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    um +1
    Kicking ass and taking names online.  
    Hmmm always wondered what that meant  
    YOLO a reason to act stupid  
    good gossip  
    70 percent liars  
    aliens make you cookies  
    Welcome to the highway to hell...  
    stop bashing religion!!!!  
    i like my soul very much sooo...  
    so many canibals!!!!!  
    Aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww yeeeeaaaahhhhhh  
    They said in wild...  
    pepsi is too mainstream  
    kitten... polar bears going extinct  
    stay a man. no need to trade out an easy life for birth, and... monthly occurances.  
    (nymeria in hell:... damnit  
    good point  
    no offence, but it might be better to let her be at peace. i for one would prefer to stay dead. On the other hand im sure she would love to be with you.  
    wish for 100 more wishes  
    hard to decide +1
    all languages? NO MORE SPANISH CLASS  
    Well there goes half of the next generation.  
    PC has things like steam, which make x-box look like nintendo 64 +1
    curled up in a ball on my side.  
    If im in front im good  
    Well im only in high school sooo... plus u can read on book smarts, street smarts takes experience  
    Too many milkshake comments. (L' ')L ] (flips table)  
    be honest.  
    the same person  
    clubs... no  
    phycological... depends what kind...  
    Haven't had mine yet sooooo...  
    God has all power so...  
    I wouldn't be able to live with myself if i let them die  
    The name's Bond... James Bond  
    only with nutella. +925
    oh wow. authors comment.  
    Welcome to a world where 56 percent of people are completely stupid.  
    god is already real. the world needs to wake up! they would rather think a big explosion created us?!?!?!? I vote for pokemon because it's the only fictional thing here.  
    This is sad  
    What if barbie dolls were named after this guy?!?!?!?  
    What is barbie dolls were named after this guy?!?!?!  
    F idol  
    It's sad to see whats happening to this world  
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