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its better to be the cheater than the cheatee duh. the cheater has options 4 years ago  
wished that girls were no longer judged for irresponsible sex. they should not be persuaded by society one way or another 4 years ago  
bros before hos. 4 years ago  
my parents would enjoy the show 4 years ago  
friends come and go 4 years ago  
#1 is sort of a turn-on 4 years ago  
find another sweetheart. you owe your parents 4 years ago  
let's hope yes! 4 years ago +2
If sibling drowns, that's her own fault. shes swim team captain 4 years ago  
No, it's also her face too 4 years ago  
I already do #2. 4 years ago +1
I did #1 before... twice.. Nobody really cares on Wall Street 4 years ago  
yeah, it's the "next ones" that bothers me. killing the ex's - well, that's awesome 4 years ago  
#2: can just be heartbreaker (hot) 4 years ago  
#1: can get heartbroken (very bad) 4 years ago  
lesbians are hot holler back 4 years ago  
it's stupid because choice #1 can be unrequited love (they may not love you back). by definition, if the person is the person of your dreams, you'd prob love her anyway 4 years ago  
is it a random girl every day or the same girl everyday, but chosen at random? 4 years ago  
easy choice 4 years ago  
if you date your crush, then the whole school would already know who she is. duh 4 years ago  
psst... easy question.. would do #2 anyway even if #1 was not there 4 years ago  
good for him 4 years ago  
if you live, you can always find another signficant other. many more to go around 4 years ago  
the real question in life 4 years ago  
we do this all the time (#2) 4 years ago  
wasnt that hard of a choice really 4 years ago  
duh 4 years ago  
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