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    i'm an assassin and i'm going to kill you in one week. 1 year ago  
    to kill i can't decide wich one. 1 year ago  
    that fastball hit me twice 1 year ago  
    me too 1 year ago +1
    drunk on sugar 1 year ago  
    nither 1 year ago  
    both at the same time 1 year ago  
    she can work that gun 1 year ago  
    yes 1 year ago  
    im a guy so 1 year ago  
    mine too 1 year ago  
    i'm going to prove that while having someone to watch you it you keep your fingers and toes. so it can be legal in cold places 1 year ago  
    exploramos, crono, and avada kedavra. 1 year ago  
    sh*t wrong one 1 year ago  
    me too 1 year ago  
    neither of them 1 year ago  
    good idea 1 year ago  
    emma watson thumbs up if you agree 1 year ago  
    i know right 1 year ago  

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