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    Surfing the internet since I have no idea how to surf in the ocean  
    Ron Paul. Rather have a liberal than a conservative.  
    Hakuna Matata. Such a fun song. I have no idea what in the Hell Yolo is.  
    A famous leader. I'd rather be able to make political and social change than invent something.  
    Keyboard and mouse. I'm much more into the internet and social networking than console gaming.  
    Leg. That double amputee Olympian Pistorius can run just find. I feel like using a replacement arm wouldn't be as easy as using replacement legs.  
    20 Years ago. Rock the Old School Baby!!!  
    Can't vote. No idea who in the hell Ye Shiwen is!!! +1
    Be the absolute dictator of the world. That way I could change the whole world to my liking. I totally think I could make the whole world a better place.  
    Talented with a passion for music, but unknown. I don't think famous/rich, but autotuned and not being able to choose my own lyrics, genre, or public appearances would be as satisfying.  
    Give up the computer. I'd rather have friends and a social life outside my house.  
    Summer Olympics I guess. I like summer and warmer weather better.  
    The internet. My parents provide much more support and guidance than I could get through a computer. I'd totally miss the emotional bond I have with them. There is no emotional bond with a computer.  
    Street smarts. Book smarts only get you so far, i.e. a good education and diploma. But, knowing how to work the way of the world and having lots of good contacts and networking can be much more valuable. +1
    Michael Phelps. So many more medals in so many more events.  
    Emma Watson. That pic of her is much hotter than Natalie Portman +1
    Have all my dreams come true and a 10% chance of instant death. At least if I die, I'll die happy.  
    Live a normal length and die with family and friends. I really don't want to live forever. There's already enough pain, sadness, and suffering in a normal life. Why would you want that for eternity. Plus, the way the world is headed, do you really want to be around for all of it.? +2
    Die at age 90. Why in the hell would anyone want to live forever. Plus, if you spend your entire life savings, then you have no money for the rest of eternity. +1
    A rockstar. I feel like that would be more fun.  
    Spender. I'm often very foolish with money  
    Know everything. Ruling everything would be overrated and cause a lot of stress and demand. If you rule everything, everyone will come to you for leadership and you'll be bogged down. +1
    Win the lottery. I really just want to get through life as quickly and painlessly as possible. Living twice as long wouldn't accomplish this goal.  
    Ron Paul. He's so liberal. He'd be the best chance of making a serious change in this country and giving it a big kick in the ass.  
    Computer virus. I'd rather be forced to take a break from my own computer and either use another computer or not use one at all, than be in physical pain. Vomiting, headaches, nausea, diarrhea, etc. aren't very pleasant. A virus can always be fixed by a computer tech. +2
    I just look at it as how I'd enter it into a standard calculator. That would=0  
    Kill Hitler!!!  
    Obama. He's much more progressive and forward thinking. Has a very youthful exuberance. With Romney we'll have less freedoms and still be living in the past +2
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