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Would you marry Yuri or Natsuki 1 month ago 33 votes 2 comments 0 likes

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thx 1 month ago +1
Pete Pines(Pedro Pinheiro) 1 month ago  
Luccas Netto lol 1 month ago  
nutella is bad 1 month ago  
serious whats ASAP im brazilian 1 month ago  
but still an uncontrolable feeling of i have to do it 1 month ago  
noboby i knows 1 month ago  
Lets Smoke some big joanaaghhhhh!!!!!!!!! (falls asleep on the craziness) 1 month ago  
meat not kit 1 month ago +1
yea 1 month ago  
lets kill bruno bucciarati another time 1 month ago  
14 hours ago 1 month ago  
i dont hav nothing to do so "Gotta'read'em all" 1 month ago  
my brother We was on DUEL TIME! 1 month ago  
same of usmanc 1 month ago  
sometimes 1 month ago  
5-7 i would say 1 month ago  
normal i think 1 month ago  
its like an rpg or somthing like dat 1 month ago  
idk i should stay happy right? 1 month ago  
idk 1 month ago  
my mother suffer suficient now caring for one teen of 16 and 3 children of 8-5 1 month ago  
(brazilian joke) Pay MY Pau gringos 1 month ago  
same from silverhawk 1 month ago  
3-5 1 month ago  
should every guest should be an user 1 month ago  
idk 1 month ago  
yea not just for not 100% 1 month ago  
TRIPLE MORTAL JUMP 1 month ago  
i should eat[ 1 month ago  
idk 1 month ago  
ye 1 month ago  
idk lol 1 month ago  
La ass 1 month ago  
first comment bro 1 month ago  
i will adopt one lel 1 month ago +1
idont lov penis 1 month ago  
yea pete blacksmith (my class friend and best friend is way unpopular but we are friends and that what matter) 1 month ago  
you can go doing cosplay i would love a green-colored hair girl doing cosplay in my school 1 month ago  
Mustang cuz the name is good 1 month ago  
it never sayed what type of brain would be here i will eat an fish brain 1 month ago  
MK9 isn't that bad just a dark game 1 month ago  
Yare Yare Daze 1 month ago  
i dont hav a cellphone and my pc is a pc gamer 1 month ago  
why the other anwer's name is virgin mobile ('-') 1 month ago  
misclick, i had my first kiss when i had 6 1 month ago  
juastin beavar 1 month ago  
i will hav 3 sons and 1 daugher their names will be yugi,yusei,yuya and yuuki 1 month ago  
FRUIT FOR EVA 1 month ago  
i hav a girl on the school we just watch anime together 1 month ago  
I am a geek nerd and an otaku lol 1 month ago  
OH MY GOD 1 month ago  
SAXXXXXXXXX 1 month ago  
imma go eat with GOKU 1 month ago  
SEE THE POWA OF A DICK 1 month ago  
im 990 1 month ago  
it would take the blame for fart lel 1 month ago  
yep same from the guest of ohio 1 month ago  
Konata im coming 2 u 1 month ago  
i read in the pic b that thomas edison invented pornography 1 month ago  
i live in brazil so i wanna go to japan 1 month ago  
i dont hav callphon 1 month ago  
oh Were JONATHAN JOESTAR 1 month ago  
Guys Lets Talk bout Duel monstars (that was intentional) 1 month ago  
I would Found K.C (kaiba corp) 1 month ago  
i was cosplaying at 10 year old 1 month ago  
Lemme Buy all Dlc's Of jump force 1 month ago  
OH SHIT 1 month ago  
principally Yu-Gi-Oh! 1 month ago  
anime is now obrigatory for the child's tv shows 1 month ago  
Lets go to home i want to show ya somthing (if you understands me) 1 month ago  
(a fusion of tusk and echoes) 1 month ago +1
Tuskchoes Act 5 OVA HEAVEN 1 month ago +1
yep really sad 1 month ago  
Kirito Sleeps with asuna ('_') 1 month ago  
I want the lelouch's Geass for why you know (laughs suspicios form) 1 month ago  
sao currently havs a third season SAO alicialization 1 month ago  
Jojo kimyou na Bouken Or Yu-Gi-Oh! 1 month ago  
you activated my trap card MIRROR FORCE 1 month ago  
Gomu Gomu No South Destroyer!!!!!!!!!! 1 month ago  
omg 1 month ago  
Kono Dio GAH!!!!!!!! 1 month ago  
the M&M turtle 1 month ago  
lelouch would see jack chan and see disgrace 1 month ago  
EXODIA ORBLITERATE!!!!!!!!! 1 month ago  
Lolis LOSS (this isnt ur days girls lets go home) 1 month ago  
B for Boobs 1 month ago  
GOMU GOMU NO BAZOOKA 1 month ago  
konata best friend 1 month ago  
me and konata will be best friends 1 month ago  
im crying 1 month ago  
i aren't letting anyone touch my little sister 1 month ago  
I did want a neko harem pls... so you saying you dont have neko girls uh SCREW THE RULES I HAVE MONEY 1 month ago  
i would be luffy and look for one piece 1 month ago  
i would die in sao saying to my waifu that i love her 1 month ago  
Kill Yuno Sleep C.C marry Konata 1 month ago  
OH MY GOD (its time to masturbate) 1 month ago  
Nekos are the best in ZA WARUDO 1 month ago  
guest from colorado same look at that girls (i definitely dont have any love intentions) (laughs suspicious form) 1 month ago  
Wow lets start with the waifus list of 59 thou... 1 month ago  
we on brazil hate people that sing funk 1 month ago  
sao I is better but i like sao II cuz it made me cry 1 month ago  
i could make girls like ma food 1 month ago  
wrong question 1 month ago  
I could make girls like my food 1 month ago  
Teen Titans classic 1 month ago  
Guest from Zealand You is a Human Fail who should die 1 month ago  
Just Wanna Chillout and Do Some Cosplays with konata 1 month ago  
I would Be Seto Kaiba (Screw The Rules I Have Money) 1 month ago  
Jojo Kimyou na Bouken Part 1-5 1 month ago  
crazy frog (i would hav him as my pet) 1 month ago  
im already hav fear of girls lol 1 month ago  
Its basically like me 1 month ago  
use pokeballs 1 month ago  
Lets Kill Dat Trash 1 month ago  
Subscribe to my minecraf chanel gais 1 month ago  
atleast i arent have ilusions 1 month ago  
im already a kid 1 month ago  
id apreciate the snow 1 month ago  
I could be the best thief on ZA WARUDO 1 month ago  
guest from new york Me too lel i almost ded 3 times and one of the 3 was that friday 1 month ago  
I will be an naruto ninja lel 1 month ago  
i will end the life of the baby hitler 1 month ago  
i prefer anime12 1 month ago  
"friends" sure if you understand me :) 1 month ago  
idc yall anime is way better 1 month ago  

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