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    they didn't say no skirts 3 years ago  
    They always want the bigger things 3 years ago  
    Boys are gross 3 years ago  
    How do you get back into your house or unlock your car 3 years ago  
    Seriously, they both rock 3 years ago  
    Mulan all the way 3 years ago  
    Deaf because if your blind you wont be able to see all the beautiful things are you 3 years ago  
    Where we live there is no rain at all 3 years ago  
    ewwww2ww 3 years ago  
    who the hell comes up with this 3 years ago  
    Neither 3 years ago  
    Dancing in the mirror 3 years ago  
    Climbing in yo windows, chopping yo exes up 3 years ago  
    It doesn't matter if their rich or poor, it matters if you love them and they love you 3 years ago  
    One of my best friends is a boy so. WIN WIN 3 years ago  
    I meant friends 3 years ago  
    IM SO SORRY IF IM BEING MEAN 3 years ago  
    Final destination because you can't really escape from saw. But I love both movies and saw is awesome 3 years ago  
    What in the blue blazes 3 years ago  
    I picked any, why the hell would any make this question. 3 years ago  
    It's like that jello in cloudy with a chance of meatballs 3 years ago  
    I liked miley back then, but now (LOOK IM GONNA STRIP OFF AND SWING ON A WREAKING BALL) 3 years ago  
    Achmed: Silence I kill you. Walter: Welcome to walmart, get your sh*t and get out 3 years ago  
    Their both so funny, I chose both 3 years ago  
    I choose nothing 3 years ago  
    WHO COMES UP WITH THIS 3 years ago  
    No offence but wow 3 years ago  
    Why would you make your friend take the blame/? 3 years ago  
    I just chose anything 3 years ago  
    EWWW NEITHER 3 years ago  
    ITS SO CUUUUUUUTE IT'S NOT MUTANT AWWWWWW. And anyway that other pic looks disorienting 3 years ago  
    OMG JUSTIN BIEBER IS SO BAD. My fav actor is orlando bloom and he deserved it when justin got punched, because he was posting naked pics of his girlfriend 3 years ago  
    I love my friends. Who would want to give that up for what the internet. I love the internet but it's not worth loosing your friends over it. 3 years ago  
    Cancer because you can die from it, and thousands die from it. 3 years ago  
    I meant train crash, because like everyone else said you would die instantaneously 3 years ago  
    Is this like soccer or something? 3 years ago  
    Because I live in Australia 3 years ago  
    Neither i haven't tasted them before 3 years ago  
    I don't care if their small or big 3 years ago  
    I chose anyone because I wanted to post a comment. Neither I hate beer even though I'm still a kid, I tasted a bit of beer once, and it tasted disgusting 3 years ago  
    I loove rock music 3 years ago  
    Neither, I don't drink 3 years ago  

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