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    ugly and dumb or smart and hot... i wonder  
    yeah it does  
    i wish i had smaller boobs life would be so easy!!!  
    im the oldest at the moment  
    never said eat it :)  
    just never watch it lol  
    reas the question idiot  
    i love the country!!!!!!!!  
    for a better one  
    on the blunt side  
    or if they had used it yet..  
    is that even a question? nightmare come alive or dream come true?  
    hardest choice ever  
    garage people  
    on the wheels wont do much  
    dont want to die  
    the murder would kill thousands more  
    alreaddy done number two and only 14  
    becauuse everyone else died befire me :)  
    i left a million dollars in the.....  
    there has to be some source more powerful but we have no reason to believe in jesus or the bible  
    when she is a baby  
    put them in the dish washer..  
    give her nothing  
    already can play enough instruments  
    atleast i can lea e  
    an egg from other animals :)  
    already have asthma  
    no period!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    they dont even make no cars  
    it doesnt say anorexic it is just not fat  
    i have my own religion +1
    thats what i thought it was about then i saw the babys and got it ahah  
    i only sleep like an hour so...  
    wouldnt know what to do with it  
    if i dig once  
    sell it  
    when i'm to  
    and put down toilet pape  
    toy hamster  
    my panadol tablet  
    order form the resteraunt  
    and returns it  
    talk about up yourself  
    people can buy me stuff  
    with my crush :) it can be as big as a houes  
    you just did..  
    not at home but in a motel...  
    im a straight girl but if i had to  
    plastic surgery and makeup  
    woops wrong one i already say thanks or tank you  
    could be for war but then again could be selling panadol  
    qith a parachute  
    dont need 1 billion  
    depression has already hit me only 50% sounds good  
    sell them  
    oicnic on the beach  
    just cut his hair off  
    lying in the shower at least the water is clean  
    incase its no...  
    im a girl so techniquallt this wouldnt work...  
    you cant to that alone either...  
    dont have a car  
    it says curable and really guys abortion is like murder just give it up for adoptoin!!  
    i hate tony abott  
    they can be rich  
    who said im the one nude?  
    just work less  
    while im asleep  
    first one doesnt mean they like you back  
    addicted to panadol...  
    it could just be a little cold..  
    can say the stuff on my mind in a whisper  
    macbbok, ipad, phone etc.  
    support could be for getting rid of drug proble  
    so i am alowed out...  
    guys they said not aqwitment but you could just hug the rope but the rock ids impossible to survive  
    not permanent  
    already do it  
    imagine people watching you go to the toilet and shower and stuff although you couldn't see your family +1
    if they blur everything out hehe  
    i hate driving in a car anyway get a four-wheller or motorbike  
    could be good gossip  
    so i am to and that doesn't mean nothing  
    my family is part of society  
    so football or soccer?  
    younger 3/4 older 23/24  
    you don't have to listen it says you CAN zoom in your hearing  
    clickwedwrong one  
    can be good at something you hate and something you love :)  
    smartest - know how to get all the money in the world  
    i can work there for a few days but i can't spontaneously recover from hunger  
    and i do  
    its more likely to get a fake leg that works  
    we can then leave to a beautiful paradise together  
    I would stop my shower to pee  
    i could say it really really quietly  
    already got a cat  
    um you have a phone and laptop  
    learn to like them and they can help you  
    what if your dream is to spend the rest of your life with your true love?? BTW - accidentally clicked wrong one  
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