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    If you voted Twilight, you suck  
    School IS work!  
    My profile makes my choice obvious!  
    Zelda is an amazing game. I like it more than mario and to the same degre as sonic  
    I Leik Deadmau5 tho  
    I would do a magic act!  
    Yeah but how can you hate those cute red cheeks!  
    What can I say! I want da money!  
    Sonic has an advantage over mario because of his speed. DEATH BATTLE proved this already! Sonic is also the cooler of the two!  
    Already have hot tub  
    Already moved to Texas  
    I am a comedian!  
    Can you speak English. If you can you can speak whatever Australians speak. If you can't how could you even type your comment  
    No one notices me already. Sooooo ...  
    Actually it does  
    Would click hot dogs if chili dogs were included  
    Chocolate. CHOCOLATE!!!  
    You can cut your hair, teeth can't be replaced  
    Water! My only weakness aside from a sudden change in speed!  
    I am Alone!  
    Droning music from sonic 1 is the best drowning music in Gaming!  
    I am also a loser with real friends!  
    This is me. Nothing more to be said!  
    Migic kingdom is IN Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    I clicked the wrong one!  
    I have no friends to loze  
    We already have mild control over our dreams, so what is the point!  
    Justin because he does bad things  
    $50,000 because I would not get in trouble for it  
    Elevator because I can still move around  
    Today's music is great  
    Weight without size affect so I can lift a couch with one hand and it would feel like nothing!  
    Michael Jackson is the king of pop. Justin Bieber is the queen of sucky music +3803
    Twilight sucked. The obvious answer is Harry potter  
    Mermaids because unicorns are murderous  
    Ninja because I want to walk on water and use my weapons skillfully like true ninja  
    Speaking all languages to be honest would be more useful  
    Reading minds would be cool  
    Free ITunes Music because I never have starbucks  
    Rewind because I could fix past mistakes  
    Tattoos because ... Reasons  
    Smartest because I would be famous  
    Why should I be the friend of someone famous when I can be famous!  
    Both? +1
    True love because no one likes me!  
    Lightsaber because I want to help more than one person, especially when the person in Africa is someone I don't know!  
    No! Not Pinocchio!  
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