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    NEITHER 1 year ago  
    neither 1 year ago  
    both equally attractive 2 years ago  
    no such thing as true love 3 years ago  
    how do you figure 3 years ago  
    good point 3 years ago  
    both suck 3 years ago  
    5 models as long as they are adult models playboy or something like that. 3 years ago  
    why bothnot 3 years ago  
    why not both 3 years ago  
    both 3 years ago  
    why not both 3 years ago  
    why not both 3 years ago  
    same thing 3 years ago  
    same thing 3 years ago  
    either would be a fine choice 3 years ago  
    really would rather neither went through internet history but if i had to choose i'd rather have family read it. 3 years ago  
    doesnt matter because i'm neither 3 years ago +1
    true love what is that 3 years ago  
    both 3 years ago  
    cant both 3 years ago  
    both 3 years ago  
    tough one 3 years ago  
    both 3 years ago  
    what dreams gave up on those long ago 3 years ago  
    neither 3 years ago  
    I would rather read minds 3 years ago  
    my own little world where i rule 3 years ago  
    what the hell is the difference 3 years ago  
    where the hell are the comments 4 years ago  
    both please 4 years ago  
    neither 4 years ago  
    neither 4 years ago  
    neither 4 years ago  
    neither not gay 4 years ago  
    already done 4 years ago  
    what wedding 4 years ago  
    must stay away 4 years ago  
    but unfortunately im not so I lose either way 4 years ago  
    if I was still a teen i'd love to have the 13 year old 4 years ago  
    neither 4 years ago  
    whose the sicko that posted this question 4 years ago  
    failures failure something I know very well 4 years ago  
    sorry i said anything sheesh 4 years ago  
    wedding since there probably never will be one it doesn't ma 4 years ago  
    how is relevant to would you rather 4 years ago  
    tornado 6 years ago  
    whichever is compatible with my computer 6 years ago +65
    watching tv 6 years ago  
    supernovas and comets genius 6 years ago  
    definitely small 6 years ago  
    either one would be a miracle 6 years ago  
    not sluts manwhores 6 years ago  
    im dead anyway 6 years ago  
    TOO PAINFUL TO TALK ABOUT 6 years ago  
    lively sisters are HOT 6 years ago +1
    kate 6 years ago  
    brooklyn 6 years ago  
    selena 6 years ago +1
    both 6 years ago +2
    define gay 6 years ago +2
    aj 6 years ago  
    both 6 years ago  
    spurs 6 years ago  
    neither 6 years ago +2
    hottest person i know 6 years ago  
    since marriage really doesn't seem to be in my future id be fine with no one showing up to it 6 years ago  
    burger king 6 years ago  
    main or secondary 6 years ago  
    underdressed though I don't mind dressing up once in a while 6 years ago  
    funeral 6 years ago  
    dishes 6 years ago  
    fake tree 6 years ago  
    the way I die 6 years ago  
    in all honesty I prefer small ones 6 years ago  
    neither im a leg man 6 years ago  
    nope were just a bunch of assholes. 6 years ago  
    harmless/healthy fun 6 years ago  
    both 6 years ago  
    do it with sister 6 years ago  
    ew.but if my 30 yr old sis consented and only if she consented i might with her 6 years ago  
    5 models 6 years ago  
    big dog 6 years ago  
    neither although for the longest time ive dreamed of being like hef.but no longer. 6 years ago  
    no problems 6 years ago  
    my crush 6 years ago  
    god 6 years ago  
    fails r funny to watch but the world needs more winners 6 years ago  
    starbucks 4 a year 6 years ago  
    back in time 6 years ago  
    five days in my hometown 6 years ago  
    ravens 6 years ago  
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