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    Zombie Apocalspye is the Dream man!!  
    ummm hott famous person....AM RICH BITCH!!  
    awwwwww how about both!  
    Zombie! haha nah eat fruit and be healithy!  
    have all my dreams come true bcuz we risk our life everday just walking outside  
    have all my dream come true bcuz we risk our life everyday just walking outside  
    secretly watch......internet history no f**king way  
    Rule the World.  
    f**k eveyrbody XD  
    hell yeah  
    omg both so cute!  
    Free Music 4ever!! r u kidding me  
    Lol Both to damm funny +1
    Harry Potter! the vampire sparkles for crying out loud!  
    Step Up! best dance movie ever  
    Spidermen definatly  
    find out my son gay  
    luna i love the strange  
    shy is so cute  
    damm thats hard jb  
    eminem that be some sick ass sex +1
    damm thats hard.....  
    second one for obvious reasons  
    marry a celbra u always have money  
    ummm niether  
    respect is everything +1
    let them be free to hang with whoever if they cheat its they mutherf**ker loss +2
    Either way am rich b**ch XD  
    u can fix low-self-esteem  
    worst enemy....  
    Romance definatly  
    get to know them duh!  
    Youngest duh u can get away with sh*t +2
    save my siblings  
    high school musical baby! lmao this question weird  
    Jacob duh!  
    Sexy Beast Jacob!!  
    that sounds dirty in my mind......  
    its my wedding them b*tches can wait +23
    thats sounds fun and all but am good on neither  
    Blind Date why the hell not sounds fun!  
    love is for me not them +3
    marry a horse i'll eat him later +1
    Someone i really like for a short while its worth it  
    singing in the mirror  
    Flash Speed no one even see u coming Ha!  
    Mulan duh!  
    watching tv bcuz u can look up tv on the internet  
    smartest f**k i need money  
    Omg both so cute!! a monkey  
    Los Angles  
    Meat is Life  
    running from the police sounds fun and who know u might get away *wink wink* +1
    an adult it doesn't say what age hahaha  
    people i hate change there minds somehow  
    always speak my mind not talking is har  
    a famous inventor!!!  
    who dafuq are they?  
    watch movie!  
    am a woman but i rather be a dude it sucks being a girl sometimes!  
    go camping!!!  
    caught cheating it wrong but hurts less  
    Zayn Malik!!!!  
    second one  
    Lucas Till Smexy!  
    straight to the bedroom its called one night stand for a reason  
    damm that hard!! the first one  
    text duh f**k embarrasment  
    find true love  
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