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    I ain't in the UK I just use a Proxy, I am in the best country ever (not really, it sucks( america, but india is a sh*t country.  
    There is proof that the egg came first.  
    They both can't rap  
    Neither, it would get me killed  
    That sounds really F8Cking good.  
    They are both Talentless. +1
    John looks like Lord Gabon  
    I don't know who either of these people are.  
    They are probablt both fake.  
    it's closer to 'Murica!  
    I am a big girl... but butted girl :P  
    As long as Id on't have to go to India, that place is a sh*t hole. +1
    I mean do say homework, because I jsut wouldn't do it.  
    He's hot.  
    I love looking at the dumb Yahoo answers, they are so f*cking funny.  
    I wuld never have wasted that money on a CS:GO knife  
    I would just torrent it.  
    I am a P*rn Star so...  
    I could be the Next ICP  
    Neither, Abs are gross.  
    I agree with what they did/.  
    I can't wear shoes without Sox  
    Klasuss and are share the same opinions.  
    I would kick her out.  
    What is the second one?  
    The nice looker one is probablt worth more and I would jsut sell it for games/  
    Neithr watched eother and I nevber will  
    They both suck.  
    I don't know the other one.  
    Never watched either.  
    They both look nasty,l  
    I can't cook so.  
    It would be like a Moveie.  
    I only know Mozart of these 2  
    I don't have a daughter so.  
    I do this with friends, it's so much fun/  
    I don't drink.  
    I couldn't live without my PC.  
    I don't know who that is.  
    If I married all of the TEletubbies I could f*ck all of them,  
    Nothing, then I could be a Robot.  
    Cheating is boring,I ain't a Noob.  
    I hope to God, you are a aTroll.  
    Consetvatives are idiots who are just scared of change  
    I don't know what this is?  
    $100 is a lot more then I could spend it a whole week.  
    I would just go and buy more RAM  
    They both f*cking suck.  
    I don't know either of these people.  
    There is no God so. +3
    I don't get it.  
    What the f*ck is a "Guido"?  
    I don't get it.  
    neither they could have worse effects  
    I would never go Vegan, I would rather eat Dog Sh*t.  
    Not all people hate Hitler so if I died there would very likely be people who loved me.  
    There is no God so you aren't.  
    Einstein wasn't even that smart, he's actually a Moron.  
    Geek for ife.  
    Killing Hitler is a bad idea, maybe somebody worse then Hitler comes along who Hitler killed then he does the same thing but he wins the war.  
    I have no problem with Cannibalism as long as they consent and vegan's are total P*ssys  
    They both suck D*ck but I woulld way rather watch 2ahm  
    Nobody should be put to death, the death pentualt doesn't make any sense.  
    Ghosts aren't real, a Serial Killer might kill me.  
    I don't care either way  
    I hate Chocolate  
    Greeen are nicer  
    I don't use my legs anyways  
    I hate Coffe  
    I don't know cars  
    Gordon kicks Azz +1
    I don't do either of rhese  
    Apperance doesn't matter  
    I could sh*t on the coffin  
    I don't do it, I work  
    If I sold guns I would make a lot more and a drug dealer is more likely to get killed  
    Know and then I coluld stop buying there albums... oh wait I don't buy then, I torrent them  
    I wouldn't go anywhere near the soth  
    Both are ugly but I don't wanna kiss no damn Meexican!  
    In the morning it would help me get up, I hate mornings  
    The day hurts my skin  
    If I was Wolverine I could be Freddy Krueger for Halloween  
    I coluld knock her out so  
    Both suck but at least golf is slightly more fun  
    Never heard of either of these  
    I would sell it nd buy more games  
    I don't need hypathermia  
    I couldn't spend 1 million in a life if I tried  
    Never heard of either of these.  
    I like playing with my Duckys  
    I am never having kids anyways  
    I like living with my Boyfriend  
    I don't brush my teeth anyways.. literally, haven't brushed in years and I have better teeth then 99% of people I know.  
    When I think I talk aloud even if it's nobody there but me  
    I am never getting married, there is no point  
    The fall would in instant, the drown would last like 10 minutes and be very painful  
    I don't know either of these people  
    I have very long hair LD  
    Burgers for eating... but...  
    I don't play games if I am blin  
    Never watched either and don't know who this person is.  
    I am not Lesbian :D  
    I've used Macs, they suck, I play PC and Mac doesn't play many games  
    That's the Windows XP sign! :D Windows is better, I game on PC and Windows all the way  
    AS long as that robot has a big D  
    I love being clone  
    Dirt or dirt that won't comee off?  
    They would be bi because I'm a Girl  
    I love PCs  
    Bow to me the peasants +212
    I don't even want god damnKids  
    I don't drive, I game all day so...  
    I don't care about the past  
    Both suck, PC Masterrace, although PS3 is better then Xbox, the graohics are better  
    They feed me, my Siblings don't  
    A drunk person can drive better then a kid  
    I don't know either of these people but Edward is ugly.  
    Dacingin is cringy  
    I would rather find out I am not pregnant, I hate kids  
    I don't walk anyways  
    I already am a  
    I don't know either of these.  
    We could tralk politics and I could try and make it do some things ;olitically  
    I don't liike anyone  
    I liek attention  
    Depnds what it is.. Sports 1st, cod 2nd is fine  
    I like my god damn PC  
    Never heard of either but okay  
    Ruin my entire life or just take some medicine?  
    The one is kinda Black and I ain't into blacks... I am not racist!  
    I don't like the sun light, I have sensative skin  
    Satan isn't real so... and I cou;ldn't live without gaming and music  
    Weed isn't bad for you so... it's impossible to die from weed, unless your allgericv, and then it's not the weed it's your allergy +1
    Do nothing and get paid a couple 100,000 a year or work and get a extra couiple 100,000 a year...  
    I don't like either  
    Avator has bad CGI  
    The one doesn't matter the other defines me  
    Michael might rape me... oh wait never mind, I'm not 6 XD +2
    Both are nasty  
    Star wars is boring  
    I don't liek wasting money  
    I could tell Obama to do all the things he promised  
    It doesn't say wether it's fans like people or the cold air fans  
    Hell yeah +1
    Aplple suck  
    Sorry to sound stupid... but there is no damn difference!!!!"  
    More time to stay and play games  
    I alredy always shout  
    My firsxt kiss was with my b**bs  
    Get rich for doing things or get rich and do anything I want?  
    There are a lot more deadly disease then Cancer  
    I can not sleep on my back, it hurts my neck  
    I don't like people so  
    One hit wonder wouild probably make enough money once to neber wwork again  
    Acters make more money and rock is terrible  
    I don't get along with girls... plus at least Harry bhas a D*ck so we could havve some fun  
    I am already annoying  
    I alreay do!  
    My favoutie is Juggalo Family by Dark Lotus  
    I could pawn opff the mac book for more and buy a REAL PC  
    Crocks are slower and easier to see  
    It's not m,uch money but I could buy a new GPU  
    I don't like being around people./  
    I would finish school faster.  
    I don't go to college and never will, I don't like school  
    There are more then 5 senses.  
    If you think no you are a Moron. +1
    I don't care about either.  
    I need the money to buy games!  
    I love me some food  
    I don't wanna geeet stabbed over a piece of cake.  
    I would be bored at both.  
    Rich guys are usually ric her and I am a totally gold digger.  
    If I was really hair I could always be warm.  
    52% of people would rather never be able to move again... 52% of people are morons.  
    I already look perfect  
    Soccer isn't Football.  
    Coke is wiirth a lot more money then StarBucks... also I hate Coffeee.  
    igloo wqould be to cold for my likings.  
    Easy, one would possibly kill you from yourt body shutting down the other oone is just emotional which isn't that bad at all.  
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