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Be a Slytherin or a Gryffindor? Slytherin or Gryffindor 7 years ago 510 votes 7 comments 0 likes

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then why did you pick never be able to shower? 7 years ago +3
being adopted isnt horrible. 7 years ago +2
Subway- Eat fresh 7 years ago +2
how many times has this question been asked?! 7 years ago +3
hate pie 7 years ago +1
hated bothh 7 years ago +2
i've always wanted to be a lawyer anyway 7 years ago +4
hellz yea! 5mil! :) 7 years ago  
wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yea 7 years ago +11
depends on the season... i luvv flip flops in the summer and spring. but sneakers r beast 7 years ago  
asked already 7 years ago +3
this was a hard one! 7 years ago +2
depends on what im going to order 7 years ago +1
in the bath you swim in your own filth... 7 years ago +4
omg i chose the wrong one! i thought it said have the same s*x-like w. the same person !! uhg 7 years ago  
i hate vampires-but still 7 years ago  
i HATEE losing things of mine 7 years ago  
edward is a better match for her but jacob is way hotter than him 7 years ago +1
ew robert... 7 years ago +1
i HATEEE vamps 7 years ago  
wear the rainbow- taste the rainbow 7 years ago +5
hate hate hate mice 7 years ago  
idk what this is...? 7 years ago  
it would feel like flying for a while 7 years ago +3
I usually forget my dream 30 seconds later 7 years ago +4
took me a while to think about it but... hey wtf just do it 7 years ago  
good for your legs :) 7 years ago +6
my dad doesnt look like tht! 7 years ago +3
SMOSH SMOSH SMOSH! 7 years ago +3
it depends on what the movie is. but 3D is nice but all of the movies r doing it and is getting old 7 years ago  
Jacob is hot! Edward is ugly as crap 7 years ago +3
this shows you how much people care so much about what other people think about them 7 years ago +6
Posted like 5x already 7 years ago +8
HATE HATE cockroaches! 7 years ago +2
PUFFS PUFFS PUFFS!!! 7 years ago +1
what is a moshi monster? 7 years ago +2
hate cheese! 7 years ago +1
hate vampires 7 years ago +1
peach is aways getting captured. dumb girl 7 years ago  
i chose the 2nd one, then there will b no human race 7 years ago +9
ew ketchup 7 years ago +4
im not that creative- so grow my own food :) 7 years ago +3
i ♥ the muppets 7 years ago +2
i iknow what im actally buying in a retail store 7 years ago  
forget da kids 7 years ago +3
u can die from eating raw pork chop 7 years ago +8
wizards= evil spells on idiots 7 years ago +2
narnia!!! 7 years ago  
HATEE 7 years ago  
exactally 7 years ago +1
the young should live b/c the spouse had a life to live and the child didn't 7 years ago +2
both are sexy 7 years ago  
Do i prefer? wish both didnt happen 7 years ago +2
LIKE A BOSS 7 years ago +3
whyy? 7 years ago  
can always blame the dog! 7 years ago +3
switched the pics! IDK which one to choose! 7 years ago  
why an asian? 7 years ago +7
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