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    Turns into a ZAKU from gundam 2 years ago +1
    YES 2 years ago +1
    ZURG RUSH 2 years ago  
    Teen titans go 2 years ago +1
    FOR MOTHER RUSSIA 2 years ago  
    Can't plan a murder out loud 2 years ago  
    WIN 2 years ago  
    WRONG 2 years ago  
    MAGIC 2 years ago +1
    NEITHER 2 years ago +1
    NEITHER 2 years ago  
    Depends on what I'm about to do 2 years ago  
    DOOWEEOOO 2 years ago  
    IDGAF 2 years ago  
    GOD 2 years ago  
    Wrong answer 2 years ago  
    OOGA BOOGA 2 years ago  
    Dragon 2 years ago  
    NEITHER BOTH ARE CRAP 2 years ago  
    Epic robot legs 2 years ago +1
    Japanese,Russian,Italian,Spanish,French 2 years ago  
    Both suck 2 years ago  
    More battle oriented than Pegasus 2 years ago  
    OOH RAH 2 years ago  
    I'M OUT 2 years ago  
    It would be nice to not have to worry 2 years ago  
    Both are crimes against humanity 2 years ago +2
    Thunder =electricity =ETERNAL PHONE BATTERY LIFE 2 years ago  
    SUPER POWERS 2 years ago  
    EPIC ROBOT ARMS 2 years ago  
    I survive zombie apocalypse 2 years ago  
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