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My name is Julie not Juliet, how they fucked that up when I signed in with FB I have no idea. -------------------- the point of would you rather is you aren't supposed to like the choices so much. I wish some one on here would take it more seriously. rather then every one just copping out of questions, if you don't want to pick one then don't answer. is it that hard to just pick one and deal with that you don't always like one? why must every one just ignore how the rules work.

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    pretty split  
    I really believe both could be possible. no one ever considers if god were to exist couldn't he have created the big bang and stupid humans made up lies about him?  
    every one has a sense of humor. just might not match up  
    memories are more lovely then lies +2
    cause i'm normal like that  
    why not  
    F,,k em. I have enough depression, they get it this time  
    last words depend on the circumstance  
    no pain for others then  
    these are stupid questions when they give you the option to stay you.  
    only cause its still on and still good  
    happens all the time anyways  
    cause i'm not a PC gamer and you can do this in consoles  
    because then maybe I could kill myself in the womb  
    i'm a make up artist soooo  
    cause DUH  
    whats an apple?  
    he's just black  
    the person says from disease ect. pretty sure a gun has nothing to do with aging  
    I'd die happy  
    the writers comment is pointless  
    i'm basing this directly off the images infront of me and nothing else  
    no one said I can't use other things to see my reflection  
    even if it ended up being stupid. like if you can't spell right online you aren't allowed online.  
    imagination. plus I fall asleep listening to movies sooo  
    maybe I can make sense of them the next day and share them  
    love rain  
    so much cooler  
    siblings more important  
    movie time  
    he's worse  
    prison is like a 5 star hotel with rape and occasional beatings  
    I like flat pop, coke goes flat faster  
    my driver could just bring to the fancy restaurants  
    good to know we have our priorities straight  
    Id have no shame peeing in the elevator but id forever regret peeing on the ski lift  
    I stopped using fire fox when I got my second laptop  
    be nosy or be calm  
    honestly id rather be a samurai but this is the next best thin  
    everything would come to me  
    no one said I can't use crackers or bread and such with the cheese  
    how f,,king pointless this question was  
    I don't even get this  
    I don't believe in heaven  
    look strong or mess with people  
    can take pills for that  
    listen to what I already listen to or what I barely listen to  
    its sad that this is 50/50 split  
    live a lonely life or live rich ((any one get what I mean?))  
    I have no shame but I do have humility  
    seriosly? +1
    I do a lot worse stuff online then in person  
    two of my fav dogs are small so. Pug, pitbull, boston terrier. sorry but two outta 3  
    old man vs old man  
    would I rather have a higher chance of surviving and peacful rides or be less inconvenienced buying sh*t I don't need  
    been there, done that  
    this makes no sense  
    a normality  
    don't need sex when I can masturbate ;P  
    can hit on more people if I speak like them  
    I already own two laptops  
    pretty sure within the first hour of knowing everything id kill myself  
    who needs money when you can wish for the things that make you happy?  
    some idiot says no one would reproduce if no one could get married XD how is any one that stupid?! oh geez. no divorce then people will think twice before getting married.  
    I don't need freedom  
    now if you replaced ninja with samurai  
    only because I don't know sh*t about hermoine and I could be a vampire  
    I see a lot of consensual rape happening  
    mermaid sushi  
    usually i'm half naked and still over dressed XD ((wearing things that stand out)) - I just realized that sounded stupid. Pretend I picked the other one because obviously my comment doesn't match my choice  
    hate me for it. I liked the movies and life lessons that the holocaust brought us.  
    now see where it doesn't say I will always look like a laughing horse  
    the majority of the time I do get away with lying if I really have to. id rather know some ones lying so I can remove them from my life immediately then later  
    so much rather know what I missed well I was sleeping  
    i'm basing this off the pictures infront of me and not my general opinion  
    pretty sure if the relationship is great the sex is too  
    I act like a kid and have legal sex.................that went wrong fast  
    doesn't say you can't sell those cards for real money if so needed  
    doesn't say how loud id be  
    some one already said it but yeah hearing aid  
    wouldn't have to read minds or fly lol  
    in the spirit of actually playing the game  
    starbucks is gross  
    been there, done that  
    because childhood  
    assume I have a gun. all I have to do is shoot myself before they find me.  
    because I only have to kill the baby once  
    I would have spent the money on stupid sh*t any wyas  
    see I haven't watched a single harry potter and feel like now its to late to get into it. but I have been stuck in the room with some one watching twilight because In that case I would have rathered been in the room watching some thing I don't like so I can socialize then be in my room alone  
    I would have rather loved it. plus I picture ronald would have to be at least half naked with no make up or smudged make up on by morning and I picture tim curry from rocky horror picture show. ronalds just a sweet transvestite and thats okay  
    HA I could already be a lawyer if I went to school for it  
    that barely qualifies as a question  
    no saying I can't drop the weight  
    I would do good stuff and pointless stuff with my money.................or lets say I walk into these riches at the emotional level I am now. sort some stuff out in life for people I love. no saying I can't spread the wealth or put it in some one elses name. Write my will then buy what I need to kill myself and life would still be okay without me. better then before.  
    doesn't say if I were smartest I wouldn't also be my current level of hot  
    live twice as long. loop hole, doesn't say I can't still kill myself if I choose but win the lottery you could win 5$  
    time isn't real  
    they aren't descriptive as to what nothing else means  
    so much more I could get away with just being the friend  
    at least I can plan for sh*t if I know when  
    I don't know how to surf surf so do what I do best  
    I don't believe in true love  
    I want to believe this means we can't leave each others sides for that time  
    read mind. MIND..............can I choose who's mind?  
    less complications with my crush  
    I'll have lots of money and the only people who will consider me famous are my friends :P  
    go back and tell them to make sure I never happen  
    I could get into more shenanigans changing my age then my gender.  
    people literally have to see you get married at least one person for it to be legit. if NO ONE came to my marriage I wouldn't be married. I have no issue with being the one coffin that doesn't get lowered till the day after my funeral. see trick is no one comes to my funeral, how about visiting the next day?  
    before I made an account I picked internet but then I remembered my ipad isn't a cell phone and I don't use my cell phone as a phone any way or really at all. loop holes.  
    I barely eat chocolate as is  
    Europe because less douchy people  
    Id rather be killed by an alien  
    Kid ain't my problem  
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