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    as a guy i say the answer she be no bra for everyone thus making the worls a better place 7 years ago +1
    spiderman is retarded. and everyone hates spiders 7 years ago  
    only cause i love subaru 7 years ago  
    ladies love da billions 7 years ago  
    why is gomez the go to pic? isnt she like 12? 7 years ago +4
    the pencil is the pic cost more then you would ever want to pay. Faber Castell is an upscale pen company. i prefer crayon 7 years ago +2
    o crap, i voted and didn't the the very clear "bad" in fromt of plastic surgery. oops 7 years ago +1
    every time you watch either a book dies 7 years ago +12
    Albe is the only one who can knock scarlett from #1 on my list. damn you for making me chose 7 years ago  
    From Shirt.woot of course 7 years ago +2
    Angie has been haunting my dreams for years with her hotness, plus I could play video games with her 50 adopted kids the next day, or organize a sweet game of kickball! awesome! 7 years ago +2
    wait, which is the skank and which is the druggie... cause both 7 years ago +4
    i picked sleeping cause there is a hot girl in that picture and a load of douchebags in the other. 7 years ago +13
    history major. I can't help but dwell on past mistakes, like that time i picked history over future 7 years ago +2
    as long as i didnt see it coming i can't say i would know to object 7 years ago  
    what if it was in the past and... and.. ok. I'm an awful person 7 years ago  
    can my best friend be famous and hot? and female? cause my best friend is a dude. Not that I'm against gay marriage, I'm against myself getting a gay marraige 7 years ago  
    is she legal? if so, then gomez 7 years ago +1
    train the liberated animals to fight polution, problem solved. You're welcome world 7 years ago  
    LA is a sh*t hole and very disappointing 7 years ago +3
    because i would ammend to eclusively hate beautiful women... then let them prove me wrong... then live happily ever after and repopulat 7 years ago  
    Pee standing up... game. set. match... 7 years ago +14
    is there a choice to remove both from the gene pool? 7 years ago +26
    haha kids can have sex too, its just a disgusting crime thats all 7 years ago +4
    how bout both, love both equally. 7 years ago +4
    seriously, is this just the quest for first runner up to droid? 7 years ago +1
    Avatar is great when you see it in theaters, but the plot is recycled from tons of movies. How many times is the white guy gonna emerge himself in a culture trying to bring it down, only to fall in love with it and one of its women, then lead then to battle against the invading white demons? Star Wars hands down 7 years ago +4
    dude, they use Jessica Alba for small ones. I don't care what she is representing, i pick her every time. 7 years ago +12
    if i were stupid i would be too dumb to know it, ignorance is bliss 7 years ago +8
    PC, so as to not be a douche 7 years ago +3

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