothing compared to the holocaust  
    so hard!  
    I want a silent wedding any way +1
    they are the same, really  
    why not both?  
    this is a hard choice  
    im only 11, so I don't work  
    if you are immortal, you can spend a as much time as wanted making a bunch of money  
    I already get away with lying  
    penguins are cute  
    if u choose one, woudent you be able to use the other?  
    for me they r even but you have 2 think of the time limit:5 days or 2 weeks......two weeks  
    all of a sudden im not feeling good  
    even thou the person who made this question said I cant, I'd turn my self into a ninja being a wizard  
    im a nerd so the big bang  
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