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    WHEN she had a period  
    send her to dig some holes  
    id use my psychokineses to keep moving around the telepathic brain. give him a huge headache! >:D +1
    people enjoy music more :D  
    *ahhhhhhhhhhh* the good 'ol days  
    i look like the kid right now wth all of his shtuff . . . . mebe not the suit though  
    i smash the lightsaber with some boulders, and wash you out of the Earth, bye sucker! >:D  
    WOW. 50-50. Didn't expect that.  
    how is that a bad house? lived in worse  
    there are different aspects of being "beautiful"  
    you use talent to get a skill!  
    WOW. 50-50  
    whoops forgot the "all"  
    those ears look weird +1
    dont got one  
    used to it  
    dont have tab or cell  
    i hate tiny things!  
    go team cupid!!!  
    someone's eventually gonna no cuz you cant hide the smell  
    look at those women! yea!  
    doesnt say how dumb  
    more comfy  
    dont need boyfriend  
    u dont know who he is by the way u talk about him  
    ill kill him myself  
    i like something i can set up in 4 minutes tops.  
    me like CHEWY!  
    id hate to break a bone after i fall from 10 feet  
    no tall building where i live  
    never know what you might end up touching  
    attach a gun or laser pointer to it  
    never have to floss  
    hmmmmm. . . .skip  
    doesnt say how poor  
    is walking a dance?  
    i dont have car yet  
    WOW. 50-50  
    Sith are plain old creepy!  
    That's debatable.  
    That's debatable.  
    i love surprises except when they scare me  
    ever hear of multi-tasking?  
    doesn't say what we can cross in  
    sushi has sashimi in it  
    no need to shave  
    its amazing how fast money goes.  
    after i saw the picture on the right  
    good to see 80% of all who answered this question have common sense  
    At the top of my head I can name at least 7 scientists. I can only think of like 2 olympians.  
    doesn't say what kinds of movies  
    i often do that  
    Fast, and comfortable= my style  
    least I know i dont go completely unnoticed  
    love to see what excuse they have  
    if you can't see you wouldn't have anything visual to remember  
    because of the favorite celebrity part  
    I dont wanna remeber all the creepy trailers I watch.  
    Why is it not surprising it's Bella and Jacob.  
    I don't look to good.  
    Be a cool experience.  
    I prefer to live life knowing that people are not talking about me at all.  
    This must the fifteenth time I saw Emma Watson's face on this website.  
    Collapsation, Wild Fire, Thunder Storm, Beavers, Flood *shudders* can't imagine living in a tree house  
    Actually more comfortable in my opinion.  
    Judging from the percentage, I'd say people talk way too much these days/  
    I want to be remembered  
    Who says I can't have a bungee cord on my waist.  
    wouldn't have to go through the other's death  
    Falling from 10 feet onto hard snow hurts.  
    Not with all that cheese smeared onto it.  
    Amazing how I know every scientist in the photo, yet I know nothing about the men sitting in those armchairs.  
    Experience: not financially equipped, not going to wake up to feed the baby( enjoy my sleep too much)  
    .. . . . . . . .  
    I'd knock the driver out cold with the beer bottle, open the door, push him/her out. My turn to drive!  
    I hate pain.  
    Physical pain goes away.  
    He doesn't know you.  
    I don't know you so I don't care about what you think of me.  
    There's always something you and and the person you hate will enjoy together.  
    Life would be unbearable if you had to go through the deaths of everyone you loved or cared about.  
    I'll move  
    get some friends who'll turn my life around  
    I hate messages  
    No one said we can't wait until the final product is made.  
    I've lived here long enough.  
    No vote. Not married and no kids.  
    That's debatable.  
    I don't wanna go to a place where people used to watch other people get eaten by a lion for fun. +1
    Surfing the internet gets boring.  
    Best question yet! :D  
    If you read and watch a lot, you'll be very knowledgeable, I don't wanna forget all that.  
    Anyone here under 14?  
    Get another job.  
    It's debatable if aliens exist at all.  
    You definitely don't know what terrorists would do to you either.  
    I'd get the cell phone company to manually fry the cell's motherboard, and get another phone.  
    Don't have a phone!  
    when you travel you have to be able to live somewhere. . . so easy decision.  
    WOW. 50-50.  
    I wish I saw the comments before I chose.  
    RANDOMLY. What if you're driving somewhere?  
    You can always just ditch them.  
    People talk too much.  
    Because of the picture  
    I'd take fries and a big mac anytime.  
    You'll at least be remembered for giving the worst gift.  
    Because of the picture.  
    No one gets me presents anymore.  
    Animals can reproduce, I can't say the same thing for our Earth.  
    I'm guessing most of the people who chose have never been on a cruise. You get access to buffets, movie theatres, and whatever else they built on the ship.  
    Because of the picture  
    I fall asleep after three hours  
    Just because of the beautiful Northern Lights  
    id stop the shower then pee then continue showering  
    Because of the picture.  
    NO SCHOOL!  
    . . . . then wear a hat for the rest of my life.  
    On a ski lift. At least you can see the scenery.  
    WOW. 50-50. I can't believe it.  
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