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    If you voted Twilight, you suck 4 years ago  
    School IS work! 4 years ago  
    My profile makes my choice obvious! 4 years ago  
    Zelda is an amazing game. I like it more than mario and to the same degre as sonic 4 years ago  
    I Leik Deadmau5 tho 4 years ago  
    I would do a magic act! 4 years ago  
    Yeah but how can you hate those cute red cheeks! 4 years ago  
    What can I say! I want da money! 4 years ago  
    Sonic has an advantage over mario because of his speed. DEATH BATTLE proved this already! Sonic is also the cooler of the two! 4 years ago  
    Already have hot tub 4 years ago  
    Already moved to Texas 4 years ago  
    I am a comedian! 4 years ago  
    Can you speak English. If you can you can speak whatever Australians speak. If you can't how could you even type your comment 4 years ago  
    Dying on the forest turns you into a skull kid or a stalfos! 4 years ago  
    No one notices me already. Sooooo ... 4 years ago  
    Actually it does 4 years ago  
    Would click hot dogs if chili dogs were included 4 years ago  
    Chocolate. CHOCOLATE!!! 4 years ago  
    You can cut your hair, teeth can't be replaced 4 years ago  
    Water! My only weakness aside from a sudden change in speed! 4 years ago  
    I am Alone! 4 years ago  
    Droning music from sonic 1 is the best drowning music in Gaming! 4 years ago  
    I am also a loser with real friends! 4 years ago  
    This is me. Nothing more to be said! 4 years ago  
    Migic kingdom is IN Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
    I clicked the wrong one! 4 years ago  
    I have no friends to loze 4 years ago  
    We already have mild control over our dreams, so what is the point! 4 years ago  
    Minecraft! 4 years ago  
    Justin because he does bad things 4 years ago  
    I Leik them big 4 years ago  
    $50,000 because I would not get in trouble for it 4 years ago  
    Self 4 years ago  
    Elevator because I can still move around 4 years ago  
    Coke! 4 years ago  
    Change! 4 years ago  
    Today's music is great 4 years ago  
    Weight without size affect so I can lift a couch with one hand and it would feel like nothing! 4 years ago  
    Michael Jackson is the king of pop. Justin Bieber is the queen of sucky music 4 years ago +3671
    Fail 4 years ago  
    I hate cats 4 years ago  
    Twilight sucked. The obvious answer is Harry potter 4 years ago  
    Mermaids because unicorns are murderous 4 years ago  
    Ninja because I want to walk on water and use my weapons skillfully like true ninja 4 years ago  
    Speaking all languages to be honest would be more useful 4 years ago  
    WOW, What a hard choice. 4 years ago  
    Reading minds would be cool 4 years ago  
    Free ITunes Music because I never have starbucks 4 years ago  
    Rewind because I could fix past mistakes 4 years ago  
    Tattoos because ... Reasons 4 years ago  
    Smartest because I would be famous 4 years ago  
    Why should I be the friend of someone famous when I can be famous! 4 years ago  
    Both? 4 years ago +1
    True love because no one likes me! 4 years ago  
    Lightsaber because I want to help more than one person, especially when the person in Africa is someone I don't know! 4 years ago  
    No! Not Pinocchio! 4 years ago  

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