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    Ikr 1 year ago  
    Same thing dumbass 1 year ago  
    You're an idiot 1 year ago  
    Were you dropped on your head as a baby 1 year ago  
    That you're an idiot 1 year ago  
    You're not very bright 1 year ago  
    That was a woman 1 year ago  
    You're dumb af. There's no reason to get a real one 1 year ago  
    Switch the two 1 year ago  
    I already live in LA 1 year ago  
    Payment for what? 1 year ago +1
    Lol you're completely retarded no one wants a real tree  
    Retard alert  
    If you're fat and lazy you won't be rich. Nice logic you got there  
    If you're fat and lazy you won't be rich. Nice logic you got there +1
    Only one of them created Japanese concentration camps  
    Retard alert  
    Ever heard of driving  
    Retard alert  
    They're both terrible, but Hillary is the spawn of satan  
    Lol that's what liberals always think  
    I would love to mess around with my health teacher's weight  
    That play has more legacy than all of the Harry Potter books combined  
    Lol what? That's exactly the opposite of what liberalism is, how old are you +1
    Touché nig*ga  
    For you  
    I hate both  
    You dumbass it's referred to as soccer here  
    It does make sense  
    Yes because I'm not an atheist  
    The us is not the only country that calls it soccer, dumbass  
    That chick on the right is hot  
    Wtf are you talking about  
    Yeah if you found that out first  
    Anything but that criminal b*tch hilary  
    A walk to remember is one of the worst chick flicks of all tome  
    Shrek and Fiona b*tches  
    Windows vista already does both  
    You're uncontrollably stupid  
    Lmao typical stupid atheist scum  
    No, it was correct as is.  
    Stupid atheist  
    Can someone really be that stupid  
    Samuel l Jackson  
    Abortion is gay +1
    You're completely retarded  
    It's lunar daytime idiot  
    You should check your brain  
    You have no brain  
    You're retarded  
    Why don't you check your facts idiot  
    You should go back to kindergarten  
    You're a retard  
    Because that's what happens when objects are set down genius +1
    Yeah boy you are an extreme faggot  
    If you go swimming you're sitting in your own filth and everyone else's filth  
    If you go swimming you're sitting in your own filth and everyone else's filth  
    Prepare to get raped in hell atheist fool  
    You're the idiot for picking the first one, we need justice to function as a coherent society  
    You're joking right  
    Obama is the worst president we ever had, and if you fail to see that you're a moron  
    So being against killing innocent lives make people sick bastards? Idiot  
    Einstein wasn't the smartest person in his school, his parents didn't see any potential in him either +1
    22 percent are twigs  
    So are you  
    You'll get raped in the butt after its all over +1
    That's the common misconception that atheists hold  
    *51% +1
    Because that is what the concept of God is  
    There's no wifi on islands  
    I used to  
    The one on the right looks like my ex  
    It was the 18th century genius times were different.  
    "Is Hitler still alive? I think I saw him at Walmart"- Yahoo Answers  
    America isn't the only country that calls it soccer dumbass  
    F*ck atheists  
    Because people would do whatever the f*ck they want and have no morals whatsoever  
    I saw the word "atheist" and immediately chose him  
    You do realize that Christianity isn't the only religion, right?  
    My sister is 4, ok then pedo  
    Good for you  
    I guess you're gay  
    Lmao my country is a lot better than yours  
    Blackberries are extinct  
    God is real  
    Libtard ideology: Let's take away money from hard-working good citizens and give it to fat, lazy stupid citizens who don't deserve it at all! +118
    Are you retarded  
    This question is option B itself  
    China kills innocent babies  
    Not every Canadian is polite  
    I didn't know Canadians could actually be d*cks  
    Most retarded thing I've heard all day  
    HIMYM had the worst ending in TV show history  
    You're an idiot who follows retarded stereotypes.  
    The creator of this post must not know what agnosticism is  
    This question is outdated, get in with the current generation  
    I call them dwarves not midgets  
    God exists  
    Lmao go get your brain checked  
    Christianity is doomed and America is at fault.  
    Guest from California needs to get a brain transplant  
    What if you're ugly  
    You should've put American football, there are a lot of angry non-Americans in the comments  
    87 percent of girls lied  
    So be successful in life or end up as a hobo  
    No sh*t  
    I hate n*ggers  
    I hope you're joking  
    Get rid of obama  
    Internet explorer b*tches  
    Pirates are criminals  
    By get rid of do you mean make them good drivers or kill them?  
    N*gga how do you keep getting all the top comments  
    Option A would eventually lead to option B  
    F u  
    You must be joking  
    Wow thanks for starting another argument  
    Only idiots use AT&T  
    Too bad he didn't get impeached  
    We'll take care of ISIS in the parking lot  
    F*cking idiot  
    You're a complete moron  
    I meant option B  
    Why don't you check your facts +1
    An easy way to get rid of student debt  
    Texas is like Russia to me  
    You're joking  
    Change your location then  
    Why the hell is option b only 5 million, on another poll option b was a billion  
    Because if they didn't happen we would think the world is perfect and wouldn't think we would need him  
    Whoever made this must not know what an acid is  
    Who the hell still uses blackberries  
    It's where babies come from  
    It's not strict  
    By get rid of do you mean those bad drivers would die  
    Seriously? 17% could handle missing out on porn?  
    Rapes and total crimes? Lmao typical idiot who doesn't do his research  
    The original commenter is from Canada you dumbass  
    You know nothing about this country f*cking idiot  
    F*cking idiot  
    Lol illegal immigrants  
    If I started a religion it would be Baconism  
    You're a special kind of stupid  
    At least you wouldn't be a criminal  
    *if you actually agree with that you're a moron  
    It's like choosing between two piles of sh*t  
    If he's gay then he would already be happy  
    Yeah I'd want my son to be happy and colorful  
    Whoever made this question is a gaytheist retard +1
    You are a complete moron. You can change your appearance, that's what plastic surgery and other corrections are for. Do us a favor and explain how you can change your intelligence on your own.  
    And yet you still wanna Change to a guy?  
    I would make rape legal so all the blacks would have their fun  
    But if you kill hitler then the Jews would still be alive  
    Read the author's comment dumbass  
    You're f*cking stupid why would we want that name  
    Not here  
    Libtards everywhere, wake the f*ck up +1
    And I can't believe someone hasn't ripped off your f*cking head  
    Around 14k people would now be broke who chose B  
    F u  
    So will Harry potter  
    Nah Harry Potter can go to hell  
    I hate Harry potter  
    The only thing better than being very beautiful is being very ugly  
    Is that Emma stone  
    If everyone chose a it would destroy the economy +1
    I've experienced option b before  
    Yahoo answers b*tch  
    Are you retarded  
    Why the hell would you want to be immortal idiots  
    A few bucks?  
    I'm a pirate  
    It's in the f*cking Ten Commandments not to steal  
    The people for abortion have to die, innocent lives are being killed because of them  
    It is a choice. We weren't born with those genes just like how other animals weren't born with them and we developed those feeling based on experience  
    76% of you people are disgustingly idiotic  
    You people who support it completely disgust me, how dare you support an unnatural, abominable union that doesn't even qualify as "marriage." It goes against the natural order of life, and against humanity. We as a human race are founded on the principles of man to woman relationships, it's how we were designed. This will not only destroy the principles of marriage but also the values of how we raise our children.  
    The 76% are destroying society and are ruining this country.  
    It would be the opposite  
    Says the American  
    I'd rather kill the 5% who said Justin bieber +1
    Christianity isn't a religion it's a relationship  
    F*ck you  
    You're retarded  
    You are a retard  
    Go back to school you f*cking idiot you only need parentheses for addition and subtraction  
    Retard alert  
    I feel bad for you  
    Put it in your calculator retard  
    No you idiot  
    How did you idiot 60% pass kindergarten?  
    Let's count your IQ points...  
    You should've stayed in school.  
    You're a complete moron  
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