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    yea pete blacksmith (my class friend and best friend is way unpopular but we are friends and that what matter) 10 months ago  
    you can go doing cosplay i would love a green-colored hair girl doing cosplay in my school 10 months ago  
    WHO IN THE UNIVERSE USES YAHOO 10 months ago  
    MK9 isn't that bad just a dark game 10 months ago  
    Yare Yare Daze 10 months ago  
    i dont hav a cellphone and my pc is a pc gamer 10 months ago  
    misclick, i had my first kiss when i had 6 10 months ago  
    juastin beavar 10 months ago  
    FRUIT FOR EVA 10 months ago  
    i hav a girl on the school we just watch anime together 10 months ago  
    I am a geek nerd and an otaku lol 10 months ago  
    imma go eat with GOKU 10 months ago  
    SEE THE POWA OF A DICK 10 months ago  
    im 990 10 months ago  
    it would take the blame for fart lel 10 months ago  
    yep same from the guest of ohio 10 months ago  
    Konata im coming 2 u 10 months ago  
    i read in the pic b that thomas edison invented pornography 10 months ago  
    i dont hav callphon 10 months ago  
    Guys Lets Talk bout Duel monstars (that was intentional) 10 months ago  
    I would Found K.C (kaiba corp) 10 months ago  
    i was cosplaying at 10 year old 10 months ago  
    Lemme Buy all Dlc's Of jump force 10 months ago  
    OH SHIT 10 months ago  
    principally Yu-Gi-Oh! 10 months ago  
    anime is now obrigatory for the child's tv shows 10 months ago +1
    Jojo Kimyou na Bouken Part 1-5 10 months ago  
    Lets Kill Dat Trash 10 months ago  
    Subscribe to my minecraf chanel gais 10 months ago  
    atleast i arent have ilusions 10 months ago  
    im already a kid 10 months ago  
    id apreciate the snow 10 months ago  
    I could be the best thief on ZA WARUDO 10 months ago  
    guest from new york Me too lel i almost ded 3 times and one of the 3 was that friday 10 months ago  
    I will be an naruto ninja lel 10 months ago  
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