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    it depends what neighbour it is if its the very mean one then f*ck her 3 years ago  
    i aint tellin no-one btw i have a crush on.. NO-ONE 3 years ago  
    i would rather not get hurt 3 years ago  
    lucas because he seems younger 3 years ago  
    u guys r sick 3 years ago  
    i dont even whant to know 3 years ago  
    i dont have the guts to kill myself 3 years ago  
    i dont have one 3 years ago  
    i would rather find the best moments and remember them then just get everything spoiled 3 years ago  
    idk i just picked random i dont even know if i drinked starbucks and im white lol 3 years ago  
    i already say everything on my mind 3 years ago  
    tbh when everyones happy im happy im not the selfish kind 3 years ago  
    f*ck clisked the wrong thing chase ur career for sure 3 years ago  
    what kind of a question is this? 3 years ago  
    facebook... NAH there is nothing to work there for whats the point?? GOOGLE 3 years ago  
    i wanna stand out for once oh and btw everyones wierd in their own way 3 years ago  
    milkshakes all the way dont care if im fat f*cking deal 3 years ago  
    dont we already do it? 3 years ago  
    comanys= money! 3 years ago  
    this is hard but here is my answer 3 years ago  
    my life is already akward so i got used to it 3 years ago  
    food is important and its 100% of my life so u better feed me or u will get no lovin 2night my firend 3 years ago  
    no popcorn sharing with me 3 years ago  

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