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I like piano.

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    I only clicked for the sunset. I am a big fan of nature!  
    It's now called Mist Twist, you know...  
    I'd rather shoot you  
    Only if the mother's life is at risk  
    Not racist, guest from Florida.  
    If you don't have real friends, you're not popular.  
    IN MUSCLE!!!!!!  
    There are two ways to do this: One: Become a female until age 26. Two: Become 26. That way I can avoid signing up for the Draft.  
    B is gross. We didn't need to fĂșcking see that.  
    guest from Noord-Brabant should calm down.  
    I'm a guy LOL  
    Sex is overrated. I need $!  
    Like if you love penis  
    O_o +1
    If I were a girl, I'd choose him for the cock!  
    I'm a boy.  
    If Eminem is the King of Rap, who is Justin Beiber? The Queen of Crap!  
    Yo mama so fat the only time she ever saw 90210 was on a scale. +1
    I already can. I'm a gymnast!  
    I don't fap... I LIED!!! But I give myself handjobs.  
    This shows nowadays people are obsessed with sex.  
    My grandparents kicked the bucket years ago... :(  
    Never said they weren't gummy worms!  
    It's not in the twat, though.  
    I need my fingers for piano.  
    How would you be a perv?  
    9 months.  
    I think God is against it, so am I.  
    What will it be like floating in space forever?  
    Like if you love penis +1
    My aunt.  
    I could have one cent less than the richest.  
    One of my dreams is not dying.  
    I'm a boy LOL  
    Aids in my homework? I love loopholes! TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO  
    I'm a guy so it would be the gal I marry.  
    I would be hit by a toy train.  
    God exists when you're their God, though. See you in hell!  
    I would see the aurora borealis there!  
    And of the same skin color.  
    Maybe it's the cooked kind; so I won't get salmonella.  
    1890? I might get segregated but at least I ain't no slave!  
    God is watching, though, and I get a free ticket to hell with the money.  
    666 satan boy  
    For one second.  
    i'm a boy LOL  
    How did this end up in sex? -O-? +1
    I'm a boy and if the man knows my gender well they should be my doctor.  
    I peeked TROLOLO  
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