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Are you a Theist or Atheist 6 years ago 874 votes 26 comments 1 like

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And this is why America is going down the drain. 5 years ago  
Hopefully people that chose the other never get into power or we are all screwed. Sometimes you have to make tough decisions. 5 years ago  
The question isn't if you agree with the draft. It is if there were one should women be drafted too. 5 years ago +2
I feel like you are ignoring a few of my points but yes overall our government would not only be releasing a big burden but at the same time gaining a new revenue source. 5 years ago  
1st You do realize it would be the free market and not the government selling pot? 2nd With the laws the way they are people cannot legally grow Cannabis for any reason. Not to mention it being illegal was originally orchestrated by corporate america, particularly the logging and Chemical industries. A main reason it was successfully illegalized was because of the threat it posed to certain influential people and their profit margins. 5 years ago  
Actually you are wrong there, Cannabis plants are far easier to farm than tobacco. Often Tobacco must be swapped out with another plant every so often as opposed to Cannabis which is a nitrogen fixing plant and does not require crop rotation. It likely would be far cheaper than tobacco. Not to mention Cannabis could easily replace Trees as the primary source of paper worldwide. That alone is good reason to end prohibition because of the problem that over deforestation is worldwide. 5 years ago  
Any Black market operates in an artificially inflated price norm. Basically this means that as an illegal product the Coast/Profit ratio swings wildly in the direction of cost because of the threat caused by law enforcement in all stages of production and distribution. When the product in question is legalized these variables disappear, in the case on Cannabis we are talking about a plant that can come to maturity in a couple months and produce in excess of a couple pounds per specimen. It is hard to estimate exactly how much cheaper it will be but it isn't not unreasonable to assume that even with substantial taxation it will still be cheaper than the black market alternative. 5 years ago  
Its a solution because the prohibition of it is an unmitigated disaster. And with immigration it would help out a lot if we simplified the legal process of immigration and removed many of the antiquated procedures from our overtly racist past. That coupled with a collapse of the black market for Cannabis leading to a decline in the power of the Mexican Cartels would in the long term help out. 5 years ago  
So because we face lots of problems going forward, so our country is in bad shape, and our government couldn't work anything out if our national survival depended on it. Is that a reason to bury our heads in the proverbial sand and ignore the issues that our relatively easy to fix? 5 years ago  
Keep that mess over there? You cannot be serious, it doesn't take much observation to see what an unmitigated disaster Cannabis prohibition is. Also why do you keep accusing me of just wanting to smoke it? I could care less honestly, what I don't want is my country wasting obscene resources and locking innocent people in jail. 5 years ago  
So please do explain to me why and how you could possibly justify it being illegal? So far you arguments for the dangers of Cannabis have benign at worst considering "there are approximately 80,000 deaths attributable to excessive alcohol use each year in the United States.1 This makes excessive alcohol use the 3r d leading lifestyle-related cause of death for the nation.2 Excessive alcohol use is responsible for 2.3 million years of potential life lost (YPLL) annually, or an average of about 30 years of potential life lost for each death.1 In 2006, there were more than 1.2 million emergency room visits and 2.7 million physician office visits due to excessive drinking.3 The economic costs of excessive alcohol consumption in 2006 were estimated at $223.5 billion.3"(*1) I'd say that is far more dangerous yet no one with any sense would argue returning to another attempt at Alcohol prohibition. ................................................................................................. Basically what I am getting at is there is no justifiable reason to keep something like Cannabis illegal. It is a waste of tax dollars fighting it and incarcerating people not to mention a waste of human potential when you have perfectly capable individuals straddled with a drug conviction. Plus the loss of potential revenue under a legalized medical and recreational Cannabis industry...........................................................*1 CDC fact sheet on Alcohol 5 years ago  
You are describing the effects of the intoxication, yes while you are under the influence it certainly does but there is no conclusive evidence that these effects persist after or that they are cumulative as you suggest. The fact is that we are talking about a drug that has a milder intoxication than Alcohol and one that has never resulted in a single death from its use. 5 years ago  
Why should it remain illegal, offer one factual argument? 5 years ago  
I would like you to name one way in which it is more harmful than alcohol. 5 years ago  
I said that if the CSA had WON, which they didn't, schools in NY( representative of any state that didn't secede from the union) may brush it over in history. 5 years ago +1
Its not why they need it, it is that first it isn't harmful and second a waste money resources trying to keep it illegal. As apposed to using it as another source of tax revenue by legalizing it and taxing the sh*te out of it. 5 years ago +2
Yea I always wondered that, I imagine it would be the same if the CSA had won. Schools in New York may brush over that too. 5 years ago +1
Negative lol I'm not. 5 years ago  
Makes more sense 5 years ago +1
Already do lol 5 years ago  
The Aussies are already a first world nation, with Africa out of the third world hole the world would be better off. 5 years ago +2
Life expectancy and quality actually went down when we first developed farming. 5 years ago  
Science 5 years ago  
How about with facts and evidence. 5 years ago +2
Really people, because Gym class maters at all? 5 years ago +2
As long a Sarah Palin is kept as far away from the presidency as possible. 5 years ago +2
How do y'all teach about it in school? Is it brushed over or do schools go over it in any detail? 5 years ago  
Considering I run everyday 5 years ago  
Yes we can, and honestly we can stand to loose the threats of Creationist text books and their special breed of extremist conservatives in federal government. 5 years ago +1
Wow anyone that voted to make something extinct is about as ignorant as can be. 5 years ago +1
Do you have a good reason why Pot should be illegal and Alcohol should be legal? 5 years ago +3
Only complete douche bags want to keep it banned. 5 years ago +7
That's like saying a factory owner isn't responsible for the deaths because they didn't have to work there. Or a company that dumped heavy metals or radioactive material isn't responsible to the locals because they didn't have to live there. 5 years ago +1
I think you read the question wrong. 5 years ago  
Fleas don't live on humans so..... 5 years ago +1
Could have chosen a better comedian for the pic. 5 years ago +1
Actually no, agnosticism deals with perceived knowledge. Namely I think I know(Gnostic) or I do not think I know(agnostic), however theism and atheism deal with belief. One can be any combination of the two but you either have a belief in God or you do not. If you can't say that you have a belief in God then you are an Atheist. 5 years ago  
I'd buy a Blackberry like I'd buy a beta disk player. 5 years ago  
So either one you choose is the same because all languages would include other animals, but speaking to all animals would of course mean all people too. 5 years ago  
Seriously people? 5 years ago  
Why would anyone choose money over life? 5 years ago  
What kind of sexist crap is this? 5 years ago  
Wow really. 6 years ago  
Well consider this, the word everything implies a set amount that you have all of therefor to have all it must be finite so it must also be inpossible to have infinite power or knowledge because if you have it all it isn't infinite but if it is infinite then you can never have all of it because there will always be more. 6 years ago  
A lot of non gamers here 6 years ago  
Wow apparently a lot of people prefer akward sex 6 years ago  
Wow such greedy people, remember this life is all we get so why not get as much as you can 6 years ago  
Doesn't matter no inauguration coming up! 6 years ago  
I could loose the damn weight 6 years ago  
43 percent haven't tried nutella 6 years ago  
Appearance is one thing but bestiality is never appropriate. 6 years ago  
What? 6 years ago  
Wow faith in humanity -10,0000 points 6 years ago  
no, no it isn't the same at all :) 6 years ago  
Come on its AC3!!!!! 6 years ago  
What is the difference? 6 years ago  
The longer that i don't not exist the better 6 years ago  
No you don't 6 years ago +10
neither 6 years ago  
People ar so closed minded, everything made in the younger generation is crap, said by every generation. 6 years ago  
This just says about 67% are straight men and gay women. 6 years ago +1
But you still believe though 6 years ago  
Faith in humanity -1,000,000,000 points 6 years ago +2
I really think that this proves that racism is dying out because racism really doesn't mean what this implies lol. A racist thought would be OMG why is that n|##@r sitting behind me, not wow why can't Asians drive the speed limit. 6 years ago +2
I love history too, but seeing as you can only pick one I am venturing to say that it is a one way trip. So as much as I love history I know enough to say that living back then would suck. 6 years ago  
But the woman on the right is hotter. 6 years ago  
There is only one negative choice? 6 years ago  
Women have consistently been oppressed throughout history. 6 years ago  
faith in humanity -100,000 points 6 years ago  
War will never stop but we can produce enough food to feed everyone. 6 years ago  
Are you serious? The other option is to not have a limit to how long you can live! 6 years ago  
Atleast as a Black man in the 1800s American south you have a chance to have a life. 6 years ago  
using opera right now lol 6 years ago  
wow 71 percent would rather have awkward sex instead of great sex lol that is like preferring a rusted out jeep over a new mustang as your first car 6 years ago  
please don't ever vote 6 years ago  
who cares about their own funeral? 6 years ago  
switch boobs to facial bone structure and butt to muscles 6 years ago  
A democratic communist society is an oxymoron because communism is the belief in establishing an absolute dictatorship to create, in the long run, the socialist utopia. Yet something close to it is possible through socialist policies being implemented over time, proof of this is that the happiest countries on Earth or in fact the most socialist. 6 years ago  
You should not be allowed to have a daughter. 6 years ago  
Screw the cold 6 years ago  
That is why part of the reason why our economy has stabilized. 6 years ago +1
Well the question is only meant to ask what if people believe or not, but honestly why is it so bad to start these types of conversations? 6 years ago  
Liar, i guarantee you drink alcohol which is much worse for you than weed. 6 years ago  
You are a retard. 6 years ago  
How is this religion vs science? 6 years ago  
Most people are but you would still claim to believe obviously, I am agnostic as well but would not claim to have faith in God so I am an Atheist as well. 6 years ago  
the man is a liar, you have to be willingly blind not to see that 6 years ago  
Why can't premature ejaculation ever be a problem for women? Intelligent design my ass. 6 years ago  
this was partly based on south park 6 years ago  
wow, 46 percent are evil fu(king twats 6 years ago  
what kind of stupid question 6 years ago  
Congratulations you have been brainwashed, would you like a cookie or a ice cream? 6 years ago  
I think they meant would you rather have sex with 6 years ago  
You can work out after being able to teleport. 6 years ago  
I assume it is have no boobs for a woman or have no cucumber for a man. Well you can still live normal life as a woman without boobs but has a man with no penis you are a freak. 6 years ago  
Upvote because we went Obama for a second time! 6 years ago +1
speed 6 years ago  
there is no way to put into words the level of stupidity that went into the formulation of this question 6 years ago  
No such thing as Ghosts so.... 6 years ago  
Screw that! 6 years ago  
How the hell would that do anything at all? 6 years ago  
I pick Thor 6 years ago  
I hate about 5700 of you retards 6 years ago  
nice, some faith in humanity has been restored 6 years ago  
Well, What version of Heaven I mean we could be talking about some creepy Jehovah's Witness heaven 6 years ago  
Why is that? if you are not intimate and in love with you partner then you have no place getting married. 6 years ago  
what the hell? 6 years ago  
16 percent huh, may i suggest euthanasia 6 years ago  
Then Who created God? 6 years ago  
Well not really, we are in fact Apes. or I should say Hominidiae which as a family includes all Great,lesser ape, and Human species. In scientific nomenclature the distinction isn't there like it is in english vernacular. But we of course are not descendant of any modern Ape species but we all share common ancestors. 6 years ago  
lol prob no God 6 years ago  
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