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    I can wish that I can wish for money 4 years ago  
    Lucky 4 years ago  
    I'm black so either way I'd probably be dead... 4 years ago  
    Some people are born with aids 4 years ago  
    Some people are born with aids 4 years ago  
    Nickelodeon was better BACK THEN but now it sucks ass. Cartoon Network was better back then too but I'll still choose over nickelodeon 5 years ago  
    I'm just not about that life 5 years ago +1
    I already eat paper 5 years ago  
    That would be interesting 5 years ago  
    I can't believe I'm saying this but fast internet isn't worth living in that piece of sh*t 5 years ago  
    I'm gonna be honest and put my pride aside for this one. In reality I'll probably sh!t myself if I saw a real vampire. 5 years ago  
    I've always wanted to taste a frog 5 years ago  
    I'm kind of scared of clowns 5 years ago  
    Optimum all the way 5 years ago  
    Either way I'd get fvcked up 5 years ago  
    Your sweetheart is replaceable unless your parents are asshole who never took care of you or loved you they are never replaceable 5 years ago +1
    Facts 5 years ago  
    The second option is like an arranged marriage 5 years ago  
    I'm sorry what? 5 years ago  
    All my crushes are fictional characters 5 years ago  
    I can sing. Come at me 5 years ago  
    My ex broke my heart so why not... Oh yeah I don't wanna spend eternity in hell 5 years ago  
    I've been hurt by my peers all my life so I don't give a fvck. My family are the only ones who won't fvck me over 5 years ago  
    Life lesson for girls: Never date a ladies man. 5 years ago +94
    I'm not really a fan of one direction but Harry is cute though 5 years ago  
    I get really sleepy after I eat so... 5 years ago  
    Now I get it. This is a boys question 5 years ago  
    I have a dishwasher so 5 years ago +1
    Just because she want everything doesn't mean she's gonna get anything 5 years ago  
    I'd rather be alone then unhappy 5 years ago  
    Damn I picked the other one by mistake 5 years ago  
    I'm a girl that's one and two when my daughter turns 18 she can do whatever she wants 5 years ago  
    You guys are a disgrace 5 years ago  
    Mac sucks 5 years ago  
    Welcome to Newyork everybody 5 years ago  
    The I pad 2 is about to be outdated anyways 5 years ago  
    Screw talking I want food 5 years ago  
    I'm the Japanese girl that's kicking 5 years ago  
    You know there's a skip button..right 5 years ago  
    I really don't care 5 years ago  
    Haters gonna hate 5 years ago  
    Crap I didn't read the question properly. Please forgive me Lord 5 years ago  
    I'd like to have a boy best friend 5 years ago  
    Society is fake and it doesn't care about you. Only your family cares about you 5 years ago  
    I'm Black so... Middle class in 20011 it is 5 years ago  
    Shit I chose the wrong one... I'm antisocial 5 years ago  
    I am so dumb 5 years ago  
    The outsiders 5 years ago  
    That's mean lmfao 5 years ago  
    Facts 5 years ago  
    Ugh I accident chose street smarts 5 years ago  
    I would have no friends 5 years ago  
    Most popular people are bunch of girls who knows how to perform oral sex better than they can read and a bunch of boys who can name every pairs of Jordan's but can't name five elements of the periodic table...snow there you go. 5 years ago  
    I can sing so I'm good 5 years ago  
    It's Called lucid dreaming 5 years ago  
    What am I going to do when the 1,000,000 is all spent and gone... 5 years ago  
    Go outside and do what?! 5 years ago  
    At least older music doesn't involve sex. They have touching meanings 5 years ago  
    I have nothing embarrassing to hide so go ahead 5 years ago  
    That woman's hair looks horrible 5 years ago  
    I think I'd rather kill myself 5 years ago  
    I can wish that I could wish for money 5 years ago  
    I live in " the hood" and I'm not healthy. I was born having a 10% chance of instant death 5 years ago  
    I'm a girl so I can live without sex 5 years ago  
    I left a million dollars in the- 5 years ago  
    Is this even a question??!!! 5 years ago  
    My dreams are f*cked up so... 5 years ago  
    I would have change so many things in my life. 5 years ago  
    The question means would you rather me smart but ugly or hot but dumb... You can't have both 5 years ago  
    Yeah like I want to live extra more years with the assholes on this Earth... 5 years ago  

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