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Would you rather Keep your salary the way it is now and cut your hours in half? or Double your salary but keep the same hours? 5 years ago 183 votes 3 comments 0 likes

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Chrome looks like crap 5 years ago  
360 5 years ago  
Really? 5 years ago  
How did CN win 5 years ago +1
Hills more girls 5 years ago  
I dont have a sister so sister 5 years ago  
There isnt a huge difference between the two 5 years ago  
Summer Olympics are a whole different much better 5 years ago  
Food = Comfort 5 years ago  
1,000? Thats it? 5 years ago  
I could never bear the wedding 5 years ago  
That much cash? YES! 5 years ago  
No obama care > 5 years ago  
Minecraft looks retarded. 5 years ago  
DROOIID 5 years ago  
I wouldn't wanna be famous in the first place 5 years ago  
Cliff diving is too dangerous 5 years ago  
Gross 5 years ago  
Bill Gates > 5 years ago  
This really is stupid 5 years ago +18
This isn't even a contest 5 years ago  
Smart Phones 5 years ago  
Kobe Bryant nuff said 5 years ago  
I need meat 5 years ago  
Not answering 5 years ago  
RUUUN 5 years ago  
I picked hollister just because of the pic. 5 years ago  
THe more the better 5 years ago  
Less loss of limbs 5 years ago  
Harry...Ive reached the top! 5 years ago  
Jeans are jeans who cares. Shirts are special 5 years ago  
My bday is June 5th!!! SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
Tongue biting sucks... 5 years ago  
I dont know what a grolar bear is soooo.... 5 years ago  
MORE TIME! 5 years ago  
Wouldnt wanna read minds 5 years ago  
Ill take 2011 5 years ago  
Bring on the snow 5 years ago  
Too cold 5 years ago  
Pepsi 5 years ago  
Who wants greed... 5 years ago  
I dont wanna be famous 5 years ago  
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