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    yea pete blacksmith (my class friend and best friend is way unpopular but we are friends and that what matter) 6 months ago  
    you can go doing cosplay i would love a green-colored hair girl doing cosplay in my school 6 months ago  
    MK9 isn't that bad just a dark game 6 months ago  
    Yare Yare Daze 6 months ago  
    i dont hav a cellphone and my pc is a pc gamer 6 months ago  
    misclick, i had my first kiss when i had 6 6 months ago  
    juastin beavar 6 months ago  
    FRUIT FOR EVA 6 months ago  
    i hav a girl on the school we just watch anime together 6 months ago  
    I am a geek nerd and an otaku lol 6 months ago  
    imma go eat with GOKU 6 months ago  
    SEE THE POWA OF A DICK 6 months ago  
    im 990 6 months ago  
    it would take the blame for fart lel 6 months ago  
    yep same from the guest of ohio 6 months ago  
    Konata im coming 2 u 6 months ago  
    i read in the pic b that thomas edison invented pornography 6 months ago  
    i dont hav callphon 6 months ago  
    Guys Lets Talk bout Duel monstars (that was intentional) 6 months ago  
    I would Found K.C (kaiba corp) 6 months ago  
    i was cosplaying at 10 year old 6 months ago  
    Lemme Buy all Dlc's Of jump force 6 months ago  
    OH SHIT 6 months ago  
    principally Yu-Gi-Oh! 6 months ago  
    anime is now obrigatory for the child's tv shows 6 months ago +1
    Jojo Kimyou na Bouken Part 1-5 6 months ago  
    Lets Kill Dat Trash 6 months ago  
    Subscribe to my minecraf chanel gais 6 months ago  
    atleast i arent have ilusions 6 months ago  
    im already a kid 6 months ago  
    id apreciate the snow 6 months ago  
    I could be the best thief on ZA WARUDO 6 months ago  
    guest from new york Me too lel i almost ded 3 times and one of the 3 was that friday 6 months ago  
    I will be an naruto ninja lel 6 months ago  
    i will end the life of the baby hitler 6 months ago  
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