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it says which one appeals to you more, not which is better for picnics or going out 5 years ago  
control a person to move or change objects 5 years ago  
so why'd you go for that one? 5 years ago  
are ancestors 70 years ago??? 5 years ago  
WTF?????? 5 years ago  
wait wait, you lost me at lemme explain?? 5 years ago  
suspect does not mean guilty 5 years ago  
neither, i ride a horse 5 years ago  
who gives a sh*t about the lyrics, as long as it sounds good, its fine with me 5 years ago  
good 5 years ago  
your right; she can, shes human 5 years ago  
atleast its natural 5 years ago  
What bout a bottle of soap?? 5 years ago  
tried it yesterday, didn't work 5 years ago  
i legit don't even wanna look at image 2 5 years ago  
3 big cups is pretty much 2 litres anyway 5 years ago  
then why are they your friends? 5 years ago  
invisible rape, b*tches be like DAFUQ 5 years ago +1
let it build up in your house for years without searching for it, automatic millionaire 5 years ago  
fap fap fap 5 years ago  
ROFLLLLL 5 years ago  
if no one knows, then whats the problem? 5 years ago  
Justin Bieber?? 5 years ago  
you can take your skin off 5 years ago  
ikr, what is that?? A straw house in zimbabwe?? 5 years ago  
Ariana Grande tbh !!!!! 5 years ago  
who sais you will be a good comedian? 5 years ago  
Damnnn she WAS sooo hottt.....but now....only she will know 5 years ago  
who else thought they said exactly the same thing for a second? 5 years ago +1
sex can earn you money 5 years ago  
You could jump off the mountain 5 years ago  
Who gives a flying flageezes about the nobel peace of sh*t 5 years ago  
Forget the dead body, piss on their family 5 years ago  
change vote please, can't fap as easy as warm room 5 years ago  
compost, that is all 5 years ago  
*fap*fap*fap*fap* 5 years ago  
firstly define dip 5 years ago  
nightmares after seeing that grandmother 5 years ago  
place your tent inside luxury hotel, end of story 5 years ago  
Give this man a cookie ^ 5 years ago  
If you were smart you would be popular 5 years ago  
Make a law to ignore another law 5 years ago  
Why have a toilet if you can have a shower 5 years ago  
Although if you get rid of the lines then you wouldn't have angry/bad drivers 5 years ago  
Dear I say it 5 years ago  
Sleep Walk 5 years ago  
Clubbing in the dmovies 5 years ago  
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