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Would you rather be... A seductive vampire/vampiress or a brave superhero/heroine 7 years ago 115,880 votes 488 comments 6 likes
Would you rather have... dark skin like night or pale skin like paper 7 years ago 9,134 votes 107 comments 0 likes
Would you rather.... drink 2 liters of sweat? or eat 3 big cups of toe cheese? 7 years ago 207,109 votes 779 comments 13 likes
Would you rather have to change your name to... Osama Bin Laden? or Optimus Prime? 7 years ago 10,752 votes 58 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live where it is.... winter every day of your life(cold)? or summer every day of your life(hot)? 7 years ago 113,020 votes 917 comments 5 likes
Would you rather have a beautiful face but ugly body or a beautiful body but ugly face 7 years ago 134,192 votes 1,103 comments 4 likes

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new one is too plain 7 years ago  
well if u had no water you'd die in like 2-3 days... 7 years ago +6
aids is more preventable than cancer..so cancer it is 7 years ago  
long hair is cool :o 7 years ago  
10% of ppl of voted are stupid.. 7 years ago +1
*cries* im thinking about cats again... 7 years ago +6
books 7 years ago +1
i dont drink alcohol much but red was always more sweeter...white is kinda gross 7 years ago  
i'd rather live with the better technology 7 years ago  
rain stinks...the only type of cold i like is snow. where you can ski and make snowmen :) 7 years ago  
I wouldnt like that creepy bird watching over my mail. 7 years ago  
happiness 7 years ago  
tetris bores me after a while 7 years ago  
i hate cold but it sounds less painful.. 7 years ago  
whats the difference? O_o 7 years ago  
who cares about tv? thats what online vid sites like hulu are for. 7 years ago  
i'd rather stick with seafood anyway plus i get to keep my health tyvm^.^ 7 years ago  
i like in LA, so vegass 7 years ago  
calibri annoys me for some reason...but i guess its better to write in it 7 years ago  
well at least I can dig myself out... 7 years ago  
idk who either of them are but the lucas guy looks too much like bieber so i think ian is better 7 years ago  
do teens count as kids....probbaly do so yes being a kid is better (: 7 years ago  
flats are more comfortable..but if i was shorter i'd go with heels 7 years ago  
i like tan better...but not orange so in this case im going with white :P 7 years ago  
cats rule :P 7 years ago  
i love baths when im relaxing...but showers are more practical and easier to get clean fast 7 years ago  
my hair doesnt get oily like most peoples when its dirty..rather have white teeth 7 years ago  
whales are easier to find than toucans 7 years ago  
a famous person will be most likely to cheat 7 years ago  
wow 50/50 maybe some ppl didnt see the catch on choosing the hot guy 7 years ago  
wtf marijuana=trouble 7 years ago  
I used to eat cat food thinking it was tuna anyway...O_o 7 years ago  
even tho im straight...im assuming the b00b is at least clean 7 years ago  

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