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Would you rather date.. Dan Smith or Matt Smith 5 years ago 121 votes 11 comments 1 like

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yolo 5 years ago  
I could use the money to make a life elixer 5 years ago  
Looks like Rob Lowe when he was young 5 years ago  
hotttt 5 years ago  
I hate harlem shake 5 years ago  
ahh 5 years sleep 5 years ago  
over. then you make people feel bad 5 years ago  
I'm dead anyways 5 years ago  
what are these words 5 years ago  
weird 5 years ago  
music 5 years ago  
best friend 5 years ago  
the hot guy might be rich 5 years ago  
ain't that Rob Lowe? ._. 5 years ago  
who the frick chose rule 5 years ago  
boobies 5 years ago  
stripers 5 years ago  
wealth. Thne I can build something like hogwarts 5 years ago  
It looks like he's touching her tits 5 years ago  
1mil sure! I'll rig it 5 years ago  
I would go for great relationship, but then I saw the pic 5 years ago  
Good sex 5 years ago  
What? 5 years ago +2
At least in a tepee I won't die of hypo-thermeia 5 years ago  
At least if I drive high I'll be having fun 5 years ago  
Who the fhk chose fame 5 years ago +1
Subway :) 5 years ago  
If I die, I'll die happy at least 5 years ago  
Poor guy o_o 5 years ago  
I've been to India already 5 years ago  
i normally sleep most of the time anyways 5 years ago  
all of them 5 years ago  
prozzie 5 years ago  
ITUNESSS Dan Smith can buy me Starbucks, no prob 5 years ago  
crushhh 5 years ago  
adopt 5 years ago  
faillll 5 years ago  
my hometown interesting. you get to yell at people on the street and they yell back. that's better than a holiday 5 years ago  
you'd be a loner without friends.. 5 years ago  
Shuru10, it's 100% heaven, not hell 5 years ago  
I don't have a daughter 5 years ago  
Distant.. 5 years ago  
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