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A guy 12 years old and Crazy :P

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If the world gets traped in an apocalypse would you like that one be Zombie Apocalypse or Aliens 'n Machines 2 years ago 110 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a date with Your best friend`s girlfriend or boyfriend or Your worst enemy 2 years ago 90 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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xD 2 years ago  
but when is my girlfriend a call 2 years ago  
with a .308 Winchester BA 2 years ago  
they `re primitives xD 2 years ago +1
i have the beats but the other one looks amazing 2 years ago  
i would prefer... be me 2 years ago  
i was yesterday on the shark attack of Boca 2 years ago  
what if they are gamers? 2 years ago  
depends 2 years ago  
wow the 63% did the other one :v bad friends xD 2 years ago  
real love have`s trust 2 years ago  
it`s painful but you got good feelings 2 years ago  
i selected one but i never will cheat 2 years ago  
that would be so funny and embarasing 2 years ago  
i'm superman i 'll fly :v 2 years ago  
if the train hit my hair only :v 2 years ago  
11% pussy guys 2 years ago  
1 I would be independent. 2. I could give her money 2 years ago  
is so bad but whatever they could be starving 2 years ago  

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