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    That's a little sick..  
    Beer bellies on men make them look pregnant +2
    I think it happens on both sides. +1
    I think you'd be teased less in school.  
    Why would you want to be immortal? You'd just have to watch everyone and everything around you die. +562
    Buy my lover ;)  
    Macs are great. People are just sh*t.  
    Anyone can believe whatever they want, as long as they don't force their beliefs down anyones throats.. +7
    I can see why this is 50/ hard!  
    Thank's definitely a song..  
    I'm in Miami b*tch.  
    Lamest cop out of the question I've ever seen +5
    So you'd break up with the guy of your dreams/your soulmate because of a lame saying, "Hoes before bros"... +1
    I'd rather not die. +3
    Imagine looking into those eyes...ugh! +1
    At least deal or no deal is a game of luck...not intelligence! +4
    At least the bum doesn't need hundreds of security guards to ensure he isn't killed...he knows that he'll be cared for.  
    I've watched so many zombie movies I'd know what to do ;) +3
    There's only one answer to this...really. +1
    $3 all the way. $20 isn't worth anything these days. +2
    I think it could be fun to be abducted by aliens...if they looked after me I'd learn a lot haha +146
    Mac for sure.  
    An empty funeral would be the saddest image.  
    Hunger Games is awesome! +2
    Yeah, no. Neither. +4
    If it's for the better. +1
    As cinnabar said, it's a matter of use in debating it!  
    More are dying from world hunger than war. +1
    Imagine waking up next to that clown...I'd have nightmares for an eternity. +5
    Who's next to fail?  
    The Phillipines is nothing like that pic... Trust me. +310
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